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Find Articles: You Have a Topic

How Do I > Find Articles: You Have a Topic

Find the most appropriate research databases to use to find material on YOUR subject. 

Step 1: Go directly to the database list hereOr from the top left of any GW Libraries webpage, go to the Research menu and select Subject Databases.

Step 2: Look at the topics listed under Subject Areas. Click on the image below to see it full sized.

Subject databases page

Step 4: Click on the appropriate subject area.

Step 5: The next page will show you the alphabetical list of ALL the databases related to your topic. Read the brief summaries for information about the content, coverage, and search tips for each database. Take a look at our Research Guides for in-depth database recommendations.

Step 6:  Select an appropriate database. Open it and search for material on your topic.

Recommended databases for selected disciplines:

Tips for a successful search:


  • Link synonyms with OR, all in the same line. Use parentheses to distinguish them from other search terms.  For example: nutrition OR food OR diet
  • Using an asterisk (*) returns all endings of a root term. For example: civil* searches civil, civilian, civilization, civility, etc. Note: Some databases use a ? instead.
  • Select "Scholarly" or "Peer reviewed" for academic resources.


/help/reference/ask-a-librarianUse a Research Guide to find the best database for your topic. The Research Guides list the databases not alphabetically but by usefulness. That is, the best ones will be listed first. Click here to browse the Research Guides. Find one on your topic, click on it, and then look for the light blue "Find Articles" tab.

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