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Collecting Social Media Data

GW Libraries can help you collect social media data for research, archiving, and academic purposes. 

Social Feed Manager

If you’re studying Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, or Sina Weibo, you can collect data for your research using Social Feed Manager (SFM). SFM is hosted and run by GW Libraries and harvests data and websites from public social media APIs (data feeds). You can:

  • Collect data without having to run and monitor software on your own computer. 
  • Download data in CSV, Excel, and JSON formats.
  • Document collection parameters and changes to your collection.  

For access to Social Feed Manager, make a consultation appointment with a member of the team or email us at sfm@gwu.edu. More information about SFM.  

We can also recommend strategies for collecting social media from other platforms, such as Instagram, and from the Twitter Academic Research Product Track. 

Twitter Datasets Downloads

We share selected Twitter datasets for download for research purposes at GWU only via our Tweetsets platform. These include tweets about:

  • 2020 and 2016 U.S. presidential elections
  • Coronavirus
  • News and media
  • Climate change

Other social media research support

  • Workshops: Check out the Collecting Social Media Data workshop offered each semester.
  • Instructional support: If your class is studying Twitter or other social media platforms, we can give a class session on how to use SFM to collect data or use existing datasets, and provide your class with data for academic use.
  • Grant proposals: We can provide advice for your grant proposal involving gathering social media data.

Upcoming Social Media Data events

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