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Teaching with Creative Media

The Strategic Digital Learning Initiatives (SDLI) team collaborates with faculty on integrating technology and creative design concepts into instructional activities. The team consists of staff with expertise in digital communications strategy, digital media design, and learning design. Partnering with you, we can help you to (re-)imagine your learning content using various media tools and Adobe Creative Cloud.

We can help you to increase your digital literacy and plan to strategically leverage digital media teaching across multiple kinds of learning environments. Using a systematic design process, we can work together to:

  1. Ideate and create new digital media.
  2. Plan for innovative uses of creative media in teaching.
  3. Empower you to introduce creative, digitally driven media activities to your students.

About Digital Literacy and Fluency

As an expert in your field, you are deeply knowledgeable and well-versed in how to teach and communicate concepts within your domain. Yet, the key to effective communication in the 21st century relies heavily on a range of literacies, including digital literacy. Digital literacy is knowing what tool to select for a given purpose and how to use that tool effectively to create new digital communications. Beyond this is digital fluency. As one becomes digitally fluent, they are able to identify, discuss, and produce innovative media communications by interlinking digital tools and thereby transforming the learning environment with elements of digital media and activities that are seamless and meaningful. A teacher that is digitally fluent is a master in communicating their domain expertise with creative digital tools, as well as being able to turn the process around and have learners practice doing the same. Helping you achieve this is the central goal of the SDLI.

Work with Us

In the effort to elevate your digital skills to literate and fluent, we offer workshops, initiatives, and one-on-one consultations. Through each of these programmatic efforts, the SDLI can help to guide you on ways to elevate your instructional methods while leveraging creative and digital media. Together, we can strategize effective ways to incorporate technology in the classroom, as well as help you to produce a range of media projects. See the following to learn more about what we can do together.

Designing media  Improving digital fluency

If you are interested in producing your own media, you can visit the CREATE digital studio. This space is available to faculty, staff, and students. Expertly-trained staff provide technical workshops and consultations throughout the year.

SDLI Locations

Recording Studio
GW School of Media and Public Affairs
805 21st Street NW
Room B-05
Washington DC 20052

Gelman Library
2130 H Street NW, Sixth floor
Washington DC 20052

SDLI Staff

Additional Assistance

Visit the CREATE Digital Studio for help with technical tools and self-guided media production.