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Nikodimos Fikru

Senior Multimedia Producer
Instructional Core – Strategic Media and Digital Learning
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School of Media and Public Affairs, Suite B-03
Areas of expertise
Video Production, Editing, Cinematography, and Directing for narrative and documentary filmmaking

Nikodimos Fikru is a graduate of GW with MA degrees in Project Management and Publishing.  Nik’s technical skills include professional editing in Final Cut Pro 10, Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics 5.0 and Audition.  His areas of expertise include audio and video production, storyboarding, editing, script writing, cinematography and directing for narrative and documentary filmmaking. He currently works as a Videographer and Senior Multimedia Producer within SDLI where he helps faculty develop multiple online courses.  Nik is involved in all aspects of media production including pre-production, production and post production. He provides guidance to faculty on media production processes, protocols and best practices.  Nik also copy edit scripts provided by faculty as well as provide consultation on media design concepts that will be implemented in the final media project.