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Photography and Filming Guidelines

Before photographing/filming inside of Gelman, Eckles, or the Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library buildings, photographers and videographers must request permission. 

Requests will be evaluated to determine if the photo/film activity will be disruptive to staff or patron activities. Only non-commercial photography and/or filming that does not interfere with library operations or users' rights to privacy will be allowed. Photography/filming designed to record a visit or make use of the library setting as a backdrop is generally permitted with appropriate notice. 

Photography and Filming Guidelines

Photography and filming must avoid capturing identifiable likenesses of individuals and any images including the individuals' computer workstations, books, periodicals, documents, etc., without their permission. The photographer/videographer must always ask for consent before taking a picture or filming an individual while those individuals are inside library buildings.

External Media Representatives

A GW Media Relations representative will accompany external media representatives unless otherwise accompanied by library staff. University Professors housed in the Gelman Library must also obtain permission for external media, as these individuals will be denied entrance without it.

Special Events

Special events, conferences, seminars, etc., held in a contained space in a library building may be recorded or filmed by the GW sponsoring organization for archival purposes. Filming outside the space is not permitted unless prior permission has been granted.

Requesting Photography or Filming Permission

To obtain filming and photography approval, please contact Robin Delaloye, associate dean of student success and communications.