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Collections Assessment and Development

Collection development describes the policies and procedures by which the library determines user needs, acquires materials/subscriptions/services, and evaluates these for retention or deselection. 

The GW Libraries strive to build robust and unique content to support university curricula and research; to attract local, national and international scholars; and to make available primary source materials.

Our goal is to provide transparency into collections operations for faculty and the larger university community. With that aim, you can find data sources, collections strategies and processes, and feedback mechanisms together here, using our menu options in the left column. We use this information in evaluating collection priorities and examining how our resources are utilized as the needs of our users change over time.

Our Collecting Strategy

The GW Libraries work to ensure that GW faculty, students and others have the resources they need to teach, learn and do research. In doing so, we seek to be effective stewards of university funds and to provide the highest possible value to the GW community. We:

  • Acquire materials, regardless of format, needed by the GW community;
  • Purchase or subscribe to resources that meet current needs;
  • Leverage consortial resources (such as the Washington Research Library Consortium) to facilitate access;
  • Strive to avoid unnecessary redundancy within consortial collections while preserving the scholarly record;
  • Actively adjust resources to match the diversity of our community.

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