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Daniel Oliver-Zhang

Assistant Director of Application Development and Support
Instructional Core
Instructional Technology Lab

Daniel first joined the Instructional Technology Lab at GWU as a student employee in August of 2000. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from GWU and has been in his most recent position as Assistant Director of Academic Enterprise Application Development and Support since July 2013. In his current position, Daniel and his team manage, maintain, and support Blackboard Learn, GWU's learning management system and third party extensions built for it. His team also develops and maintains custom in house extensions for Blackboard, all in the furtherance of the university's mission 'to educate individuals in liberal arts, languages, sciences, learned professions, and other courses and subjects of study'.

Office location
Gelman Library, B05A
Phone number
Areas of expertise
Enterprise Systems Implementation and Support, Instructional Technology, Learning Management Systems, Emerging Educational Technologies