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XD@GW Faculty Cooperative

Faculty involved in the Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration pillar of the Strategic Plan are building the XD @ GW Cooperative for people to exchange ideas and methods across fields and forge creative, innovative teams to work together on complex challenges. We also want to shift the culture to improve conditions and solve institutional barriers that hold us back.

The XD @ GW Co-op is forming pods to make progress on how to facilitate team teaching, how XD research impacts tenure, how to count innovative XD collaborative projects as “publications”, and other ad hoc issues as they arise. The cooperative also hosts and co-sponsors events, salons, lunch-time talks, pop-up panels, and creates space for other opportunities to share and learn across the disciplines. Look for the XD @ GW logo on program announcements and on Twitter @XDatGW .

If your work or teaching is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, or transdisciplinary, then you are already part of the GW Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Initiative. Take the next step! You are invited to identify and nominate yourself and others to be XD @ GW Cooperative Fellows.

What is involved in being a fellow?

As a fellow you have no requirements except to participate by attending events or hosting them as you feel inclined. We also want to encourage fellows to use the XD @ GW logo on flyers for such events to signal that it might be of interest to people outside of your department. Fellows may want to volunteer to work in one of the pods to solve policy challenges at the university, but these are not operational yet and will depend on people's time and energy.

What is our Misson?

Our goal is to raise the visibility of XD work and teams, to support all inter-, multi-, and trans-disciplinary work at GW under the big-tent term "cross-disciplinary," and build a platform for self-organizing and generative action that will bring us together into a community. For example, we have 200+ faculty with joint appointments, 80+ XD centers and institutes, 12+ XD graduate programs, the 12 or so University Seminars and countless clusters of faculty working independently or in small teams on XD projects. GW has 650+ courses with XD content.

We have common challenges, too - how to make these count for tenure as publications, and how to team teach, how to cross-list across Schools, and more. So we want to build community and share experience through the use of the XD @ GW logo so that we can find each other and to signal events and programs that might be of interest. The XD @ GW Faculty Cooperative is designed to be a platform for fellows to build a network to enable us to work together and gain visibility.

How do I apply?

Simply write a note to Diane H. Cline, Ph.D. at XDinitiative@gwu.edu with your name, title, school, email address and campus phone number. For now the Co-op is open to full-time faculty from all schools including the Medical School, GW museum staff, and librarians. 

Watch for the XD @ GW logo to help you identify events and grant announcements that might interest you.

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