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Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library

Study Seat Reservations at VSTC Library

What to expect when booking your study seat appointment

1. Book your appointment online in advance of your visit through our GW Libraries seat reservations website. Submitting will give you a Pending Approval status.

2. Allow time for staff to approve your appointment, which will generate a confirmation email to you with a 3-letter code. Retain this code to be able to check in at your seat when you arrive.

3. Tap into Enterprise Hall with your pre-authorized GWorld Card.

4. Proceed to the library, Enterprise Hall #179 and tap into the library suite with your Gworld card. Arrive no more than 5 minutes before or 20 minutes after your scheduled time.

5. Check in with our staff at the front desk by presenting your GWorld Card. If you did not have a prior confirmed appointment, you will be required to make one.

6. After staff check-in, find your specified seat number and check in at your seat using the posted QR signage or website address. You will enter your 3-letter approval code from your confirmation email. 

7. After your scheduled block of time (maximum of 3 hours), you are expected to leave the library, so that seat becomes available to the next person. Check out of your seat by using the same QR code signage from Step 6.

8. Be sure to stop by the front desk on your way out and present your GWorld Card to our staff so we can check you out of the library suite.

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