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Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library

Grants and Foundations


Closed to public visitors; ending public database access Dec. 31, 2020

Following University COVID-19 policies, Enterprise Hall and the VSTC Library suite is closed to most users for the remainder of the GW school year. Only a strictly controlled group of on-campus GWorld cardholders with special preauthorization to be on campus are able to enter the library. Our campus Candid FDO database subscription will end on December 31, 2020; we will not be resuming general public access to the library after our current contract ends. We apologize to our non-affiliated grantseeking visitors for any inconvenience and invite you to take advantage of our remote database service linked below through the end of December.


Online access available to FDO Essential database through Dec. 31, 2020

Through December 31, 2020, Candid is providing grantseekers in our local community remote access to the Foundation Directory Online Essential database through the GW Virginia Science & Technology Campus. You may use the link to search for funders from your own home or anywhere off-campus. 

If you have questions or require assistance in obtaining specific information about peer 501(c)3 organization grant recipients or other information not available in the basic FDO Essential database, please contact our staff at virginia@gwu.edu with a full description of your needs. 

Public users needing continued access to FDO database resources in 2021 should search the Candid website for another Funding Information Network provider convenient to their location. Be aware that provider hours and entrance policies may be affected by pandemic restrictions; please contact your preferred location ahead of time to confirm their operating status or inquire about whether they currently provide remote FDO Essential database access.


Candid Funding Information Network (FIN) Partner Location

The Virginia Science and Technology Campus Library is a Funding Information Network (FIN) Partner of Candid (formerly the Foundation Center), offering resources that help non-profit organizations and individuals identify sources of grants and foundation funding. Our staff member is certified by Candid to assist users with funding prospect research using the Foundation Directory Online. 

FDO Expert Certification Badge 2020




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