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Remote library services and resources and virtual tutoring services are available while library buildings are closed. Assistance with all services, including locating print materials or requesting materials be digitized, is available

Instructor support for Blackboard, academic technology tools and teaching questions is available on the teaching resources for the COVID-19 virtual learning period page.  

Teaching Guide

NEW RESOURCE: The UTLC has recently launched an Online Faculty Development course in Blackboard. All faculty have access to the course, and we encourage you to explore the resources compiled there. There are even activities and quizzes to help you practice the skills associated with online teaching. 

Technology has brought a new continuum of class formats, from in-person to blended to fully online courses.

While each format brings with it special circumstances and considerations, these formats have much in common. Building significant and lasting learning experiences for students depends on:

  • charting a clear course for what you most want students to learn and be able to do,
  • deciding what evidence you need to assess if and how students are learning,
  • determining how you will provide feedback, and
  • providing interesting assignments, activities, and interactions that motivate learning when students are at a distance.

This guide provides resources and ideas for the design, development, and delivery of an online course. It also provides grounding for anyone considering a blended course format or adding online elements to a fully in person course.

But, this guide is only an introduction.  We highly recommend additional readings and discussions with instructional designers and experienced faculty colleagues. There are now many good books and resources available on online and blended teaching and learning.

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