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Help students prepare for class with JiTT and other strategies

“Just in Time” Teaching (JiTT)

“Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) promotes active student engagement and increased learning by intentionally linking out-of-class and in-class activities. Before each class meeting, students answer a small set of web-based questions on upcoming course material outside of class and submit their responses online a few hours before class begins. Once submitted, the instructor reviews the students' JiTT responses and develops in-class active-learning exercises targeting students working learning gaps identified in the JiTT responses – ‘just in time’ for class” (Learn more about JiTT)

The goals of JiTT are:

Information on planning and implementation can be found here: How to Use JiTT

Learn more about JiTT Considerations including:

STEP 1: Getting Started with JiTT - Pre-planning is the Key to JiTT Success

STEP 2: Developing Effective JiTT Questions

STEP 3: Reviewing Student Responses

STEP 4: Implementing In-Class Follow-up Activities

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