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Ideas for Assessments

There are many assessment ideas described in the foundational texts listed in the Overview section of this resource. This list highlights many of these ideas.

  • Case Study. Click to read about use in STEM courses and approaches from the Harvard Business School.
  • Concept Maps. Visual displays to link and discuss key concepts.
  • Debates.
  • Direct Observation. Do these via student videos or in the online classroom.
  • ePortfolios. Contact the University Teaching & Learning Center for technology options at GW.
  • Infographics. Another way to have students configure information visually.
  • Interviews.
  • Reflective writing and journaling. Students reflect upon their personal learning journey through the course of a class or even an entire degree program.
  • Labs. Increasingly, virtual labs are available online. Also, companies now prepare and deliver experimental packets so students can conduct chemistry, biology, and physics activities at home.
  • Literature Reviews.
  • Local History Project. Connect distance education students to their own communities and familiarize them with using primary sources with a project that connects students to local history.
  • Multimedia Projects. Students practice using multimedia tools (an authentic performance assessment in itself) and build a significant project rather than a collection of course-specific documents that have limited appeal beyond the grading process.
  • Objective-structured Clinical Examination.
  • Policy Brief. Non-profits, non-governmental organizations, diplomats, lobbyists, and governmental aides are all required to research and write policy briefs on specific issues of timely concern for their organizations. These briefs are a good way to combine research and writing in an authentic assignment.
  • TestsQuestion Types in Blackboard describes interesting ways to pose test questions in Blackboard. Ungraded tests and surveys (which are anonymous in Blackboard) can be used for formative assessment.
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