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Design Principles to Enhance Teaching

When engaging in online teaching, you and your students are in a highly visual environment. From your course menu to your syllabus to the media presentations you use for content presentation and clarification, the inputs are highly visual and often have accompanying audio. In light of this, there is considerable research on how these inputs are perceived and how the perceptions can impact student learning online. The following videos, present basic parts of that research. They also give you a chance to consider your own preferences for viewing and listening to presentations online.

1. Visual Design for Teaching  (PDF Transcript

2. Adding Audio to the Visual Mix  (PDF Transcript)

  1. Teaching with Animation (Created with Articulate Presenter, about 11 minutes). (PDF Transcript
  2. Teaching with Video (Created with Articulate Presenter, about 13 minutes). (PDF Transcript)

General Design

  • The Secrets of Compelling Presentation Design. This reading will give you a lot of insight into developing highly stylized presentations with maximum visual impact. There are a lot of best practices for visual/graphic design shared here.
  • Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. Provides a nice explanation of how to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation.
  • Edward Tufte website. Books, writings, and great one-day workshop on visualizing information.

Design of Numerical and Scientific Materials

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