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Creating Presentations

Today, it is easy to create your own presentations. When you determine that there is no ready-made content on the web to serve your needs, consider these commonly used programs as production tools. This includes Microsoft's PowerPoint, which can be turned in HTML 5 files using iSpring Converter and Apple's Keynote.  Files must be saved in the condensed file formats of HTML 5 (now preferred) or Flash files for delivery online. Contact the Instructional Technology Lab for more details and ideas.

Method Ease of Use Software Help
Narrated Powerpoint or Keynote Easy to record and edit. Because of large file sizes, narrated PowerPoints must be run through a program to condense the filesize, e.g. iSpring (A full version of iSpring is available for use in the Instructional Technology Lab; an expedient but less powerful version is available for free at iSpring.com).
  • Creating a Narrated Presentation
  • How to Animate in PowerPoint
Audio / Podcasting Very easy to record and to edit.
Video Video is easy to film straight through but takes work to edit and fine tune.
Camtasia Easy to use with some training. Requires purchase. Enables you to create narrated captures of the computer screen or a Powerpoint presentation. The editor enables you to assemble these captures along with other media sources (e.g., images, audio, video), and produce an audiovisual presentation in multiple formats.
Articulate Engage and Captivate More difficult with much more capabilities for creating rich-media interactive presentations. Requires purchase and training. Can create layouts and questions within presentations (e.g. matching, sample questions)  



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