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Remote library services and resources and virtual tutoring services are available while library buildings are closed. Assistance with all services, including locating print materials or requesting materials be digitized, is available

Instructor support for Blackboard, academic technology tools and teaching questions is available on the teaching resources for the COVID-19 virtual learning period page.  

Course Goals, Objectives & Strategies

In online and blended courses, course objectives define what you want students to be able to do and guide the selection of technology tools that can support those aims. For instance, if you want students to argue a case within a class of 30 students, you will need a tool that makes it easy for students to identify various positions and to respond easily (see the Building Community section for more on interaction tools).

Writing strong objectives requires looking beyond the content or facts you want students to master to how you will know they grasp the content. If you are not already familiar with developing course objectives, please reference the Developing Goals and Objectives and the Learning Taxonomies pages in this resource.

There is a growing body of research on how learning occurs that can inform your approach to teaching an online or blended course. Two resources from the National Academy of Sciences provide an overview of the latest research on how students learn and provide foundational information for teaching in all modes.

This all comes back to actively engaging students in learning. This brief video provides an overview of how active learning works in the traditional classroom and online.

What is Active Learning?



Resource: Writing Course Goals

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