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Tenure & Promotion

This page is intended to provide faculty with guidelines about the evaluation of teaching for personnel decisions. The guidelines below were developed by the University Teaching & Learning Center's Faculty Advisory Board.

(1) Teaching Portfolio Guidelines for Tenure & Promotion (.pdf)

  • Document (1) provides information and guidelines for faculty members preparing the teaching portion of tenure and promotion dossiers. It is based on the annual memo from the Provost that specifies the contents and format of tenure and promotion dossiers.

(2) Rubric for Peer Review of Teaching (.pdf) (.doc)

(3) Guidelines for Peer Review of Teaching (.pdf)

  • Peer reviews can be formative (to help faculty develop as teachers) or evaluative (for personnel decisions). Documents (2) and (3) provide a standardized rubric for peer review as well as guidelines for both reviewers, and faculty members under review. Reviewers are encouraged to use the Word document above to write their review comments underneath the appropriate questions.


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