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Information for New Faculty

The University Teaching and Learning Center Welcomes You to GW!

The University Teaching and Learning Center offers support to faculty across GW on best practices in teaching and learning. Please spend some time exploring our website. You can also set up an appointment to come and meet with us one-on-one any time during the year through our consultation service.

Recommended Reading for New Faculty

There are many resources available to help faculty engage students, design wonderful courses, and continuously assess and improve the quality of your teaching over time in the form of books, articles, websites, and even MOOCs (free massive open online courses). The UTLC website provides a "Teaching Guide" where we have curated some of our favorite resources on a variety of topics. However, to help you get started as a new faculty member here at GW, we direct you to a few specific resources below as a good foundation:

*Please note, all except On Course by James M. Lang are all available online as digital eBooks through the GW library system.*


Looking for a general introduction to teaching at a University? "On Course" by James M. Lang provides research-based tips and strategies to help new faculty navigate teaching in their first semester. He offers concrete suggestions for different components of teaching a course in a week-by-week structure.




Are you designing a new course (or revising a course)? For a great framework on designing courses (from learning objectives to assessments to activities), we recommend Dee Fink's book "Creating Significant Learning Experiences". Additionally, Fink has put together a "Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning" in a workbook format that is also a terrific reference. In addition, consider this resource for creating your syllabus, a syllabus rubric developed by University of Virginia's Teaching Resource Center, which also aligns with Fink's framework.


Want to learn about student motivation and some of the science of learning? The book "How Learning Works", developed by the Eberly Center at Carnegie Mellon University, discusses seven different research-based principles that will help you better understand the process of learning including concepts like student motivation, strategies for assessing prior knowledge, understanding how students (as novices) organize new information, how to help students move towards mastery, strategies for providing feedback effectively, and how the classroom climate impacts learning. You can also watch Marsha Lovett, one of the authors, giving a talk on these concepts in this video.




Need ideas for activities to do in class with your students? Elizabeth Barkley's book "Student Engagement Techniques" includes tips and strategies as well as step-by-step instructions on how to effectively implement several different types of activities. These activities can be used across disciplines, making this a great reference book for any instructor.



Annual UTLC Programs and Events

The UTLC offers annual programs and events for faculty throughout the year. Teaching Day in the fall semester is a large annual event with faculty-led sessions and the Course Design Institute in the spring is also a larger program for faculty. Find out more in the "programs" and "news and events" sections of this website.

Additional Support for Faculty

The UTLC's primary mission is to support faculty with teaching and learning in the classroom. There are additional departments across GW that faculty can access for support as well.

  • University Partners: Learn more about additional support services including the Instructional Technology Lab, eDesign Shop, and additional departments that offer specialized services and trainings for faculty.

Stay Connected to the UTLC!

Please stay connected to the University Teaching and Learning Center. Contact utlc@gwu.edu and request to be added to our listserv. Additionally, check our website periodically for updated news and events.

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