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Using Blackboard

Blackboard is a course management system that enables instructors to interact with course materials online. Instructors can post syllabi, assignments, and assessments and also use built-in communication tools, such as the Discussion Board, to promote active learning in their courses. Student grades can be recorded in the Grade Center.

Web tools, such as blogs, wikis, and journals, can be integrated into courses to provide asynchronous answer-response forums and information repositories, creating a platform for student reflection and collaboration.

Additionally, through Blackboard Collaborate, instructors and students can convene in a real-time virtual class session, communicating through text chat, audio, and video. Faculty members also have the ability to present a PowerPoint, lead a web tour, and conduct a poll.

Staff members of the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) are available to assist instructors and provide further information about these services and tools in Gelman Library, Room B05A. Additionally, ITL offers faculty workshops to introduce instructors to a variety of Blackboard features, such as the Grade Center, SafeAssign, and Blackboard Collaborate

A good place to start when using Blackboard is: http://help.blackboard.com/instructor/index.htm and the GW Blackboard tour.

To login to Blackboard visit: http://blackboard.gwu.edu.

At various times throughout the year you will be notified about the times and dates of training sessions by technical experts. If you have questions about getting started on Blackboard, contact the Instructional Technology Lab, (202) 994-0485 or itl@gwu.edu, or visit their Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Instructional Technology Laboratory is where you will have access to equipment and assistance with all Blackboard and audio-visual needs.

Instructional Technology Lab

The Instructional Technology Lab, a division of Academic Technologies, assists faculty and graduate teaching assistants as they explore existing and emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Through workshops and individualized support, the ITL provides expertise and guidance for instructors who need assistance with the Blackboard Course Management System and other instructional technologies.

Supported services and tools include:

They work with full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and GTA's who have software questions, are teaching online or in class.

ITL Technology Workshops

The Instructional Technology Lab offers how-to workshops on Blackboard, PowerPoint, and Elluminate Live are offered by the Instructional Technology Lab and take place in the Gelman Library basement, Room B06.

To register for scheduled workshops, click here.

ITL Resources

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