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Teaching Feedback and Consultations

The University Teaching & Learning Center offers several avenues for helping GW instructors get feedback on their teaching. In doing so, we protect the confidentiality of all conversations and consider our feedback as formative and not evaluative in nature.


Small Group Analysis

Small group analysis is used to gather feedback from students. It works best in the early part of a semester, about three to five weeks in, when you have time to consider and use what you have learned. At a mutually convenient time, a UTLC consultant comes to your class for approximately 30 minutes and asks students individually and in small groups a few key questions you agree upon in advance. Students reflect in writing and also then discuss thoughts and reflections with the entire class. The session concludes with students reviewing and modifying, as they choose, the feedback they think will be helpful. The consultant collects the feedback and discusses it with you later.

Teaching Observation

At a mutually convenient time, a UTLC consultant can visit and observe your class. In advance, the consultant and you discuss what you would like to focus on, from the specific to more general elements of your classroom. Often faculty appreciate an observation when trying a new teaching technique or technology or they want more feedback on how things look from the back of the classroom.


The UTLC provides one-on-one consultations on teaching methods, course design and other topics you wish to explore.


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