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What is an ePortfolio?

ePortfolios are a tool for students, faculty, staff and alumni to document, showcase, and reflect on their work and accomplishments. They serve as archives of learning, progress, achievement and reflection. Example uses of ePortfolios are assessment, interactive resumes, student galleries, collaborative project portfolios, and research presentations. ePortfolios have been promoted as a twenty-first century leaning tool by the AACU (Association of American Colleges and Universities), and their use is supported by base research globally in educational settings – both secondary and higher ed.

Why Use ePortfolios?

  • ePortfolios allow for assessment based on an individual’s work and growth over time.
  • ePortfolios have been shown to promote deep and reflective learning when implemented with strong faculty guidance.
  • ePortfolios can help students and faculty to curate evidence of learning in creative ways, not possible with typical paper-based methods, with the ability to integrate graphics, video, presentations, and easily share comments and reflections on work.
  • The collection of work overtime shows growth, progress, and continuity over time that the learner can reflect upon to present a profile of accomplishment based on evidence.

For more information and reasons to use ePortfolios visit http://bu.edu/eportfolio.

All GW students and faculty currently have access to the ePortfolio tool in Blackboard. Please contact the Instructional Technology Lab if you require assistance using this tool.

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