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ePortfolio Pilot: Academic Excellence Incentive Grant

ePortfolio Pilot

GW is currently piloting the Digication ePortfolio platform, involving eight programs and 1000+ students, here on campus. The pilot is being funded by an Academic Excellence Incentive grant from the Provost’s Office encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, and is co-managed by the University Teaching & Learning Center and the Division of Student Affairs with support from Academic Technologies.

Pilot Goals

  • Students make sense of what/how/why/when they are learning.
  • Programs document outcomes to support assessment.
  • Students publish work to show employers/graduate schools/others of their achievements.
  • Measure if Digication is a platform that offers good usability and tools to support students, faculty, and staff.
  • Determine if GW needs an institutionally sponsored ePortfolio platform. If so, evaluate whether there should be a single- or multi-platform solution for GW.
  • Faculty and staff perceive benefits from working across disciplines and programs.

Pilot Programs and Groups

  • School of Nursing (Master of Science in Nursing Program)
  • Milken Institute School of Public Health (Masters of Public Health Program)
  • College of Professional Studies (Various Master’s Degree Programs, including Landscape Architecture and Publishing)
  • Human Services and Social Justice Program (undergraduate majors)
  • Elliott School Undergraduate Student Career Development course (taught by the Center for Career Services)
  • English Department (undergraduate majors)
  • Physical Therapy Program (Doctor of Physical Therapy Program)
  • Center for Student Engagement (Resident Advisors and Residence Directors)

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