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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Poster Presentations 2017





Active Learning

 A flipped classroom approach for selected topics in introductory undergraduate epidemiology. 

Margaret Ulfers

Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MISPH)

Active Learning to Better Explain Linear Systems in Imaging

Jason Zara, Aisling Casey, & Camille Roberts

Biomedical Engineering (SEAS)

Speed Dating in the Classroom: Creating a Network of Mentors.

Benjamin Blatt, Margaret Plack, Samuel Simmens, Miriam Okine-Davies, Marsha White, & Michael Steele

Medical Education (SMHS)

Digital History: Project-Based Learning through 5 Million Documents on the JFK Assassination

Diane Cline

History and Classics (CCAS)

Peer-Revision Feedback and Wikis

Ariadna Pichs

Spanish-RGSLLs (CCAS)

Podcasting: A Students' History of GW

Phillip Troutman

University Writing Program (CCAS)

Introducing an oral component and peer review into the writing process using Voicethread

Alicia Suárez-Touzón

Spanish-RGSLLs (CCAS)


Assessment of Student Learning

The Educator’s Navigation System: Using A Variety of Formative Assessments to Engage and Assess Learners

Corrine Boyea, Margaret Plack, & Elizabeth Ruckert

Physical Therapy & Healthcare Sciences    (SMHS)

Strategies to Minimize Cheating During Online Exams: Lessons Learned from a Fully Online Microbiology Course

Marcia Firm

Integrated Health Sciences (SMHS)

The role of the first language (L1) in the second language (L2) classroom: the goal of multi-competence

 María J. de la Fuente & Carola Goldenberg

 Spanish-RGSLLs (CCAS)

Learning Interventions for Collaborative Team Science: Fragmentation and Gestalt Analysis of Finding

 Gaetano Lotrecchiano, Yianna Vovides, & Tara Ruppert

 Clinical Research and Leadership (SMHS)


Engagement and Motivation of Students/Diversity and Inclusion

   Learning in Introductory Biology Courses Is Effectively  Facilitated by Trained       Undergraduate Learning Assistants

 Robert Donaldson

 Biology (CCAS)

Myth Busters: Two Educational Approaches to Confronting Physical Therapy Student Misconceptions about the Interdisciplinary Team

Leslie Johns, Corrine Boyea, Elise Ruckert, Michelle Voyer, Susan Leach, & Shelley Brundage

Physical Therapy (SMHS)

Student Engagement Activities in Introductory Graduate Public Health Courses

Scott Quinlan

Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MISPH)

Lights, Camera, Action - Developing Pre-Health Professional Student Career Development through Film

Lisa Schwartz, Billinda Tebbenhoff, & Majeda El-Banna

Integrated Health Sciences (SMHS) and School of Nursing (SON)

Evaluation to Improve a High School Summer Science Outreach Program

Katherine Chiappinelli et al.

Microbiology, Immunology, & Tropical Medicine (SMHS)

Teaching linguistics to non-majors through a research project

Shoko Hamano

Japanese – EALLs (CCAS)

Centering the margins Inclusivity as a recursive act

Maranda Ward, Nicole Fraise, &
Brian Casemore

Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy (GSEHD)


Online Learning and Teaching/

Teaching with technology

Promoting learner independence in online courses

Victor Valdivia

Spanish-RGSLLs (CCAS)

Creating an Engaged Classroom Community and Improving Performance with Live Interaction Technology

Toni Marsh

Paralegal Studies (CPS)

Avoiding expensive hardware and software design decisions using the cheap Raspberry Pi

Feras Batarseh

Computer Science (SEAS)


Course/ Curriculum Design/Redesign

Adopting an Intensive Graduate Curricula: Exploring Student Outcomes and Satisfaction

Kenneth Harwood, Paige McDonald, Daniella Drago, Joan Butler, & Karen Schlump

Clinical Research & Leadership (SMHS)

Developing a Mobile Application to Support Student Learning during Clinical Rotations

Carol Rentas

Integrative Health Sciences (SMHS)

Analyzing and Mapping the Curriculum

Joyce Maring, Marisa Birkmeier, & Ellen Costello

Physical Therapy and Health Care Sciences (SMHS)

Student Clinicians’ Views of the Electronic Medical Record

Rhea Cohn, Gemma Rosas, & Paige McDonald

Physical Therapy and Health Care (SMHS)

Globally Shared Heritage: A Transnational Seminar

Raquel Machaqueiro et al.

Anthropology (CCAS)


Community engaged scholarship

A Typology of Community-Engaged Scholars

Emily Morrison & Wendy Wagner

Sociology-Human Services and Social Justice Program (CCAS) and Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service

Spanish in Action Transforming Student Language Learning through Community Engaged Scholarship

Lottie Baker & Dolores Perillán

Curriculum & Pedagogy (GSEHD) and  Spanish-RGSLLs (CCAS)

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