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Dan Kerchner

Senior Software Developer
Scholarly Technology

Senior Software Developer and Librarian for GW Libraries and Academic Innovation.  Recent projects include GW ScholarSpaceSocial Feed Manager, and Dan teaches numerous workshops on Python, R, and other topics.  Dan and his colleagues in the Scholarly Technology Group share their skills and insight with the GW community by providing consultations to help GW students, faculty, and researchers succeed in their projects involving programming and coding, social media data, and data analysis projects.

Dan is also a graduate student in the Health & Biomedical Data Science program offered by the GW Milken School of Public Health, and, as an adjunct instructor, teaches the Introduction to R Programming in Public Health and Biomedical Research course.

Dan holds degrees from Cornell University and the University of Virginia, is a certified Project Management Professional, and a certified Data Carpentries/Software Carpentries instructor. 

Github: https://github.com/kerchner

Research consultation area(s)
Coding and Programming
Social Media Data
Statistical Consulting
Areas of expertise
Python, R, Ruby, Web Development, Data Analysis, Software Development, Social Media Data, Statistics