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Undergraduate Research

Libraries and Academic Innovation is committed to providing guidance and support to undergraduates pursuing research opportunities. Undergraduate research can be a great complement to academic experience at GW and can prepare students for future opportunities. 

Center for Undergraduate Fellowships & Research

The Center for Undergraduate Fellowships & Research provides students with guidance on getting involved with research opportunities. Available research opportunities are posted on the Research Commons website. Available fellowship opportunities are posted on the Academic Commons website.

Transcript Notation for Undergraduate Research

The transcript notation program for undergraduate research allows undergraduates to highlight non-credited research experiences on their official GW transcript. The transcript notation recognizes important experiential learning and gives future degree programs and employers a more complete picture of a student’s background and interests. Not all experiences are eligible, so be sure to read through the requirements before submitting an application

Publishing or Presenting Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates can gain valuable experience by publishing or presenting their research. The following are opportunities for students to share their research with a wider community.

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