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Voluntary Library Gift

You may be wondering about the Voluntary Library Gift you see on your tuition bill. It is a meaningful way you can contribute to the continued improvement of the George Washington University Libraries. Here’s the scoop:

Where did it come from?
The Voluntary Library Gift concept was brought to GW by former University President Trachtenberg after his arrival in 1988--a model he had successfully initiated at the University of Hartford. Trachtenberg felt strongly that it was important to provide additional support to the university library system, the backbone of any top tier learning institution.

While it is common for colleges and universities to have a mandatory library/technology fee, GW has continued to make this $50 gift a voluntary donation.

What do you do with my money?Image: Gw library thank you
The Library is committed to using all funds generated from the Voluntary Library Gift for projects that directly benefit students. Some examples include:

- purchasing new computers
- renovating study rooms
- installing a book security system
- adding more book shelving
- upgrading library IT infrastructure
- repairing furniture

Why should I give the Voluntary Library Gift?
In a time when many educational institutions are facing leaner budgets, the funds you generously provide through the Voluntary Library Gift are crucial in allowing the Library to meet your demands. The Gift is a rare opportunity for you to control where your money goes and have a direct impact on a campus department that benefits ALL students. This money comes back to directly benefit you!


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