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12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
Gelman 12pm – 6pm

Building access is available to GW students, faculty, and staff who have submitted proof of vaccination and had that documentation accepted or were approved for a vaccine exception. They must also have taken their required COVID test and have a GWorld card that is enabled for campus access. GWorld access is typically enabled within about two hours of the COVID test. No one will be allowed to sign in without a physical GWorld card or enter the library if their GWorld card tap is denied. Library access is not available for alumni or visitors.  

Programming & Software Development Consultation Services

Programming & Software Development Consultation Services

Do you need guidance in or assistance with:

  • Coding, software development, scripting, and programming
  • Code review and debugging
  • Tools selection
  • Working with data markup and encoding (e.g., XML, JSON, CSV, RDF)
  • Retrieving data from websites and APIs
  • Social media data
  • Data cleaning and manipulation
  • Databases (e.g., table design, querying, optimizing, loading)
  • Full-text searching
  • Online exhibits
  • Data visualization

The GW Libraries are proud to provide Programming & Software Development Consultation Services to support digital scholarship at GW. This service provides assistance from software developers for GW students, faculty, and staff who are working on an academic or scholarly inquiry which requires coding. 

For assistance focused on statistical computing packages (such as STATA, R, SPSS, MATLAB), data preparation, etc., please refer to our Statistical Consulting service.

How can I request assistance?

Please visit https://calendly.com/gwul-coding to make an appointment with us.  Appointments are available either in-person or via WebEx.  You may book up to two consultations per week.  You may also email libdata@gwu.edu for any questions about appointments.

Please provide your own device and software, as needed, for your consultation.  Library computers will not be provisioned to support software development activities.

Who is eligible for consultation?

All GW students, faculty, and staff are eligible for free coding assistance with an appointment. Tutoring is not available. For assistance with computer science assignments, please contact your TA or professor.

What languages or tools can I get help with?

Library developers have special expertise in the following areas, but staff with other areas of expertise may be enlisted as necessary. If you don't see the area in which you need assistance listed below, please feel free to email libcoding@gwu.edu with your specific need and we will attempt to identify help for you.

Programming languages:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Bash shell scripting


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Lucene/Solr


  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON

Other tools:

  • Social media data
  • APIs
  • Web scraping

What are some examples of ways I might use these services?

  • You need to perform an analysis which will require some coding, and you'd like assistance selecting the appropriate tools and guidance on how to learn those tools.
  • You've developed a script, but need assistance improving its performance.
  • You've written a program, but can’t figure out why it won’t work.
  • You need assistance developing a web site to collect data.
  • You've digitized a set of documents and need guidance on how to share/display them online.

What are some examples of what is "not" an appropriate use of this service?

  • Computer Science (or any SEAS) assignments. However, Computer Science Study Halls are available to students enrolled in SEAS courses.
  • Writing entire programs or doing all work for researchers
  • Tutoring
  • Providing hosting or ongoing computing resources
  • Anything with a direct cost (e.g., licensing software, cloud computing)
  • Filling the function of a TA for a class
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