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Questions after hours?

We are sorry we missed you. Below are information and links that will help answer questions you have when we are not here.

Printing: For questions about printing from a library computer or from your laptop, go to printing.gwu.edu.

Printing Tips

  • If your document looks different from the preview when you print it out, try saving it as a PDF and then print it out.
  • Make sure your document is set to print on letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11 in). Your print job will not come out or be canceled if your settings are not letter.
  • To print duplex or in color, choose from the several WEPA options on the Print menu of the computer, then go to a kiosk. Most Colonial Printing kiosks print in color or double-sided.

Computer, Programs, and Software: Need to find a software or program? Looking for an available computer?
Need to learn how to use a program? The university subscribes to Lynda.com, an online software training website.

Scanners: Read the instructions on how to scan posted on or next to the scanners.

Problems logging in: If you have trouble logging in to the library computers, call the Solutions Center at 202-994-7900.

Research: Research Guides can help get you started on your research. These guides list databases and resources, recommended by librarians, for different subject areas.

Supplies: Staplers are available for your use, usually on the Entrance floor. But sometimes they jam, break, or disappear after hours. We have provided paper clips for you on the Entrance floor, as an alternative.

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