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In observance of the Juneteenth holiday, Gelman and VSTC Libraries will be CLOSED on Friday, June 18 and Saturday, June 19, 2021. GW administrative offices will be closed and classes will not be held.

Registered Visitors and Borrowers

About The Program

The primary purpose of the George Washington University Libraries is to serve the teaching, research and scholarly activities of GW students, faculty, and staff. To best fulfill this purpose, access restrictions are in effect for Gelman Library. Access is limited to GW students, faculty, and staff only during the overnight hours. Access and borrowing privileges may be withdrawn if a visitor fails to comply with regulations on usage of library spaces, equipment, or materials. Due to space and resource limitations, we reserve use of the library for the last week of classes, reading and final exam periods for GW and WRLC Students, Staff, and Faculty.


Through our Registered Visitor Program we offer access to individual non-affiliated researchers at the following rates:

  • $400 for Spring or Fall Semesters (Spring: January 1 - April 15, Fall: August 15 - November 15)
  • $200 for the summer (May 15 - August 15)
  • $800 for one year

Registered Visitors may:

  • Enter and use library facilities
  • Request a guest login to our wireless network or the computer workstations
  • Use  our digital library resources, databases and e-journals onsite
  • Scan, Print, and Copy (fees may apply)
  • Consult with library staff

Registered users are not entitled to reserve group study spaces, use interlibrary loan services, and may be asked to give priority use on computers to GW students faculty and staff .


Registered Borrowers have the access privileges above and may borrow library Materials at the following rates:

  • $600 for Spring or Fall Semesters (Spring: January 1 - April 15, Fall: August 15 - November 15)
  • $300 for the summer (May 15 - August 15)
  • $1200 for one year

Book Limit

10 books

Loan Period

28 days from day of check-out/renewal.  


If a book you have checked out is needed by another person, it may be recalled. All books are subject to recall at any time. You will be notified by e-mail and will have a new due date assigned to the item. The book needs to be returned on or before the new due date to prevent recall fines of $5 per day from being assessed.

Renewing Books

GW books may be renewed at any time, and they will be assigned a new due date 28 days from the day you renew. Each book is limited to 3 renewals. All books may be renewed a variety of ways, including online, email, and phone. See renewal details.

If you reach the renewal limit of 3, you must bring the books in person to the Check Out Desk to return or renew; if you still need the books, we will start over the process for you, allowing up to 3 more automatic renewals.

Overdue Fines and Other Fees

We do not charge daily fines for general collection books that are overdue less than 40 days. After 40 days, overdue items are considered lost and you will be charged $120 for each book. See details about lost books.

NOTE: Use My Library Account to maintain your preferred email address to ensure that you receive notifications of due dates, overdue notices, available requests, and other library emails. Failure to receive notices does not excuse you from paying fines.

Other Library Privileges

Registered Visitors and Borrowers may use GW media resources (in-library only). They may also use GW Library Computers: Now Require a Login

Registered Visitors and Borrowers are NOT eligible for the following library services:

To request a Registered Visitor or Registered Borrowing Card, please go to the Gelman Library Check Out desk. Checks and credit cards accepted.

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