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Seat reservations are no longer required to enter the Gelman or VSTC Libraries. Building access is available to GW students, faculty, and staff with a GWorld card that is enabled for campus access. No one will be allowed to sign in without a physical GWorld card or enter the library if their GWorld card tap is denied. Library access is not available for alumni or visitors.  

Select Commencement Speakers

  1. 1952

    Robert Whitney Bolwell

  2. 1957

    Ward Darley

  3. 1960

    Alec Horwitz (School of Medicine)

  4. 1961

    Calvin Darlington Linton, James E. Webb

  5. 1962

    Glenn T. Seaborg

  6. 1963

    Henery Townley Heald, William C. Foster

  7. 1964

    John W. McCormak, John W. McCormack, William J. Brennan, Jr., Oswald Colclough

  8. 1965

    John Mathews

  9. 1967

    Elmer Louis Kayser, Patrick Dean, Barnaby Keeney

  10. 1968

    George Winchester Stone, Jr., Kingman Brewster, Jr.

  11. 1969

    Earl Warren, Harold Leverthal (National Law Center), Edmund Sixtus Muskie


    Judson Graves Randolph (School of Medicine), Mayor Walter Washington, William Thomas Pecora, Stephen Russell Woodzell, Judson Hartman Elliot, Mildred Sandison Fenner

  12. 1971

    Juliius Axelrod, Ernst Webber, Rashi Fein (School of Medicine), Harold Frederick Bright

  13. 1972

    L. Patrick Gray III, Paul Grant Rogers (School of Medicine), Joseph Davies Tydings (School of Medicine), Samuel James Ervin, Jr.

  14. 1973

    John Rusten Hogness (School of Medicine), Nancy Hanks, Arthur Frank Burns

  15. 1974

    Albert Bruce Sabin, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross (School of Medicine), Leon Jaworski (National Law Center), Ronald Berman

  16. 1975

    Dan Rather (National Law Center), Dean Rusk, James William Fulbright, Lewis Thomas (School of Medicine), James Patrick Gibbons, Jr., Millicent Hammond Fenwick

  17. 1976

    Charles Johnston Hitch, John Patrick Walsh, Sidney Dillon Ripley, Rosario Beringueluy, Roderick MacLeish, David Lloyd Kreeger, Theodore Cooper (School of Medicine), Edward George Uhl, Mark O. Hatfield, Harry McPherson (National Law Center)

  18. 1977

    Bernard MacGregor Walker Knox, Dave Darland, James Pierci Chambers, Warren Bennis, Dweight David Darland, Frank Nelson Miller, Jr. (School of Medicine), Sarah Tilghman Hughes (National Law Center), Gilbert, James Arthur Robinson

  19. 1978

    John Philip Whalen, Franz Joseph Ingelfinger (School of Medicine), Mortimer Maxwell Caplin (National Law Center), Neville Kanakaratne, J. Carter Brown

  20. 1979

    Colin M. Turnbull, Wade Hampton McCree, Jr. (National Law Center), Lee A. Iacocca, Harold A. Wheeler, Lisle C. Carter, David Lionel Bazelon, Wade H. McCree, Jr., Paul Grant Rogers

  21. 1980

    Carl Thomas Rowan, Irving Kristol, Sam W. Brown (National Law Center), Grift Terry Ross (School of Medicine), Thomas K. Minter

  22. 1981

    Captain Grace Murray Hopper, Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., Charles McCurdy Mathias, Jr., Warren Earl Burger (National Law Center), J. Antonio Edosso, H. Guyrord Stever, Elliot Richardson, Helen Caldicott (School of Medicine)

  23. 1982

    John Willard Marriott, Jr., Robert Sargent Shriver (National Law Center), Norman Cousins

  24. 1983

    John A.D. Cooper (School of Medicine), Robert Breckenridge Ware MacNeil, Peter G. Peterson

  25. 1984

    Silvio Ottavio Conte, James M. Shannon (National Law Center), Vincent Theodore DeVita, Jr. (School of Medicine), Henry Gabriel Cisneros

  26. 1985

    Donald S. Frederickson (School of Medicine), Harold Herman Greene (National Law Center), Victor Kermit Kiam II, Stephen Scott Bell

  27. 1986

    Charles Spittal Robb (National Law Center), William Hodding Carter III, James Barnes Wyngaarden (School of Medicine)

  28. 1987

    Alex Zwerdling, Richard Saxon Snell (School of Medicine), Robert William Packwood, Daniel Ken Inouye

  29. 1988

    Maurice King Udall (National Law Center), T. Bone Pickens Jr., Susan King (School Without Walls), Samuel Osiah Thier (School of Medicine)

  30. 1989

    Lieutenant General Brent Scowcroft, Dick Thornburgh, Louis Wade Sullivan (School of Medicine)

  31. 1990

    Colin Powell, George Mitchell, Leighton Eggertson Cluff, Lawrence Douglas Wilder (National Law Center)

  32. 1991

    Sharon Pratt Dixon (Law School), C. Everett Koop (School of Medicine)

  33. 1992

    William P. Barr (Law School), David A. Kessler (School of Medicine)

  34. 1993

    Donna Shalala

  35. 1994

    Hillary Rodman Clinton, Joyce Hens Green (Law School)

  36. 1995

    Elizabeth Dole, Harry A. Blackmun (Law School)

  37. 1996

    Francis S. Collins

  38. 1997

    Bill Cosby, Joseph F. Baca (Law School)

  39. 1998

    Robert S. Dole, Eric H. Holder, Sr. (Law School)

  40. 1999

    Anthony A. Williams (Law School), Desmond M. Tutu

  41. 2000

    Madeleine Korbel Albright, William H. Rehnquist (Law School)

  42. 2001

    Herman Wouk, Janet Reno (Law School)

  43. 2002

    Ruth J. Simmons, George Mitchell (Law School)

  44. 2003

    Gov. Mark Warner, Sandra Day O'Conner (Law School)

  45. 2004

    Thomas Buergenthal (Law School), Adam Greenman and L. Trenton Marsh (students)

  46. 2005

    Andy Rooney, Harry Reid (Law School)

  47. 2006

    George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Dan Glickman (Law School)

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