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Building access is available to GW students, faculty, and staff who have submitted proof of vaccination and had that documentation accepted or were approved for a vaccine exception. They must also have taken their required COVID test and have a GWorld card that is enabled for campus access. GWorld access is typically enabled within about two hours of the COVID test. No one will be allowed to sign in without a physical GWorld card or enter the library if their GWorld card tap is denied. Library access is not available for alumni or visitors.  

Honorary Degree Recipients

NOTE: This list is not official. It was derived primarily from printed programs, so omissions may exist. A list of honorary degrees is available on the Office of the Provist website.

  1. 1827

    John Spence, Doctor of Medicine

  2. 1831

    Eli Ball, Master of Arts

    J.L. Dagg, Master of Arts

    John C. Keeny, Master of Arts

    Jesse Olney, Master of Arts

    George B. Perry, Master of Arts

  3. 1833

    William Beaumont, Medical Degree

    Ephraim K. Gaitner, Medical Degree

    Thomas J. Smiley, Master of Arts

    Levi Tucker, Master of Arts

  4. 1834

    Samuel Waite, Master of Arts

  5. 1835

    William R. Wells, Master of Arts

  6. 1837

    Robert B. C. Howell, Master of Arts

  7. 1838

    E.W. Dickison, Master of Arts

  8. 1839

    Thomas Hume, Master of Arts

    Joseph D. Nichols, Master of Arts

    John Ogilvie, Master of Arts

  9. 1840

    Joseph Baker, Master of Arts

    John H. Kearney, Doctor of Medicine

  10. 1841

    William Brand, Bachelor of Arts

    Jeremiah B. Jeter, Master of Arts

    Henry Keeling, Master of Arts

    Alexander McWilliams, Medical Degree

    James B. Taylor, Master of Arts

    Thomas C. Thornton, Master of Arts

    William Zollikoffer, Medical Degree

  11. 1842

    James Acworth, Doctor of Divinity

    Benjamin Godwin, Doctor of Divinity

    Archibald Maclay, Doctor of Divinity

    Abram M. Poindexter, Doctor of Divinity

  12. 1843

    Andrew Broaddus, Doctor of Divinity

    William M. Cornell, Master of Arts

    Charles H. Pendleton, Master of Arts

  13. 1844

    Samuel Cornelius, Master of Arts

    Joseph H. Eaton, Master of Arts

    Richard Fuller, Doctor of Divinity

    Calvin Howard, Doctor of Medicine

    John Massie, Doctor of Divinity

    Philetus B. Spear, Doctor of Divinity

    Thornton Stringfellow, Master of Arts

    Thomas C. Teasdale, Master of Arts

  14. 1845

    Joseph Banvard, Master of Arts

    William Brand, Master of Arts

    Norman W. Camp, Master of Arts

    George C. Chandler, Master of Arts

    Daniel Eldridge, Master of Arts

    William M. Pratt, Master of Arts

    Benjamin F. Taylor, Master of Arts

    Samuel J. Wheeler, Master of Arts

    Robert Hazard Worthington, Doctor of Medicine

  15. 1846

    Philip A. Aylett, Master of Arts

    Richard L. Butts, Master of Arts

    Isaac Davis, Doctor of Laws

    Abram Gindrat, Master of Arts 

    A.B. McWhorter, Master of Arts 

    James B. O'Neil, Doctor of Laws

    Edward F. Smallwood, Master of Arts

  16. 1847

    John M. Thayer, Master of Arts

  17. 1848

    William J. Berryman, Master of Arts

  18. 1849

    Jeremiah B. Jeter, Doctor of Divinity

    Elijah Hutchinson, Master of Arts

    Samuel G. Mason, Master of Arts

  19. 1850

    Stephen M. Allen, Master of Arts

    Thomas Bellamy, Doctor of Medicine

    John Taylor Jones, Doctor of Divinity

    C.D. Mallary, Doctor of Divinity

    L.G. Marshall, Master of Arts

    Daniel Witt, Master of Arts

  20. 1851

    Franklin Haven, Master of Arts

    Joseph S. Hobbins, Jr., Doctor of Medicine

    Alfred Holmead, Master of Arts

    Samuel G. Ker, Master of Arts

  21. 1852

    Francis M. Gunnell, Master of Arts

  22. 1853

    Mathew F. Maury, Doctor of Laws

    Edward Maynard, Master of Arts

    James Remley, Master of Arts

    James Patterson Tustin, Master of Arts

  23. 1854

    Adolphe F. T. Biewend, Master of Arts

    Joseph G. Binney, Doctor of Divinity

    William F. Broaddus, Doctor of Divinity

  24. 1855

    Lawson Chase, Master of Arts

  25. 1856

    Charles S. James, Doctor of Philosophy

    Alfred S. Patton, Master of Arts

    James B. Taylor, Doctor of Divinity

  26. 1858

    Howell Cobb, Doctor of Laws

    Robert C. Fox, Master of Arts

    Sydney H. Owens, Master of Arts

    William I. Martin, Master of Arts

    George W. Samson, Doctor of Divinity

  27. 1859

    James P. Boyce, Doctor of Divinity

    John Orclaronaux, Medical Degree

    J.R. Thomson, Master of Arts

    John Watkins, Medical Degree

    A. G. Wilkinson, Master of Arts

  28. 1860

    Henry K. Brown, Master of Arts

    James Dennison, Bachelor of Philosophy

    John Thompson Mason, Doctor of Medicine

    William McLain, Doctor of Divinity

    Willie J. Palmer, Master of Arts

    T. H. Roberts, Master of Arts

    Robert Ryland, Doctor of Divinity

    William Stimpson, Doctor of Medicine

    Henry H. Tucker, Doctor of Divinity

  29. 1862

    William F. Mattingly, Master of Arts

    Edward Maynard, Master of Arts

  30. 1863

    H. H. Durand, Master of Arts

    G. V. Leech, Master of Arts

    John Orcutt, Doctor of Divinity

  31. 1864

    S. G. Bulfinch, Doctor of Divinity

    James H. Parks, Master of Arts

    Daniel W. Prentiss, Master of Arts

    Warren Randolph, Doctor of Divinity

  32. 1865

    John H. Booth, Master of Arts

    F. D. Brown, Master of Arts

    Theodore Gill, Master of Arts

    Thomas J. Shepard, Doctor of Divinity

    Franklin Wilson, Doctor of Divinity

    William W. Wingate, Doctor of Divinity

  33. 1866

    Theodore Gill, Doctor of Medicine

    R. J. Keeling, Doctor of Divinity

    George Peabody, Doctor of Laws

    Hiram C. Sparks, Master of Arts

    John W. M. Williams, Doctor of Divinity

    Walter M. Williams, Master of Arts

  34. 1867

    Richard H. Bagby, Doctor of Divinity

    William T. Bell, Master of Arts

    Julius E. Grammer, Doctor of Divinity

    S. L. Helm, Doctor of Divinity

    William Landells, Doctor of Divinity

    A. R. Rangabe, Doctor of Laws

    Edward Young, Master of Arts

  35. 1868

    Samuel Cathcart, Doctor of Divinity

    G. W. N. Custis, Master of Arts

    Henry W. Dodge, Doctor of Divinity

    Daniel D. Johnson, Master of Arts

    W. H. McIntosh, Doctor of Divinity

    James C. Welling, Doctor of Laws

    Joseph S. Wilson, Doctor of Philosophy

  36. 1869

    William W. Corcoran, Doctor of Laws

    Elliott Coues, Doctor of Philosophy

    Edward Miner Gallaudet, Doctor of Philosophy

    George Howell, Master of Arts

    Joseph Taber Johnson, Master of Arts

    S. Landrum, Doctor of Divinity

    James K. Nichols, Doctor of Divinity

    Amos Webster, Doctor of Divinity

  37. 1870

    Charles T. Brown, Master of Arts

    Walter Clark, Bachelor of Laws

    A. F. Fleet, Master of Arts

    Theodore Gill, Doctor of Philosophy

    Willie J. Palmer, Doctor of Philosophy

    Emanuel Pelavet, Doctor of Divinity 

    David Yerkes, Doctor of Divinity

  38. 1871

    Nahum Capen, Doctor of Laws

    Anthony W. Dimock, Master of Arts

    Edward Pierrepont, Doctor of Laws

    Cornelius Tyree, Doctor of Divinity 

    W.W. Williams, Doctor of Divinity

    Edward Young, Doctor of Philosophy

  39. 1872

    Archibald J. Battle, Doctor of Divinity

    Joseph Christian, Doctor of Laws

  40. 1873

    William H. Kable, Master of Arts

    John C. Kennedy, Doctor of Laws 

    William Pinkney, Doctor of Laws

    William A. Richardson, Doctor of Laws

    Thomas W. Sydnor, Doctor of Divinity

  41. 1874

    George F. Adams, Doctor of Divinity

    Addison B. Atkins, Doctor of Divinity

    Simon Newcomb, Doctor of Laws 

    Z. C. Sowers, Master of Arts

  42. 1875

    Spencer F. Baird, Doctor of Laws

    Elliott Cowes, Doctor of Philosophy

    Walter L. Cox, Doctor of Laws

  43. 1876

    Charles Devens, Doctor of Laws

    Luther Rice Gwaltney, Doctor of Divinity

    Samuel J. Kirkwood, Doctor of Laws

    John Pollard, Doctor of Divinity

  44. 1878

    Thomas Duncan, Doctor of Divinity

    Charles Woodruff Shields, Doctor of Laws

    A. G. Wilkinson, Doctor of Philosophy

  45. 1879

    Otis T. Mason, Doctor of Philosophy

    Andrew P. Montague, Master of Arts

    Charles H. Nichols, Doctor of Laws

  46. 1880

    William A. Maury, Doctor of Laws

  47. 1881

    Joseph H. France, Doctor of Divinity

    William D. Hedden, Doctor of Divinity

    William R. Vaughn, Master of Arts

  48. 1882

    Richard B. Cook, Doctor of Divinity

    William M. Mew, Medical Degree

    John W. Powell, Doctor of Laws

    George William Walter, Doctor of Music

  49. 1883

    George V. Leach, Doctor of Divinity

    James Nelson, Doctor of Divinity

    John C. S. Richardson, Master of Arts

    William L. Wilson, Doctor of Laws

  50. 1884

    Robert Fletcher, Doctor of Medicine

  51. 1885

    Albert R. Stuart, Doctor of Divinity

  52. 1887

    Thomas C. Chamberlin, Doctor of Laws

  53. 1888

    George F. Bagby, Doctor of Divinity

    Charles S. Fairchild, Doctor of Laws

    Gardiner Greene Hubbard, Doctor of Laws

    J. L. Massey, Master of Arts

  54. 1890

    John M. Wilson, Doctor of Laws

  55. 1892

    S. Gifford Nelson, Doctor of Humane Letters

  56. 1894

    Harry C. Davis, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Theodore Nicholas Gill, Doctor of Laws

    James Seth, Doctor of Science

    Chastain C. Meador, Doctor of Divinity

    Andrew Jackson Spears Thomas, Doctor of Divinity

  57. 1895

    Alfred Bagby, Doctor of Divinity

    Melville Church, Master of Patent Laws

    Oliver Wolcott Gibbs, Doctor of Laws

    Samuel Harrison Greene, Doctor of Laws

    J.H. Muir, Master of Laws

    Joseph Johnson Muir, Doctor of Divinity

  58. 1896

    James Albert Buck, Doctor of Divinity

    George Hughes Hepworth, Doctor of Divinity

    Robert Stuart MacArthur, Doctor of Laws

    Adlai E. Stevenson, Doctor of Laws

  59. 1897

    Sarah Maria Burnham, Master of Arts

    Otis Tufton Mason, Doctor of Laws

    William Duncan Rice, Doctor of Divinity

    Lester Frank Ward, Doctor of Laws

  60. 1899

    Frank Hagar Bigelow, Doctor of Humane Letters

    John Bassett Moore, Doctor of Laws

    Frank Wigglesworth Clarke, Doctor of Science

  61. 1900

    William I. McKenney, Doctor of Divinity

    Richard Wainwright, Doctor of Laws

  62. 1901

    William Francis Mattingly, Doctor of Laws

    Augustus Schultze, Doctor of Humane Letters

  63. 1903

    George Horton, Doctor of Letters

    Benjamin Frank Keller, Doctor of Laws

    Herbert Putnam, Doctor of Laws

    Henry St. George Tucker, Doctor of Laws

  64. 1904

    Fabian Franklin, Doctor of Laws

    William Bruce King, Master of Arts

    John B. Larner, Doctor of Laws

    Randolph Harrison McKim, Doctor of Laws

    Francis Griffith Newlands, Doctor of Laws

    Thomas S. Samson, Doctor of Divinity

    Sanford H. Steele, Master of Laws

    Alexander T. Stuart, Master of Arts

    Albert Vander Veer, Doctor of Laws

  65. 1905

    Charles Hastings Dodd, Doctor of Divinity

    Theodore P. Ion, Master of Laws

    Andrew Jackson Mantague, Doctor of Laws

  66. 1907

    Oscar Terry Crosby, Doctor of Laws

  67. 1908

    Willis Seaver Paine, Doctor of Laws

    Cornelius Rubner, Doctor of Music

    William H. Santelmann, Doctor of Music

    Frederick James Volney Skiff, Doctor of Laws

  68. 1909

    Alfred Harding, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Evans Hughes, Doctor of Laws

    Ulysses Grant Baker Pierce, Doctor of Divinity

    Theodore Roosevelt, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Herbert Stockton, Doctor of Laws

  69. 1911

    Elmer Ellsworth Brown, Doctor of Laws

    Francis Mackall Gunnell, Doctor of Laws

    Leland Ossian Howard, Doctor of Medicine

  70. 1912

    Frances Edward Harrington, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Edward Munroe, Doctor of Laws

    James Brown Scott, Doctor of Laws

  71. 1913

    Oscar Phelps Austin, Master of Arts

    Alexander Graham Bell, Doctor of Laws

    George Franklin Bowerman, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Edward Hugh Sothern, Doctor of Letters

  72. 1914

    Percival Hall, Doctor of Letters

    Ernest L. Thurston, Master of Arts

  73. 1915

    Glenn Brown, Master of Arts

    William Healey Dall, Doctor of Laws

    Shepherd Ivory Franz, Doctor of Medicine

    Otto Hilgard Tittman, Doctor of Laws

  74. 1916

    Henry William Oldknow Millington, Doctor of Divinity

    Wendell Phillips Stafford, Doctor of Letters

    David Watson Taylor, Doctor of Science

  75. 1917

    William Miller Collier, Doctor of Laws

    Arthur Powell Davis, Doctor of Science

    George Perkins Merrill, Doctor of Science

    Theodore Williams Noyes, Doctor of Laws

    Frederick Fuller Russell, Doctor of Science

    Elmer Ernest Southard, Doctor of Science

  76. 1918

    Isabel Anderson, Doctor of Letters

    Joseph Smith Auerbach, Doctor of Letters

    Douglas Putnam Birnie, Doctor of Divinity

    Theodore Willard Case, Master of Science

    James Howard Gore, Doctor of Letters

    John Fillmore Hayford, Doctor of Science

    William Henry Holmes, Doctor of Science

    Abram Lisner, Master of Arts

    James Phinney Munroe, Doctor of Letters

  77. 1919

    King Albert of Belgium, Doctor of Laws

    William A. Day, Doctor of Laws

    Nicholas Douty, Doctor of Music

    John Hays Hammond, Jr., Doctor of Science

    George Neely Henning, Doctor of Letters

    Otto Herman Kahn, Doctor of Laws

    Langdon Elwyn Mitchell, Doctor of Letters

    John Barton Payne, Doctor of Laws

    Miles Poindexter, Doctor of Laws

    Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, Doctor of Letters

    James MacBride Sterrett, Doctor of Letters

    Howard Sutherland, Doctor of Laws

    John DuBois Teller, Doctor of Laws

    George Carroll Todd, Doctor of Laws

    James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Leonard Wood, Doctor of Laws

  78. 1920

    William Musgrave Calder, Doctor of Laws

    Auckland Campbell Geddes, Doctor of Laws

    Warren Gamaliel Harding, Doctor of Laws

    Herbert Clark Hoover, Doctor of Laws

    Vicente Blasco Ibanez, Doctor of Letters

    Irvine Luther Lenroot, Doctor of Laws

    Franklin MacVeagh, Doctor of Laws

    Edward William Nelson, Doctor of Science

    A. Mitchell Palmer, Doctor of Laws

    John Joseph Pershing, Doctor of Laws

    James Townsend Russell, Doctor of Divinity

    Herbert Shipman, Doctor of Divinity

  79. 1921

    Eugene Clarence Aiken, Doctor of Laws

    Clifford Kennedy Berryman, Master of Arts

    Charles Henry Betts, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Mabel Thorpe Boardman, Doctor of Laws

    Thomas Edwin Brown, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Melville Church, Doctor of Laws

    Frederick Vernon Coville, Doctor of Science

    Stephen Wallace Dempsey, Doctor of Laws

    William Levering DeVries, Doctor of Divinity

    Frederick Carlos Ferry, Doctor of Laws

    Permeal Jane French, Master of Arts

    Samuel Richard Fuller, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Howard Lincoln Hodgkins, Doctor of Science

    Alanson Bigelow Houghton, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Jean Adrien Antoine Jules Jusserand, Doctor of Laws

    Frances Parkinson Keyes, Doctor of Letters

    Stephen Tyng Mather, Doctor of Laws

    Beltran Mathieu, Doctor of Laws

    Leila Mechlin, Master of Arts

    North Overton Messenger, Master of Arts

    Frank Wheeler Mondell, Doctor of Laws

    George Higgins Moses, Doctor of Laws

    Luther Wright Mott, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Hastings Nichols, Doctor of Divinity

    James Southworth Parker, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Charles Wellman Parks, Doctor of Laws

    Key Pittman, Doctor of Laws

    John Garland Pollard, Doctor of Laws

    Juan Riano y Gayangos, Doctor of Laws

    V. Rolandi Ricci, Doctor of Laws

    Charles William Richardson, Doctor of Science

    Charles Alexander Richmond, Doctor of Laws

    Arthur Charles Rounds, Doctor of Laws

    George Dudley Seymour, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Bertrand Hollis Snell, Doctor of Laws

    Julia Marlowe Sothern, Doctor of Letters

    Frank Springer, Doctor of Science

    George Sutherland, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Means Thompson, Doctor of Laws

    Augustus Storrs Worthington, Doctor of Laws

  80. 1922

    Harold L. Amoss, Doctor of Science

    Joannes Gennadius, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Helen Nicolay, Master of Arts

    Wallace Radcliffe, Doctor of Divinity

    Huston Thompson, Doctor of Laws

  81. 1923

    Charles Moore, Doctor of Laws

    Mary R. Rinehart, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Harry Vanderbilt Wurdemann, Doctor of Science

  82. 1925

    Wilbur John Carr, Doctor of Laws

    Alexander W. Gregg, Master of Arts

    Edward J. Henning, Doctor of Laws

    Frank Brett Noyes, Doctor of Laws

    Michael Idvorsky Pupin, Doctor of Humane Letters

  83. 1926

    Lora Haines Cook, Doctor of Laws

    John Clement Fitzpatrick, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Joseph Clark Grew, Doctor of Laws

    Thomas Allen Groover, Doctor of Science

    Esme Howard, Doctor of Laws

    John Oliver LaGorce, Doctor of Letters

  84. 1927

    Samuel Paul Capen, Doctor of Science

  85. 1928

    Roscoe Pound, Doctor of Laws

    David Allen Robertson, Doctor of Laws

    William Fletcher Russell, Doctor of Laws

    Harlan Fiske Stone, Doctor of Laws

  86. 1929

    Calvin Coolidge, Doctor of Laws

    Grace Goodhue Coolidge, Doctor of Laws

    Sir James Ramsey MacDonald, Doctor of Laws

    Pascual Ortiz Rubio, Doctor of Laws

  87. 1930

    Lotus Delta Coffman, Doctor of Science in Education

    Harrison Howell Dodge, Doctor of Laws

  88. 1931

    William Cline Borden, Doctor of Science

    William John Cooper, Doctor of Science in Education

    King Prajadhipok of Siam, Doctor of Laws

    William Allen Wilbur, Doctor of Laws

  89. 1932

    Ray Smith Bassler, Doctor of Science

    Union Noble Bethell, Doctor of Laws

    Philander Betts, 3d, Doctor of Engineering

    Alan Mason Chesney, Doctor of Science

    Walter Collins Clephane, Doctor of Laws

    George Bruce Cortelyou, Doctor of Laws

    Fred Morris Dearing, Doctor of Laws

    John Howard Dellinger, Doctor of Science

    Jessie Fant Evans, Doctor of Education

    Frederick Parker Gay, Doctor of Science

    Daniel O. Hastings, Doctor of Laws

    Adolph August Hoehling, Doctor of Laws

    Patrick Jay Hurley, Doctor of Laws

    Nelson Trusler Johnson, Doctor of Laws

    Hans Kindler, Doctor of Music

    Stephen Elliott Kramer, Doctor of Education

    Alvan MacAuley, Doctor of Laws

    David Albert Molitor, Doctor of Engineering

    Charles Napoleon Moore, Doctor of Science

    Luther Halsey Reichelderfer, Doctor of Laws

    Joseph Fels Ritt, Doctor of Science

    George Canby Robinson, Doctor of Science

    Sterling Ruffin, Doctor of Science

    Daniel Kerfoot Shute, Doctor of Science

    Will Carson Ryan, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Albert Norman Ward, Doctor of Laws

    Alexander Wetmore, Doctor of Science

  90. 1933

    James Edward Freeman, Doctor of Civil Law

  91. 1934

    Cordell Hull, Doctor of Laws

    Harold Glenn Moulton, Doctor of Laws

    John Lloyd Newcomb, Doctor of Laws

    Arthur Cutts Willard, Doctor of Laws

  92. 1935

    Ulric Bell, Doctor of Laws

    David Ransom Covell, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Jesse Frederick Essary, Doctor of Laws

    Jay G. Hayden, Doctor of Laws

    John Edgar Hoover, Doctor of Laws

    Walter Lippmann, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Griffith Ross, Doctor of Laws

    Carr V. Van Anda, Doctor of Laws

    Theodore Clifford Wallen, Doctor of Laws

    Hannah Knapp Wilbur, Master of Arts

  93. 1936

    John Henry Cowles, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Wendell Holmes, Doctor of Laws

    Joseph Richard Sizoo, Doctor of Humane Letters

  94. 1937

    Charles Greeley Abbott, Doctor of Science

    Paul Bartsch, Doctor of Science

    William Bowie, Doctor of Science

    Lyman James Briggs, Doctor of Science

    Edward Ellery, Doctor of Laws

    Helen Taft Manning, Doctor of Laws

    John Campbell Merriam, Doctor of Laws

    Elizabeth Peet, Doctor of Pedagogy

    George Braxton Pegram, Doctor of Science

    Hattie Maria Strong, Doctor of Laws

    William Alanson White, Doctor of Laws

  95. 1938

    Frank Pierrepont Graves, Doctor of Laws

    Theodore Henley Jack, Doctor of Letters

    William Allison Shimer, Doctor of Laws

  96. 1939

    Oswaldo Aranha, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Vedder Fleming, Doctor of Laws

    Francis Randall Hagner, Doctor of Science

    Dan LaCour, Doctor of Science

    William Carl Ruediger, Doctor of Education

    Lewis Harvie Taylor, Master of Science in Administration

    Harold St. John Winterbotham, Doctor of Science

  97. 1940

    Felix M. Morley, Doctor of Letters

  98. 1942

    Colon Eloy Alfaro, Doctor of Laws

    Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio - President of Ecuador, Doctor of Laws

    Hector David Castro, Doctor of Laws

    Ross T. McIntire, Doctor of Science

    Francisco Castillo Najera, Doctor of Laws

    William Tyler Page, Doctor of Laws

    Adrian Recinos, Doctor of Laws

    Edwin Martin Watson, Doctor of Laws

  99. 1943

    Frank Washington Ballou, Doctor of Laws

  100. 1945

    Augustus Vincent Tack, Doctor of Fine Arts

  101. 1946

    Charles Hook Tompkins, Doctor of Engineering

    President Harry S. Truman, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Stanley White, Doctor of Science

  102. 1947

    John Wesley Snyder, Doctor of Laws

  103. 1948

    Walter Andrew Bloedorn, Doctor of Science

    Henry Grattan Doyle, Doctor of Laws

    Philip Bracken Fleming, Doctor of Civil Laws

    Elmer Louis Kayser, Doctor of Laws

    William Cabell Van Vleck, Doctor of Laws

  104. 1952

    Henry Parsons Erwin, Doctor of Science

    Charles Carroll Glover, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Gilbert Grosvenor, Doctor of Science

    Walter Rupert Tuckerman, Doctor of Laws

  105. 1954

    Syngman Rhee, Doctor of Laws

  106. 1955

    Luis Batlle Berres, Doctor of Laws

  107. 1956

    Clarence Aiken Aspinwall, Doctor of Laws

    Leonard Carmichael, Doctor of Science

    Ulysses S. Grant, III, Doctor of Laws

    Bumpei Kure, Doctor of Laws

    Alfred Henry Lawson, Doctor of Laws

  108. 1957

    Robert Whitney Bolwell, Doctor of Letters

    Newell Windom Ellison, Doctor of Laws

    Philbrick McCoy, Doctor of Laws

    King Mohamed V of Morocco, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Clement Watson, Doctor of Laws

  109. 1958

    Allen Varley Astin, Doctor of Science

    Walter Maximillian Bastian, Doctor of Laws

    Daniel LeRay Borden, Doctor of Science

    Wilber Marion Brucker, Doctor of Laws

    Dorothy Betts Marvin, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Benjamin Mosby McKelway, Doctor of Literature

    Wilhelm Morgenstierne, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Daniel Murphy, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Sylvanus Rhyne, Doctor of Civil Laws

    Margaret Chase Smith, Doctor of Laws

    Louis Booker Wright, Doctor of Laws

  110. 1959

    Harold Jefferson Coolidge, Doctor of Science

    Watson Davis, Doctor of Science

    Allen Welsh Dulles, Doctor of Laws

    James William Fulbright, Doctor of Laws

    Melville Bell Grosvenor, Doctor of Laws

    Cloyd Heck Marvin, Doctor Honoris Causa

  111. 1960

    James Plemon Coleman, Doctor of Laws

    David Edward Finley, Doctor of Laws

    Viscount Kilmuir P.C., G.C.V.O., Doctor of Laws

    Fred Korth, Doctor of Laws

    Jeremiah Milbank, Doctor of Laws

    Winfred Overholser, Doctor of Laws

    John Daniel Randall, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Eben Smylie, Doctor of Laws

    Edward Teller, Doctor of Science

  112. 1961

    Galloway Calhoun, Doctor of Laws

    Oswald Symister Colclough, Doctor of Science

    Frank Atherton Howard, Doctor of Science

    Mary Howe, Doctor of Music

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Doctor of Laws

    Agnes Ernst Meyer, Doctor of Social Science

    George Romney, Doctor of Commercial Science

    Luther Andrew Smith, Doctor of Laws

    James Edwin Webb, Doctor of Laws

  113. 1962

    Robert DeBlois Calkins, Doctor of Laws

    Robert Rowe Gilruth, Doctor of Science

    Robert Strange McNamara, Doctor of Public Service

    Marjorie Hope Nicolson, Doctor of Letters

    Glenn Theodore Seaborg, Doctor of Public Service

    Eugene Martin Zuckert, Doctor of Laws

  114. 1963

    Edith Koon Carr, Doctor of Laws

    William Chapman Foster, Doctor of Public Service

    Sheldon Glueck, Doctor of Social Science

    Caryl Parker Haskins, Doctor of Science

    James Gilmer McManaway, Doctor of Humane Letters

  115. 1964

    Edward Bernard Bunn, S.J., Doctor of Literature

    Dwight David Eisenhower, Doctor of Public Service

    Levi Fox, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Clark Kerr, Doctor of Public Service

    John William McCormack, Doctor of Public Service

    Laurance S. Rockefeller, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles Bates Thornton, Doctor of Commercial Science

    Benjamin Coppage Willis, Doctor of Pubic Service

  116. 1965

    Willard J. Graham, Doctor of Laws

    Daniel Jeremiah Haughton, Doctor of Laws

    David Matthew Kennedy, Doctor of Laws

    Dean Rusk, Doctor of Laws

  117. 1966

    John Carsten Harper, Doctor of Divinity

    Sidney Dillon Ripley, II, Doctor of Science

    Leo Dewey Welch, Doctor of Laws

  118. 1967

    Edward William Brooke, Doctor of Laws

    Tom C. Clark, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Brenton Huggins, Doctor of Public Service

    Thomas Victor Jones, Doctor of Laws

    Lyman Louis Lemnitzer, Doctor of Laws

    Wilbur Daigh Mills, Doctor of Laws

    Walter George Ross, Doctor of Laws

  119. 1968

    Kingman Brewster, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Jacob Wilbur Enrlich, Doctor of Laws

    Helmut Anthony Hatzfeld, Doctor of Letters

    George Winchester Stone, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Vincent Du Vigneaud, Doctor of Science

  120. 1969

    Marshall Clagett, Doctor of Laws

    Gertrude Belle Elion, Doctor of Science

    Roger Warren Jones, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles Martin, Doctor of Letters

    Edmund Sixtus Muskie, Doctor of Public Service

    Earl Warren, Doctor of Public Service

    Sterry Robinson Waterman, Doctor of Laws

  121. 1970

    Kenneth Bancroft Clark, Doctor of Laws

    Jacob Burns, Doctor of Laws

    Henry White Edgerton, Doctor of Laws

    Gordon Arthur Friesen, Doctor of Laws

    Severo Ochoa, Doctor of Science

    Jayne Baker Spain, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles Cecil Wall, Doctor of Laws

    Walter Edward Washington, Doctor of Laws

  122. 1971

    Julius Axelrod, Doctor of Laws

    Benjamin Joseph Henley, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles Stewart McKenzie, Doctor of Divinity

    Ewald Berger Nyquist, Doctor of Public Service

    Elmer Boyd Staats, Doctor of Public Service

  123. 1972

    Samuel James Ervin, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Eugene G. Fubini, Doctor of Science

    Marshall Warren Nirenberg, Doctor of Science

    Paul Grant Rogers, Doctor of Laws

    Abram Leon Sachar, Doctor of Laws

    Robert W. Sarnoff, Doctor of Laws

    Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, Doctor of Laws

    Harold Alden Wheeler, Doctor of Science

  124. 1973

    Arthur Frank Burns, Doctor of Laws

    Edgar Maurice Cortright, Doctor of Science

    Philip Handler, Doctor of Science

    Nancy Hanks, Doctor of Humanities

    John Rusten Hogness, Doctor of Laws

    Edward Karrick Morris, Doctor of Public Service

    Saul Chesterfield Oppenheim, Doctor of Laws

    Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, Doctor of Humanities

  125. 1974

    Ronald Stanley Berman, Doctor of Humanities

    Albert Bruce Sabin, Doctor of Laws

    Shah of Iran, Doctor of Public Service

  126. 1975

    Renah F. Camalier, Doctor of Public Service

    Margaret Truman Daniel, Doctor of Letters

    Antal Dorati, Doctor of Humanities

    Zelda Fichandler, Doctor of Humanities

    Robert C. Seamans, Jr., Doctor of Public Service

    Catherine Filene Shouse, Doctor of Humanities

    Joseph John Sisco, Doctor of Public Service

  127. 1976

    Dr. Louis Block, Doctor of Public Service

    Dr. Theodore Cooper, Doctor of Science

    Mark O. Hatfield, Doctor of Laws

    Charles Johnston Hitch, Doctor of Laws

    David Lloyd Kreeger, Doctor of Laws

  128. 1977

    Warren Bennis, Doctor of Laws

    Dr. Bernard M. W. Knox, Doctor of Humane Letters

    James Arthur Robinson, Doctor Of Public Service

  129. 1978

    John Carter Brown, Doctor of Letters

    Donald Payne Hearth, Doctor of Science

    Henry William Herzog, Doctor of Laws

    Franz Joseph Ingelfinger, Doctor of Laws

    Neville Kanakaratne, Doctor of Laws

    Mstislav Rostropovich, Doctor of Humanities

    John Johnston Wilson, Doctor of Laws

  130. 1979

    Lisle Carleton Carter, Doctor of Laws

    Frederick Gutheim, Doctor of Public Service

    Lee A. Iacocca, Doctor of Public Service

    Wade H. McCree, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Charles Emory Phillips, Doctor of Laws

    Laura Emily Phillips, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Charles Emil Smith, Doctor of Public Service

    Fernando Belaunde Terry, Doctor of Public Service

  131. 1980

    Ethel David Bloedorn, Doctor of Humanities

    Richard Wayne Dirksen, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Edward Freeland Howrey, Doctor of Laws

    Irving Kristol, Doctor of Public Service

    Carl Thomas Rowan, Doctor of Laws

  132. 1981

    Warren Earl Burger, Doctor of Laws

    Grace Murray Hopper, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles McCurdy Mathias, Jr., Doctor of Public Service

    Elliott Lee Richardson, Doctor of Public Service

    Theodore Rinehart, Doctor of Laws

    Rafael Montinola Salas, Doctor of Public Service

    H. Guyford Stever, Doctor of Public Service

  133. 1982

    Norman Cousins, Doctor of Laws

    William Howard Gass, Doctor of Humane Letters

    John Willard Marriott, Jr., Doctor of Public Service

    Robert Sargent Shriver, Doctor of Public Service

    Chung Ju Yung, Doctor of Public Service

  134. 1983

    Terrel Howard Bell, Doctor of Public Service

    Orville Richard Bonner, Master of Business Administration

    John A. D. Cooper, Doctor of Public Service

    Harry F. Duncan, Doctor of Public Service

    Gilbert Melville Grosvenor, Doctor of Public Service

    Robert Breckenridge Ware MacNeil, Doctor of Public Service

    Peter G. Peterson, Doctor of Public Service

    Alice Mitchell Rivlin, Doctor of Public Service

    Patricia McGowan Wald, Doctor of Laws

  135. 1984

    Seymour Alpert, M.D., Doctor of Laws

    Franz Bader, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Jessie Bernard, Doctor of Humanities

    Henry Gabriel Cisneros, Doctor of Laws

    Silvio Ottavio Conte, Doctor of Laws

    Vincent Theodore DeVita, Jr., M.D., Doctor of Science

    Mary Hatwood Futrell, Doctor of Public Service

    George Stanley McGovern, Doctor of Laws

    Paul Culliton Warnke, Doctor of Laws

  136. 1985

    Andrew Barr, Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa

    Stephen Scott Bell, Doctor of Laws

    William John Bennett, Doctor of Humanities

    Erich Bloch, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Arpad Bogsch, Doctor of Laws

    Lawrence Arthur Cremin, Doctor of Humanities

    Mircea Eliade, Doctor of Letters

    Donald S. Frederickson, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Harold Herman Greene, Doctor of Laws

    Victor Kermit Kiam II, Doctor of Laws

    John Willard Marriott, Doctor of Public Service

    Charles Z. Wick, Doctor of Laws

    Daniel Yankelovich, Doctor of Public Service

  137. 1986

    Arthur Edward Buss, Doctor of Public Service

    Sissela Myrdal Bok, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Gwendolyn Brooks, Doctor of Humane Letters

    William Hodding Carter III, Doctor of Public Service

    W. Edwards Deming, Doctor of Public Service

    Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger, Doctor of Laws

    Phyllis Franklin, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Benjamin Thurman Hacker, Doctor of Education, honoris causa

    Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, Doctor of Public Service

    Alvin Eli Nashman, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Charles Spittal Robb, Doctor of Laws

    James Barnes Wyngaarden, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

  138. 1987

    Harry Lee Carrico, Doctor of Laws

    Natalie Zemon Davis, Doctor of Humane Letters

    John Francis Latimer, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Robert William Packwood, Doctor of Public Service

    Richard Herman Petersen, Doctor of Public Service

    Wayne David Rasmussen, Doctor of Letters

    Charles Bass Reed, Doctor of Public Service

    Rozanne LeJeanne Ridgway, Doctor of Laws

    Jacob Arthur Stein, Doctor of Laws

    Jonathan Yardley, Doctor of Humane Letters

  139. 1988

    Lord Asa Briggs, Doctor of Humane Letters

    William James Crowe, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    John Bonner Duncan, Doctor of Public Service

    Hermann August Grunder, Doctor of Public Service

    Kaval Gulhati, Doctor of Public Service

    Woo-Choong Kim, Doctor of Public Service

    George Walter Landau, Doctor of Public Service

    T. Boone Pickens, Jr., Doctor of Public Service

    Bassam Zekin Shakhashiri, Doctor of Public Service

    Samuel Osiah Thier, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Morris King Udall, Doctor of Laws

  140. 1989

    Lauro Fred Cavazos, Doctor of Public Service

    Adelaide McGuinn Cromwell, Doctor of Humanities

    Lloyd Hartman Elliott, Doctor of Laws

    Sandra Cavanaugh Holley, Doctor of Public Service

    Edward Franklin Mitchell, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Giles Sutherland Rich, Doctor of Laws

    Brent Scowcroft, Doctor of Laws

    Louis Wade Sullivan, Doctor of Public Service

    Dick Thornburgh, Doctor of Laws

    Roh Tae Woo, Doctor of Laws

  141. 1990

    James Hadley Billington, Doctor of Public Service

    Lynne Ann Cheney, Doctor of Public Service

    Leighton Eggertson Cluff, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Yuri Vladimirovich Dubinin, Doctor of Public Service

    Talbot Shelton Huff, Jr., Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    George John Mitchell, Doctor of Public Service

    Clairborne deBorda Pell, Doctor of Humanities

    Colin Luther Powell, Doctor of Public Service

    Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Doctor of Laws

  142. 1991

    James Scott Brady, Doctor of Public Service

    Sarah Kemp Brady, Doctor of Public Service

    Paula Pimlott Brownlee, Doctor of Public Service

    Roland K. Bullard, Doctor of Public Service

    Sharon Pratt Dixon, Doctor of Laws

    Peter Drucker, Doctor of Public Service by Satellite

    Dante B. Fascell, Doctor of Public Service

    Ella Fitzgerald, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Theodore Martin Hesburgh, Doctor of Public Service

    Michael Kammen, Doctor of Letters

    C. Everett Koop, Doctor of Public Service

    Delano E. Lewis, Doctor of Public Service

    Claude Moore, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Ronald Reagan, Doctor of Public Service

    Stephen J. Solarz, Doctor of Public Service

    John Rogers Stafford, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

    John Austin White, Jr., Doctor of Science, honoris causa

  143. 1992

    William P. Barr, Doctor of Laws

    Christopher F. Edley, Doctor of Public Service

    Helen Frankenthaler, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Samuel David A. Kessler, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Robert C. Maynard, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Arno A. Penzias, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Kenneth F. Ripple, Doctor of Laws

    Maxine F. Singer, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Knox Skinner, Doctor of Public Service

    John A. Wilson, Doctor of Public Service

  144. 1993

    Arnold J. ("Red") Auerbach, Doctor of Public Service

    Claire Bloom, Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa

    Charles A. Bowsher, Doctor of Public Service

    Mona Van Duyn, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Doctor of Humane Letters

    Bernadine P. Healy, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Harden Marsden McConnell, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Bernard W. Nussbaum, Doctor of Laws

    William James Raspberry, Doctor of Public Service

    Philip Roth, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Donna Edna Shalala, Doctor of Public Service

    Isaac Stern, Doctor of Music, honoris causa

  145. 1994

    William J. Brennan, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, Doctor of Public Service

    Roderic Hollett Davison, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Elizabeth Drew, Doctor of Letters

    M. Joycelyn Elders, Doctor of Public Service

    John Hope Franklin, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Joyce Hens Green, Doctor of Laws

    Thaddeus Alphonse Lindner, Doctor of Public Service

    Robert George Petersdorf, Doctor of Science, honoris causa

  146. 1995

    Elizabeth Dole, Doctor of Public Service

    Abba Eban, Doctor of Humanities

    Thomas S. Foley, Doctor of Laws

    Hugh B. Price, Doctor of Laws

    Helen Thomas, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Jordan Cohen, Jr., Doctor of Science, honoris causa

    Harry A. Blackmun, Doctor of Laws

    Everett H. Bellows, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Larry King, Doctor of Letters

    Martina Navratilova, Doctor of Public Service

  147. 1996

    Everett H. Bellows, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Francis S. Collins, Doctor of Science

    Marian Wright Edelman, Doctor of Public Service

    Larry King, Doctor of Letters

    Wassily Leontief, Doctor of Social Science

    Roy Lichtenstein, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Martina Navratilova, Doctor of Public Service

    Hugh B. Price, Doctor of Laws

    Yitzhak Rabin, Doctor of Public Service

    William H. Rehnquist, Doctor of Laws

    Helen H. Vendler, Doctor of Letters

  148. 1997

    Joseph F. Baca, Doctor of Laws

    Elizabeth P. Campbell, Doctor of Public Service

    Bernard Cohen, Doctor of Science

    William H. Cosby, Jr., Doctor of Humanities

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Doctor of Laws

    Lazlo N. Tauber, Doctor of Public Service

    Prince Masahito Hitachi, Doctor of Science

  149. 1998

    Harolyn Blackwell, Doctor of Music

    Andrew F. Brimmer, Doctor of Public Service

    Oliver T. Carr, Jr., Doctor of Public Service

    Robert J. Dole, Doctor of Public Service

    Gertrude Himmelfarb, Doctor of Letters

    Eric Holder, Jr., Doctor of Laws

    Allan B. Weingold, Doctor of Science

  150. 1999

    Desmond M. Tutu, Doctor of Public Service

    Esther Dyson, Doctor of Public Service

    Jacqueline Joyner-Kersee, Doctor of Public Service

    Arthur Levitt, Doctor of Public Service

    Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Doctor of Laws

    Anthony A. Williams, Doctor of Laws

    Garry Wills, Doctor of Letters

  151. 2000

    Sir Martin Gilbert, Doctor of Letters

    John Lewis, Doctor of Public Service

    James D. Wolfensohn, Doctor of Public Service

    Madeleine Korbel Albright, Doctor of Laws

    Mohammed VI King of Morocco, Doctor of Laws

    Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Doctor of Laws

  152. 2001

    Tony Bennett, Doctor of Music

    Rita Rossi Colwell, Doctor of Science

    F. Elwood Davis, Doctor of Laws

    Charlene Drew Jarvis, Doctor of Public Service

    Moshe Katsav, Doctor of Public Service

    Janet Reno, Doctor of Laws

    H.R. Shephard, Doctor of Science

    Leonard Slatkin, Doctor of Music

    John R. Tydings, Doctor of Public Service

    Wouk, Herman, Doctor of Letters

  153. 2002

    Darrell Green, Doctor of Public Service

    Jim Hall, Doctor of Public Service

    Aders Fogh Rasmussen, Doctor of Public Service

    Lois Green Schwoerer, Doctor of Letters

    John D. Zeglis, Doctor of Laws

    Ruth J. Simmons, Doctor of Humanities

  154. 2003

    Mark Warner, Doctor of Public Service

    Jean Carnahan, Doctor of Public Service

    Billy Taylor, Doctor of Music

    Sheldon S. Cohen, Doctor of Laws

    Madeleine Jacobs, Doctor of Science

    Sandra Day O’Connor, Doctor of Laws

  155. 2004

    Luther W. Brady, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Thomas Buergenthal, Doctor of Laws

    Leon M. Lederman, Doctor of Public Service

    Gail Kern Paster, Doctor of Letters

    Gen. John Shalikashvili, Doctor of Public Service

  156. 2005

    Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Doctor of Science

    Alberto Ibarguen, Doctor of Letters

    Harry Reid, Doctor of Laws

    Andy Rooney, Doctor of Public Service

    Philip K. Russell, Doctor of Public Service

  157. 2006

    Barbara Pierce Bush, Doctor of Public Service

    President George H.W. Bush, Doctor of Public Service

    Sumner M. Redstone, Doctor of Arts

    Frank Robinson, Doctor of Public Service

    Dan Glickman, Doctor of Laws

  158. 2007

    Wolf Blitzer, Doctor of Humane Letters

    Ralph J. Cicerone, Doctor of Science

    Linda W. Cropp, Doctor of Public Service

    Harvey V. Fineberg, Doctor of Science

    Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. Doctor of Public Service

  159. 2008

    Julian Bond, Doctor of Public Service

    Daniel K. Inouye, Doctor of Laws

    Charles T. Manatt Doctor of Laws

    John M. McConnell, Doctor of Public Service

    Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Doctor of Public Service

  160. 2009

    Rahm Emanuel, Doctor of Public Service

    Jeanne Narum, Doctor of Science

    John Safer, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Myung-bak Lee, Doctor of Public Service

  161. 2010

    David W. Brubeck, Doctor of Music

    James Clark, Doctor of Engineering

    Michelle Obama, Doctor of Public Service

  162. 2011

    Michael R. Bloomberg, Doctor of Public Service

    Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Doctor of Fine Arts

    William T. Coleman, Jr., Doctor of Laws

  163. 2012

    Carlos Slim, Doctor of Public Service

    Clarice Smith, Doctor of Fine Arts

    Brian Williams, Doctor of Humane Letters

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