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Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Clearly identified professional courses for teachers at The George Washington University were first offered in 1904-05, and the Division of Education, under the Columbian College, was established in 1907. In 1909 this division became the Teachers College, and in 1928 the School of Education. By this time its faculty were staffing departments of education, educational psychology and home economics. In 1932, a year before it began its doctoral programs, the School accepted the responsibility for providing required physical education to all GW undergraduates, until the '60s when these requirements were dropped.

In 1977 the name was again changed to the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD). The School is a unit within the University structure having jurisdiction over professional teacher education programs, as well as other professional programs in education and human development. Up until this time the School also oversaw the Reading Center. In 1987 the School was organized into four departments: Department of Teacher Preparation and Special Education; the Department of Human Kinetics and Tourism; the Department of Educational Leadership, and the Department of Human Services. Each is headed by a department chair.

Since 1994 the School has been known as The Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD), when it transitioned from a comprehensive undergraduate/graduate entity to one focusing exclusively on graduate education. In 2004 the School celebrated its Centenary. The Dean of the School reports to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.


Division of Education

Williston S. Hough

The Teachers College

Williston S. Hough

William Carl Ruediger

The School of Education

James Harold Fox

Acting Dean Blake Root

Francis N. Hamblin

Acting Dean Blake Root

Rodney Tillman

Acting Dean Robert E. Baker

The School of Education & Human Development

Eugene W. Kelly, Jr.

Acting Dean Jay R. Shotel

Leo D. Leonard

Peter P. Smith

Graduate School of Education & Human Development (undergraduate programs transferred elsewhere)

Peter P. Smith

Mary Hatwood Futrell

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