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Teamsters Timeline 1972-1984

1850 - 1949 | 1950 - 1971 | 1972 - 1984 | 1985 - present





January: Ray Schoessling replaces Harold Gibbons as director of the Central States Conference.
IBT joins with the National Automobile Transporters to launch a program of voluntary compliance with OSHA mandates.

March: S-T Thomas Flynn dies, Murray W. Miller succeeds Flynn.

May: Fitzsimmons awarded Silver Anniversary Medal by State of Israel.

July: GEB endorses Richard Nixon for president; various forms of active campaign support follow (such as Northern California Labor for Nixon Committee).

August: IBT and Brewery Workers announce procedures that will lead to merger; IBT launches “America on the Move” – a traveling 40-foot van that makes information on drugs and the environment available to the cities it visits.





October: Department of Safety and Health established at IBT, R.V. Durham as director.

November: Brewery Workers convention approves merger into IBT.





Einar Mohn retires as director of the Western Conference, M.E. ‘Andy’ Anderson replaces him.

January: An Organizing Department is established at IBT, with S-T Murray named director, Norman Goldstein and John Greeley as assistant directors. Roy Williams named head of National Freight Division (job had been vacant since the death of Thomas Flynn in 1972).

National Freight Joint Safety Committee formed as required by Article 16 of the National Master freight Agreement.

Membership at 2.2 million.

March: Al Weiss steps down as Director of Research, replaced by Norman Weintraub and Tony Ciesla
Local 1973 chartered to cover 50,000 farm workers.

May: fully-staffed in-house Legal Department established, Legislative Department also established; DRIVE Ladies Auxiliary chapters abolished.

Fall: Department Government Relations established at IBT.





January: Murray Miller resigns S-T and is replaced by Ray Schoessling. Teamsters National Black Caucus formed.

February: Teamsters National Emergency Economic Conference held in Washington, 700 delegates from across the country attend.

July 30: JRH disappears.

August: California law goes into effect allowing farm workers secret ballot elections, after a month of balloting majority of votes go to Teamsters.

October: Canadian Conference (re-)established with Edward Lawson as director.





March 9: Canadian Conference holds founding convention in Toronto.

June: IBT holds 21st convention, Fitzsimmons re-elected, Schoessling as GST; nearly 100 changes to constitution made.

September: GEB conducts a member presidential preference poll via US mail.

October: Jackie Presser named vice president. National Safety and Health Conference held in Arlington Heights, IL.





March: Teamsters and UFWA sign jurisdictional pact that provides Teamsters jurisdiction over all workers covered under the NLRA.

April: GEB launches an Energy Action program to monitor fuel use, allocation and price.

April 6: 2000 IBT member reps meet in Washington in conference to show support for Fitzsimmons and Schoessling, purpose to counter new spare of media attacks on IBT.

July: GEB authorizes now educational program for local reps.

October: GEB discusses Labor Law Reform Bill that passed House and sent to Senate.





January: Teamster Labor Academy program is kicked off in Washington.

December: First National Master Agreement with Anheuser-Busch is signed. IBT becomes involved with the National Easter Seal Society’s yearly fund-raising effort.





New union stewards training program developed, coordinated by Research and Education Department (Arthur Kane, director).
ICC moves to deregulate the trucking industry through its rulemaking authority.
November: Fitzsimmons announces boycott of Pittsburgh Plate Glass products.





GEB endorses an IBT-wide Energy Action Plan.

April: new Industrial Trades Division formed, Joseph Konowe as director.

May: New IBT organizing manual becomes available; Research and Education Department staff hold first stewards’ seminar in Canadian Conference, held for Local 1000, Stoney Creek, Ontario.

July: Jimmy Carter signs trucking deregulation bill (Motor carrier Act of 1980).

September 12: Josephine Hoffa dies in Detroit.

October: GEB endorses Reagan for president; International Association of Retired Teamsters holds founding convention in Washington DC.

November: Reagan and Bush visit IBT in Washington to thank the union for its support. Research and Education Department holds a series of stewards’ training workshops around the country.





May 6: Frank Fitzsimmons dies of cancer at the Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA.

June: 22nd Convention held in Las Vegas, Roy Williams elected GP.

July: Research and Education Department holds fist regional stewards training program at Maricopa Community College, Phoenix, AZ.





Summer: Research and Education Department develops new educational program on organizing.

Fall: Research and Education Department is split into two separate departments.

November 17: Harold Gibbons dies in Los Angeles two days after suffering a stroke during an IBT speaking engagement.

Winter: Williams “activates” ITRA – which had been dormant due to the deaths of Frank Fitzsimmons and Joe Knight, ITRA’s first director, plus the 22nd convention.





April: GEB elects Jackie Presser as GP following Roy Williams’ resignation.

Summer: A new Newspaper Drivers Division is announced; Department of Retiree Affairs is formed, Norman Greene as director; Paul Locigno becomes Director of Government Affairs. Regional Coors boycott goes union-wide.

August: Presser addresses the ITU convention and invites ITU to merge with IBT.

October: ITU delegation visits IBT for tour and briefing of services.





January: Organizing Department holds first National Organizing Conference in Washington DC, 250 attendees; IBT National Housing Program unveiled using federal grants with matching state funds to construct homes for Teamster retirees and handicapped people.

March: IBT and ITU reach tentative merger agreement.

June: Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters holds founding convention.

September: GEB endorses Reagan/Bush.

Fall: Retirees Affairs Department announces new program that will help retired Teamsters with car rentals, supplemental Medicare and eye care.

December: Producers Guild of America affiliates with IBT.

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