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Women's History


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2223 Alenier (Karren) Papers 1962-2003
MS2224 Bass (Holly) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1990 ca.-2007 ca.
MS2246 Bendit (Devy) Papers 1970-1985
MS2007 Cavalieri (Grace) Papers 1976-2004
MS2217 Dulles (Eleanor Lansing) Papers 1867-1993
MS2235 Golden (Marita) Papers 1971-2007
MS2242 Joselow (Beth) Papers 1968-2001
MS2233 Lightfoot, (Toni Asante) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1991-2004
MS2234 Moskowitz (Faye) Papers 1962-2007
MS2222 Roberts (Kim) Biographical Files of D.C. Poets 1995-2006


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2150 Burtner (Elizabeth) Papers 1903-2003
MS2160 Dance Archives of the Greater Washington Region Collection 1973-1992 
RG0084 George Washington University. Theater and Dance Department Records 1937-2004
MS2218 Halpern (Anne L.) Washington Metropolitan Area Dance collection 1963-1985
MS2143 Hunt (Dianne) Papers 1976-1995
MS2005 Miller (Adriana) Papers 1964-2000
MS2111 Van Dyke (Jan) Papers 1968-2002

George Washington University History

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0054 Athletics and Recreation Department Records 1907-2005
RG0121 Center for Career Education and Workshops Records 1962-1990
RG0027 Columbian Women Records 1894-2005
MS0254 Evans (Jesse Fant) Papers 1912-1962
MS0644 Gillette (Howard F.) Papers 1987-1998
MS0515 Hanback (Hazel) Papers 1931-1937
MS0356 Hunt (Thelma) Papers 1941-1989
RG0007 Medical Center Records 1825-2005
  Mount Vernon Seminary and College Collections  
RG0075 Music Department Records 1898-2004
MS0256 Nicholson (Margaret Mary) Papers 1901-1981
MS2278 Osborn (Ruth) Papers 1957-2005
MS2261 White (Emilie Margaret) Papers 1917-1972
RG0093 Women's Studies Department Records 1965-1998


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2220 Delano (Agnes) Correspondence 1925-1935
MS2118 Green (Constance M.) Papers Undated
MS1005 Harrison (Cynthia) feminist document collection 1921-2008      
MS2074 Hubbard (Harriet B.) Papers 1958-1978
MS2086 Merriam (Ida) Papers 1926-1979
MS2038 Paull (Joan G.) Papers 1972-1992
MS2032 Overbeck (Ruth Ann) Papers & Washington Perspectives, Inc Records 1792-1999
MS0704 Travell (Janet G.) Papers 1910-1997
MS2344 Washington Area Women's Center Records 1966-1989


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2019 Biren (Joan E.) Photograph Collection 1971-1991
MS2219 Cropp (Linda) Papers 1983-2006
MS2156 Dejanikus (Tacie) Papers 1967-1992
MS2326 Halbig (Helen) Papers 1937-2010
MS2025 Hombs (Mary Ellen) Papers 1971-1986
MS2099 Long (Marta) Presidential Memorabilia Collection 1960-1981
MS2204 National Organization for Women Washington D.C. Chapter and Capitol Hill Chapter Records 1971-1999
MS2006 Schwartz (Carol) Papers 1983-1988
MS2031 Shackleton (Polly) Papers 1894-1997
MS2188 Winter (Nadine) Papers 1976-1990

Additional Resources

Mount Vernon Seminary and College Collections

Women's Studies Resources in the Gelman Library


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