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Washington, DC


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2223 Alenier (Karren) Papers 1962-2013
MS2244 Alexander (Kwame) Papers 1990-2007
MS2123 Baker (Courtland) Papers Undated
MS2224 Bass (Holly) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1990 ca.-2007 ca.
MS2269 Bernier (Clifford) Papers 1998-2008
MS2282 Beverly (Sylvia D.) Literary Papers 1962-2010
MS2172 Black Box Recorded Poetry Magazine, DC Poets Collection 1973-1986
MS2252 Browning (Sarah) Literary Papers 1985-2007
MS2007 Cavalieri (Grace) Papers 1969-2017
MS2366 Darragh (Tina) literary papers collection 1974-2016
MS2270 Downs (Buck) Literary Papers 1984-2009
MS2257 Gilmore (Brian) Papers 1978-2008
MS2235 Golden (Marita) Papers 1971-2017
RG0070 Jenny McKean Moore Fund for Writers (series 3 in the English Department records) 1973-2006
MS2242 Joselow (Beth) Papers 1968-2001
MS2305 Knox, (Ann Brewer) Papers 1935-2011
MS2225 Larew (Hiram) Papers 1984-2004
MS2233 Lightfoot, (Toni Asante) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1991-2004
MS2051 McAleavey (David W.) Papers 1977-1993
MS2265 McCombs (Judith) Papers 1989-2008
MS2215 Miller (Ethelbert) Papers 1965-2017
MS2359 Miller (Patricia) Metro collection 1950-2000
MS2234 Moskowitz (Faye) Papers 1962-2007
MS2040 Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection 1976-2009 ca.
MS2333 Ritchie (Elisavietta) literary papers 1947-2014
MS2222 Roberts (Kim) Biographical Files of D.C. Poets 1995-2015
Various Washington, D.C. Fiction [Bibliography] Various
MS2284 Washington (T. Patrick) Spoken Word Poetry Flyers and Photograph Collection 1996-2005
MS2249 Woodwind an Arts Paper 1972-1973
MS2047 Word Works, Inc. Records 1971-2002
MS2232 Writer's Center Records 1978-2006


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2285 Ben's Chili Bowl Records 1943-2014
MS2221 Corcoran and Riggs Partnership Documents 1840-1848
MS2059 Danzansky (Joseph B.) Papers 1968-1989
MS2029 Greater Washington Board of Trade Records 1889-1986
MS2056 Joseph F. Birch & Sons Records 1824-1904
MS2189 Lusk (Rufus S. ) & Son, Inc. Records [Catalog Record] 1930-1997
MS2213 PNC-Riggs Bank Records 1809-2004


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
Various Census Records [Bibliography] 1800-1950
MS2346 7th & T documentary film collection Circa 1984-1987
RG0033 Center for Washington Area Studies 1975-1992
MS2084 Citizens Committee to Save Historic Rhodes Tavern papers 1970 ca. -1986 ca.
Various City Directories of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area [Bibliography] 1800-1950
MS2060 Gillette (Howard) Metropolitan Washington Region Urban History Subject Files 1873-1995
MS0670 Goode (James M.) Papers  1860 ca.-2009
Various Guide to Resources on Georgetown in Special Collections [Bibliography] 1800-1879
MS2118 Green (Constance M.) Papers Undated
Various Maps of Washington, D.C. and Environs: partial chronological list [Bibliography] 1600-2001
MS2342 Marion Barry 1978 Campaign Oral History Project 2015-2017
MS2214 Metro Oral History Project Collection 1975-2002
MS2060 Metropolitan Washington Region Urban History Papers 1873-1995
Various Newspapers held in Special Collections [Bibliography] 1796-1820
  New Washington; or, the Renovated Capital City [Electronic Resource]  
MS2294 Oehrlein and Associates Architects Records 1981-2007
MS2032 Overbeck (Ruth Ann) Papers & Washington Perspectives, Inc. Records 1972-1999
MS2090 Property agreements, Washington, DC 1809-1835
MS2315 Protest march in Washington film footage Circa 1969 November 15
MS2085 Ross (Robert) Papers 1813-1873
MS2231 United House of Prayer for All People Collection 1944-1955
MS0371 University Archives Oral History Collection 1904-2006
MS2340 Valentine (Geneva) Papers 1922-2008
MS2201 Vedder (Timothy) Letters 1861
Various Visual Images of Washington, D.C. held in Special Collections [Bibliography] 1822 - 1929
MS2344 Washington Area Women's Center Records 1966-1989
Various Washington, D.C. History Resources in Special Collections [Bibliography] Various
MS2206 Washington, D.C. Published Material about Education and Community Life 1965-2003
MS2094 Washington, DC Statehood Constitutional Convention Records 1982
MAP0001 Washingtoniana Map Collection 1630-2003
MS2216 The Washington Metropolitan Area Ephemeral Publications Collection 2006-2007
MS2075 Wright (W. Lloyd) Papers 1786-1949

Landscape Design

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2023 Burleith Garden Club Records 1949-2000
MS2046 National Cherry Blossom Festival Records 1909-2000

Neighborhood Associations

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2022 Burleith Citizens Association Records 1926-2001
MS2023 Burleith Garden Club Records 1949-2000
MS2009 Capitol Hill Restoration Society Records 1904-2005
MS2010 Clarke (David A.) Papers 1976-1995
MS2311 Foggy Bottom Association Collection 1969-2006
MS2159 Foggy Bottom Restoration Association Records 1954-1985
MS2142 Friendship House Association Records 1904-1992
MS2149 Furness (Brian) Papers 1966-2005
MS2299 Stowell (Kerry)/Watergate East, Inc. Papers 1998-2011
MS2354 Woodland Normanstone Neighborhood Association records 1988-1996


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS0766 Howard (Ron) Papers 1958-1999
MS2015 Kelly (Charles Suddarth) Photographic Collection on the History of Washington, DC 1856-1983
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
MS2353 Louise P. Latimer’s Washington Yours and Mine materials collection circa 1921
MS2115 Moone (Nathaniel) Photographs 1889-1910
MS2122 Smeallie and Smith Photographs 1980-1990
Various Visual Images of Washington, D.C. held in Special Collections [Bibliography] 1822-1929


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2100 American Association of Political Consultants Interview Collection 1997-1999
MS2010 Clarke (David A.) Papers 1976-1995
MS2048 Coffin (George) Papers 1858-1896
MS2219 Cropp (Linda) Papers 1983-2006
MS2156 Dejanikus (Tacie) Papers 1967-1992
MS2080 District of Columbia City Council Records 1968-1975
MS2055 Duncan (John B.) Papers 1932-1989
MS2070 Fauntroy (Walter) Papers, Part I 1941-1990
MS2310 Fauntroy (Walter) Papers, Part II 1940-1990
MS2013 Graham (Jim) Papers 1973-2006
MS2081 Gude (Gilbert) Papers 1967-1976
MS2096 Liberal/Left Archival Studies Papers 1965-1988
MS2099 Long (Marta) Presidential Memorabilia Collection 1960-1981
MS2154 McKinney (Stewart B.) District of Columbia Papers 1966-1974
MS2049 Nathanson (James E.) Papers 1981-1994
MS2204 National Organization for Women Washington D.C. Chapter and Capitol Hill Chapter Records 1971-1999
MS2006 Schwartz (Carol) Papers 1983-1988
MS2031 Shackleton (Polly) Papers 1894-1997
MS2182 Smith (Frank, Jr.) Papers 1987-1998
MS2093 Student Protest Collection 1965-1980
MS2289 Taylor (Harriett) Papers 1952-1997
MS2014 Tobriner (Walter) Papers 1949-1968
MS2205 Washington, D.C. Election Data Collection 1914-2001
Various Washington, D.C. War & Politics Resources in Special Collections [Bibliography] Various
MS2190 Wilson (John A.) Papers 1974-1993
MS2188 Winter (Nadine P.) DC City Council Papers 1976-1990


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2355 Barney Circle interstate bridge fight records 1979-1996
MS2058 Brookland Neighborhood Collection 1979
MS2170 Chapman (Grosvenor) Papers Undated
MS2017 Committee of 100 on the Federal City [Part I] 1932-1991
MS2131 Committee of 100 on the Federal City Records [Part II] 1909-1996
MS2066 Craig (Peter S.) Papers 1904-1983
MS0868 Foggy Bottom Collection 1907-1988
MS2191 Gale (Dennis) Papers 1903-1989
MS2155 Glasgow (Myles) Papers 1967-1998
MS2011 Lee (Harrison) Papers 1928-1992
MS2193 Nolen (John, Jr.) Papers 1906-2000
MS2164 Zach (Leon) Scrapbook 1953-1955

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