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Visual Resources

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2050 Air Dimensional Designs, Inc. Records 1981-1993
MS2162 Arnheim (Willie) Papers 1962-1985
MS0218 Bates (David) Papers 1940-1998
RG0116 Benjamin Franklin University Records 1925-1994
MS2019 Biren (Joan E.) Photographs 1971-1991
MS2161 Blackburn (G. Fred) Papers 1850-1993
RG0113 Cherry Tree Yearbook Records 1908-2005
RG0027 Columbian Women Records 1894-2008
MS0125 Cunliffe (Marcus) Papers 1960-1990
MS2059 Danzansky (Joseph B.) Papers 1968-1989
RG0054 Department of Athletics and Recreation, Student and Academic Support Services Records 1907-2005
MS2055 Duncan (John B.) Papers 1932-1989
RG0063 Facilities Department Records 1904-1998
  George Washington University Historical Photographs [electronic resource]  
MS2072 Gillette (Howard) Collection on the Italian American Community 1980-1986
MS2063 Goldblatt (Joe Jeff) Papers 1984-1997
RG0114 GW Hatchet Records 1904-2005
MS2020 Hahn (Thomas) Papers 1939-1993
MS2236 Halperin (Samuel) Collection 1683-2007
MS2203 Hershberg (James) Poster Collection 1980-1990
MS0126 Hoffman (George) Papers 1965-1990
MS0766 Howard (Ronald W.) Papers 1958-1999
MS2171 Krinsley (Daniel B.) Geology of Iran Collection 1916-1946
MS0370 Latimer (John) Papers 1944-1980
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
MS2177 Lornell (Kip) and Stephenson (Charles) Washington Go-Go collection 1978-2002
RG0007 Medical Center Records 1825-2005
RG0045 Medical Center Public Relations Records 1913-1999
MS2260 Middle East Institute Scrapbook and Manuscript Collection 1878-2005
MS2115 Moone (Nathaniel) Photographs 1889-1910
MS0253 Munroe (Charles) Papers 1882-1936
RG0044 Office of University Relations Records 1888-2005
MS2276 OKNA-TASS poster collection 1941-1942
MS2315 Protest march in Washington film footage Circa 1969 November 15
MS2140 Reinhart (William) Papers 1920-1993
MS0217 Shirley (Dallas) Papers 1950-1982
MS2122 Smeallie (Peter H.) and Smith (Peter H.) Photographs 1980-1990
MS2004 St. Mark's Dance Company and Studio Records 1950-1994
MS2015 Kelly (Charles Suddarth) Photographic Collection on the History of Washington, DC 1856-1983
RG0084 Theater and Dance Department Records 1937-2003
MS0704 Travell (Janet G.) Papers 1910-1997
RG0031 University Historical Material Records 1895-1980
Various Washington, D.C. Architecture in Special Collections [Bibliography] Various
MS2293 Werner (Fred Henry) Art History and Archaeology Slide and Photograph Collection 1975-1987
MS2254 World War II posters Undated

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