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Collection No.   Collection Title Dates
MS2300   Burda (Michael) Biographical and Ronald Reagan Inaugural Materials Collection 1969-2003
MS2383   Citizens for New Columbia collection Circa 1993-1994
MS2010   Clarke (David A.) Papers 1976-1995
MS2035   Crain (Darrell C., Jr.) Presidential Inaugural Collection 1817-1989
MS2219   Cropp (Linda) Papers 1983-2006
MS2251   D. C. Poets Against the War Records 2003-2008
MS2156   Dejanikus (Tacie) Papers 1967-1992
MS2080   District of Columbia City Council Records 1968-1975
IBT0070   DRIVE Records 1960-1991
MS2055   Duncan (John B.) Papers 1932-1989
MS2087   Edson (Arthur L.) 1950-1968
MS2195   Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Records 1950-2003
MS2070   Fauntroy (Walter) Papers, Part One 1941-1990
MS2310   Fauntroy (Walter) Papers, Part Two 1940-1990
MS2241   Graduate School of Political Management political advertisement videocassette collection 1970-2005
MS2013   Graham (Jim) Papers 1973-2006
MS2263   Graham Jr. (Otis) Papers 1978-2008
MS2081   Gude (Gilbert) Papers 1967-1976
MS2203   Hershberg (James) Poster Collection 1980-1990
MS2273   International Platform Association records 1904-2001
MS2096   Liberal/Left Archival Studies Papers 1965-1988
MS2099   Long (Marta) Presidential Memorabilia Collection 1960-1981
MS2342   Marion Barry 1978 Campaign Oral History Project 1975-2017
MS2154   McKinney (Stewart B.) District of Columbia Papers 1966-1974
MS2049   Nathanson (James E.) Papers 1981-1994
MS2204   National Organization for Women Washington D.C. Chapter and Capitol Hill Chapter Records 1971-1999
MS2370   Plotkin (Mark) Papers 1983-2017
MS2100   Political Consultants Interview Collection [American Association of Political Consultants] 1997-1999
RG0134   Progressive Student Union Records 1966-2008
MS2297   Raskin (Marcus) Papers 1979-2012
MS2259   Schrage (Mitchell) Political Button Collection ca. 1970
MS2006   Schwartz (Carol) Papers 1983-1988
MS2031   Shackleton (Polly) Papers 1894-1997
MS2182   Smith (Frank, Jr.) Papers 1987-1998
MS1007   Stearns (Clifford) Congressional Papers 1988-2013      
MS2093   Student Protest Collection 1965-1980
MS2174   Swayze (Frank B.) Phonograph Collection ca. 1962-ca. 1967
MS2289   Taylor (Harriett) Papers 1952-1997
MS2014   Tobriner (Walter) Papers 1949-1968
MS2205   Washington, D.C. Election Data Collection 1914-2001
MS2190   Wilson (John A.) Papers 1974-1993
MS2188   Winter (Nadine P.) DC City Council Papers 1976-1990
MS2167   Zeifman (Jerome) Papers 1960-1977

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