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Literary Collections

Washington Writers Archives Collections

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2223 Alenier (Karren) Papers 1962-2013
MS2244 Alexander (Kwame) Papers 1990-2007
MS2123 Baker (Courtland) Papers undated
MS2224 Bass (Holly) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1990 ca. 2007 ca.
MS2247 Belin (Mel) Papers 1988-2008
MS2246 Bendit (Devy) Papers 1970-1985
MS2269 Bernier (Clifford) Papers 1998-2008
MS2282 Beverly (Sylvia D.) Literary Papers 1962-2010
MS2172 Black Box Recorded Poetry Magazine, DC Poets Collection 1973-1986
MS2252 Browning (Sarah) Literary Papers 1985-2007
MS2007 Cavalieri (Grace) Papers 1976-2017
MS2251 D. C. Poets Against the War Records 2003-2008
MS2270 Downs (Buck) Literary Papers 1984-2009
MS2314 Elsberg (John) Literary Magazine Collection 1966-2007
MS2322 The Federal Poets records 1944-2010
MS2257 Gilmore (Brian) Papers 1977-2014
MS2256 Glaser (Michael) Papers 1969-2007
MS2235 Golden (Marita) Papers 1971-2017
RG0070 Jenny McKeen Moore Fund for Writers(series 3 in the English Department records) 1973-2006
MS2242 Joselow (Beth) Papers 1968-2001
MS2225 Larew (Hiram) Papers 1967-2016
MS2233 Lightfoot, (Toni Asante) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1991-2004
MS2051 McAleavey (David W.) Papers 1977-1993
MS2265 McCombs (Judith) Papers 1989-2008
MS2215 Miller (Ethelbert) Papers 1965-2017
MS2234 Moskowitz (Faye) Papers 1962-2007
MS2328 Nordhaus (Jean) Literary Papers 1975-2013
MS2040 Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection circa 1976-2009
MS2303 Poetry Committee of the Greater Washington, DC Area Records 1987-1997
MS2238 Political magazine collection, Puck, Judge, Jingo 1881-1885
MS2323 Rhodes (Dr. Eric F.) Papers 1934-2004
MS2333 Ritchie (Elisavietta) literary papers 1947-2014
MS2308 Sargent (Robert) Literary Papers 1923-2006
MS2347 Walthall (Hugh) Literary Papers Circa 1960 - Circa 2015
MS2284 Washington (T. Patrick) Spoken Word Poetry Flyers and Photograph Collection 1996-2005
MS2249 Woodwind, an Arts Paper 1972-1973
MS2047 Word Works, Inc. Records 1971-2017
MS2232 Writer's Center Records 1978-2006
MS2321 Washington Writers' Archive and Splendid Wake Records 1968-2015

Literary Studies Holdings in the Rare Books Collection

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
Various Washington, D.C. Fiction Collection [Bibliography] Various
Various Washington, D.C. Poetry Collection [Bibliography] Various

Additional Resources

English and American Literature Resources in the Gelman Library

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