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Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2346 7th & T documentary film Collection Circa 1984-1987
MS2356 11th Street bridges reconstruction project opposition lawsuit Records 2003-2009
MS2360 1925 F Street Club Collection 1933-1939
RG0034 Academic Publications Office Records 1943-2004
MS2358 Adelman (Roger M.) Files of the John W. Hinckley, Jr. Trial records 1981-1989
MS2212 AIDS Action Foundation Records 1984-2006
MS2223 Alenier (Karren) Papers 1962-2013
MS2244 Alexander (Kwame) Papers 1990-2007
MS2327 Allen (Dr. Edwin Beck) Ledgers 1875-1891
MS2008 Alpert (Seymour) Papers 1946-1993
MS2130 Alumni Class Materials 1823-1998
MS2100 American Association of Political Consultants Interview Collection 1997-1999
MS2079 American Association of University Professors (AAUP) records 1915-2013
MS2117 American Political Science Association 1912-1990
RG0082 American Studies Department Records 1953-1998
MS2144 American Veterans Committee 1940s-1990s
MS2361 Americans for UNESCO 1929-2014
MS2001 Anderson (Jack) Papers 1934-2004
RG0062 Anesthesiology Department Records 1950-1983
RG0086 Anthropology Department Records 1973-1992
MS2162 Arnheim (Willy) Papers 1962-1985
RG0091 Art Therapy Department Records 1950-1990
RG0047 Assistant Dean for Judicial Affairs and Educational Services Records 1954-1988
RG0039 Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Faculty Personnel Records 1945-2002
RG0040 Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research Records 1968-1995
RG0054 Athletics and Recreation Department Records 1907-2006


Collection No. Dates
MS2113 Baker (Courtland) Papers 1920 ca.-1940 ca.
MS2077 Baltimore and Ohio Employees Relief Association Records 1880-1918
MS2288 Baltimore and Washington Transit Company Correspondence and Expenses Ledger 1897-1899
MS2088 Barnard-Talcott Hollerith Family Papers 1790-1858
MS2355 Barney Circle interstate bridge fight records 1979-1996
LAC0007 Barrett (Jerome T.) Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service History Archive 1942-2010
MS0250 Bartsch (Paul) Papers 1894-1945
MS2224 Bass (Holly) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1990 ca.-2007 ca.
MS0218 Bates (David) Papers 1940-1998
MS2247 Belin (Mel) Papers 1988-2008
MS2246 Bendit (Devy) Papers 1970-1985
RG0116 Benjamin Franklin University Records 1925-1994
MS2285 Ben's Chili Bowl Records 1943-2018
MS2269 Bernier (Clifford) Papers 1998-2008
MS2024 Berryman (Clifford K.) Cartoon Collection 1899-1949
MS2286 Berryman (Clifford) Political Drawings Collection 1924
MS2282 Beverly (Sylvia D.) Literary Papers 1962-2018
MS2056 Birch (Joseph F.) & Sons Records 1824-1904
MS2019 Biren (Joan E.) Photograph Collection 1971-1991
RG0088 Biological Sciences Department 1937-1979
MS2172 Black Box Recorded Poetry Magazine, DC Poets Collection 1973-1986
MS2161 Blackburn (G. Fred) Papers 1850-1993
K0007 Blondheim (David Simon) Papers 1924-1981
RG0001 Board of Trustees Records 1821-2003
MS2147 Brady (Luther) Papers 1965-2004
MS2304 Brenner (Marcella) Papers 1958-2005
MS2058 Brookland Neighborhood Collection 1979
MS2312 Brown (Cynthia) Office for Civil Rights Collection 1975-1986
MS0001 Brown (David) Papers 1915-1989
MS2253 Brown (Obadiah Bruen) Family papers 1807-1941
IBT0071 Brown, Willis "Tiny" papers 1966-1989
MS2252 Browning (Sarah) Literary Papers 1985-2018
MS2300 Burda (Michael) Biographical and Ronald Reagan Inaugural Materials Collection 1969-2003
MS2022 Burleith Citizens Association Records 1926-2018
MS2023 Burleith Garden Club Records 1949-2000
RG0129 Burns (Jacob) Law Library Records 1904-1999
MS2150 Burtner (Elizabeth) Papers 1903-2003


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2027 C & O Canal Association Records 1800 ca.-2018
MS2237 Campbell (Josephine) Papers 1905-2006
MS2009 Capitol Hill Restoration Society Records 1904-2012
RG0048 Career and Cooperative Education Center Records 1951-1988
MS2110 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Pamphlet and Microfilm Collection 1817-1950
MS2007 Cavalieri (Grace) Papers 1969-2019
RG0121 Center for Career Education and Workshops Records 1962-1990
RG0033 Center for Washington Area Studies 1975-1992
MS2181 Chapman (Grosvenor) Papers 1931-1995
MS2385 Charles Blaschke Education TURNKEY Systems Papers 1964-2018
MS2137 Charyk (Joseph V.) Papers 1957-1989
RG0089 Chemistry Department Records 1893-1983
RG0113 Cherry Tree Yearbook Records 1908-2005
MS2277 Cipriano (Ralph) Italian American Collection 1937-1975
MS2084 Citizens Committee to Save Historic Rhodes Tavern Papers 1970 ca.-1986 ca.
MS2383 Citizens for New Columbia collection Circa 1993-1994
MS2078 Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia Records 1951-1994
MS2010 Clarke (David A.) Papers 1976-1995
RG0130 Classics Department Records 1963-1996
MS2048 Coffin (George) Papers 1858-1896
MVC0009 Cole (Jean Dean) Collection 1900-1951
RG0069 Columbian College Alumni Association Records 1965-1993
RG0068 Columbian College Office of the Dean Records 1873-1990
RG0027 Columbian Women Records 1894-2005
MS2017 Committee of 100 on the Federal City Records [Part I] 1932-1991
MS2131 Committee of 100 on the Federal City Records [Part II] 1909-1996
RG0090 Communication Department Records 1917-2002
RG0057 Computer Medicine Department Records 1969-1997
MS2221 Corcoran and Riggs Partnership Documents 1840-1848
RG0131 Continuing Engineering Education Records 1968-1995
MS2066 Craig (Peter S.) Papers 1904-1983
MS2035 Crain (Darrell C., Jr.) Presidential Inaugural Collection 1817-1989
MS2295 Crandall (Norris Ingersoll) Papers 1935-1954
MS2219 Cropp (Linda) Papers 1983-2006
MS2152 Crowder (Orville W.) Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Collection 1927-1997
MS0125 Cunliffe (Marcus) Papers 1960-1990


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2030 Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co. and Moving Forward: Contemporary Asian American Dance Company records 1988-2006
MS2160 Dance Archives of the Greater Washington Region Collection 1973-1992
MS2059 Danzansky (Joseph B.) Papers 1968-1989
MS2165 Dardano (Robert) Papers 1986-2000
MS2366 Darragh (Tina) literary papers collection 1974-2016
MS2318 D.C. Front Runners Records 1981-2003
MS2251 D. C. Poets Against the War Records 2003-2008
RG0046 Dean of Students Records 1968-1992
MS2156 Dejanikus (Tacie) Papers 1967-1992
MS2220 DeLano (Agnes) Special Collections Room Mount Vernon Seminary and College papers 1958-1988
MVC0020 Delano (Agnes) Correspondence 1925-1935
MS2095 Depew (Chauncey M.) Papers 1856-1934
RG0087 Dimock Gallery 1963-2000
MS2376 District of Columbia Cable Television collection 1972-1984
MS2080 District of Columbia City Council Records 1968-1975
RG0016 Division of Continuing Education Records 1937-1999
MS1008.UA Doherty (Emmett Edward) scrapbook and loose photograph collection 1919-1921
MS2057 Donnelly (Ralph) Papers 1838-1994
MS2270 Downs (Buck) Literary Papers 1984-2009
MS2329 Duke Ellington School of the Arts collection 1966-2014
MS2217 Dulles (Eleanor Lansing) Papers 1867-1993
MS2055 Duncan (John B.) Papers 1932-1989
MS2176 Dunlop (Richard) Collection on Vietnam War-era Protests 1959-1986
MS2053 Durham (Jack) Papers 1850-1985


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2087 Edson (Arthur L.) Papers 1950-1968
RG0050 Educational Opportunities Program Records 1969-1990
MS2170 Eichenlaub (Dawn) Historic Preservation Research Collection 1965-1983
RG0015 Elliott School of International Affairs Records 1907-2005
MS2314 Elsberg (John) Literary Magazine Collection 1966-2007
RG0096 Engineering Administration Department Records 1965-1989
RG0070 English Department Records 1895-2006
RG0071 English for International Students Records 1975-1990
MS2380 Ephemera collection 1835-2002
RG0035 Equal Employment Office Records 1974-2006
MS2339 Eric Hampton Dance records 1981-2012
MS0657 Etzioni (Amitai) Papers 1941-1965
MVC0013 Evans (Jane Coutant) collection 1980-1990
MS0254 Evans (Jesse Fant) Papers 1912-1962


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0063 Facilities Department Records 1904-1998
RG0003 Faculty Senate Records 1937-2004
MS2132 Faculty Papers and Memorabilia 1823-2001
RG0085 Faculty Women's Club Records 1930-1992
MS2378 Fairfax (Mary Allen Cook), The Louis R. Stockstill and Mary Allen Cook Fairfax family papers 1825-2004
MS2070 Fauntroy (Walter E.) Papers, Part One 1941-1990
MS2310 Fauntroy (Walter E.) Papers, Part two 1940-1990
MS2322 The Federal Poets Records 1944-2010
MS2195 Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)records 1950-2003
MS2343 Feldman (Trude B.) Papers circa 1959 - circa 2013
MS2153 Fennelly (Carol) Papers 1971-1997
IBT0004 Flynn (Thomas E.) Papers circa 1938 - circa 1972
MVC0016 Foerderer (Elsie) Correspondence Collection 1935-1969
MS2311 Foggy Bottom Association Collection 1969-2006
MS0868 Foggy Bottom Collection 1907-1998
MS2159 Foggy Bottom Restoration Association Records 1954-1985
MS2073 Frank (Murray) Papers 1919-1971
MS0803 Freeman (Walter) and Watts (James) Papers 1918-1988
MS2296 French (Roderick S.) Papers 1969-2011
RG0104 Friends of the Libraries Records 1970-2002 
MS2142 Friendship House Association Records 1904-1992
MS2149 Furness (Brian) Papers 1966-2005


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2191 Gale (Dennis) Papers 1903-1989
MS0252 Gamow (George) Papers 1934-1955
MS2316 Garfinkel (Patricia) Science Policy Speeches Collection 1975-2007
MS2040 Gargoyle Magazine. See: Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection 1970 ca.-1993
MS2052 Gay and Lesbian Education Fund Records 1977-1994
MS2230 Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC Records 1980-2013
MVC0014 Geiselman (Lucy Ann) Collection 1992-1996
RG0109 Gelman Library Acquisitions Department Records  1905-1992
RG0119 Gelman Library Administration Records 1825 ca.-2005
RG0108 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Collections Records 1951-1995
RG0105 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Services Records 1980-1990
RG0106 Gelman Library Media Resources Department Records 1968-1987
RG0107 Gelman Library Periodicals Department Records 1968-1985
RG0132 Gelman Library, Slavic, East European, and Asian Reading Room Records 1962-1995
RG0139 Gelman Library University Librarian Records 1991-1996
RG0127 George Washington University Bulletin Records 1821-2006
RG0138 George Washington University Club Records 1986-2000
  George Washington University Historical Photographs [electronic resource]  
RG0009 Germanic Studies Department Records 1970-1995
MS2302 Gibson (Richard T.) Papers 1948-2004
MS2072 Gillette (Howard) Collection on the Italian American Community of Washington, D.C. 1980-1986
MS2060 Gillette (Howard) Metropolitan Washington Region Urban History Subject Files 1873-1995
MS0644 Gillette (Howard) Papers 1987-2018
MS2257 Gilmore (Brian) Papers 1977-2014
MS2256 Glaser (Michael) Papers 1969-2007
MS2155 Glasgow (Myles) Papers 1967-1998
MS2133 Glen Echo Chautauqua and Glen Echo Park Company Records 1889-1953
MS0776 Gnehm (Edward W. "Skip", Jr.) Papers 1965-1966
MS2063 Goldblatt (Joe Jeff) Papers 1984-1997
MS2235 Golden (Marita) Papers 1971-2017
MS0670 Goode (James) Papers circa 1860-2018
MS2097 Gordon (Martin K.) Papers 1955-1976
RG0126 Graduate Council Records 1925-1967
RG0010 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Records 1907-2004
RG0011 Graduate School of Education and Human Development Records 1930-1996
MS2241 Graduate School of Political Management political advertisement videocassette collection 1970-2005
RG0136 Graduate Student Enrollment Management Office Records 1978-2009
MS2013 Graham (Jim) Papers 1973-2006
MS2263 Graham Jr. (Otis) Papers 1978-2008
MS2157 Grant (Ulysses S.) Family Papers 1860-1937
MS2379 Graphics collection 1740-1995
MS0246 Gray (Wood) Papers 1918-1973
MS2029 Greater Washington Board of Trade Records 1889-1986
MS2118 Green (Constance M.) Papers Undated
MS2081 Gude (Gilbert) Papers 1967-1976
MS0244 Gutheim (Frederick) Papers 1952-1980
MVC0060 Gutheim (Marjorie Frye) Papers 1909-1971
RG0114 GW Hatchet Records 1904-2005
RG0122 GW Pride Records 1971-2005


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2020 The Thomas Hahn Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Collection 1939-1993
MS2227 Halal (William) Papers 1980 ca.-2000 ca.
MS2042 Hallidy (Adam M.) Papers 1862-1865
MS2283 Hallman (Howard W.) Papers 1945-2003
MS2326 Halbig (Helen) Papers 1937-2010
MS2218 Halpern (Anne L.) Washington Metropolitan Area Dance Collection 1963-1985
MS2121 Halperin (Samuel) Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection 1879-1903
MAP0002 Halperin (Samuel) and Epstein (Henry) maps of the Holy Land collection 1590-1850
MS2236 Halperin (Samuel) collection 1486-2007
MS2268 Halsey (William) and Mary Pirce Correspondence Collection 1916-1918
MS0515 Hanback (Hazel) Papers 1931-1937
MS1005 Harrison (Cynthia) feminist document collection 1921-2008
MS0709 Hawkins (Allen) Medical School Course Notes 1985-1986
RG0100 Health Services Management and Policy Department Records 1968-2000 
MVC0059 Heflin (Julia Dorn) Papers 1919-1990
MS2337 Heller (Joshua) prospectuses and ephemera collection 1911-2015
MS2173 Henderson (David G.) Papers 1926-1988
MVC0008 Hensley (Adelia Gates) Collection 1871 ca.-1951
MS2203 Hershberg (James) Poster Collection 1980-1990
MS2264 Highway Bridge Drawings 1901
MS0352 Hill (Peter P.) Papers 1965-1994
RG0058 Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library Records 1925-1989
RG0073 History Department Records 1905-1998
LAC0005 Hoffa (James R.) Documentation Collection 1954-1976
MS0126 Hoffman (George) Papers 1965-1990
MS2025 Hombs (Mary Ellen) Papers 1971-1986
MS2371 Horizons Theater Company Records 1972-2007
MS2228 Hottelet (Richard C.) Papers 1948-1990
MS0766 Howard (Ron) Papers 1958-1999
MS2074 Hubbard (Harriet B.) Papers 1958-1978
K0003 Hubsch (Adolph) Papers 1862-1897
MS2240 Hughes (Neil) Sandinista Poster Collection 1979-1985
RG0125 Human Kinetics and Leisure Studies Department Records 1930-2003
RG0094 Human Services Department Records 1960-1985
MS2143 Hunt (Dianne) Papers 1976-1995
MS0356 Hunt (Thelma) Papers 1941-1989


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS0002 Ickow (Marvin) Papers 1975-1988
MS2135 Individual Manuscripts 150 A.D.-1998
RG0128 Institute for Educational Leadership Records 1972-1984 
RG0102 Institute for European, Russian & Eurasian Studies Records 1964-1995
RG0095 Institute for Management Science and Engineering Records 1948-1987
MS2349 Institute for Policy Studies Marcus Raskin files 1959-2009
RG0036 Institutional Research Office Records 1971-1990
IBT0089 International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Local #160 (Capitol Division) records 1873-1989
IBT0082 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Affiliate Records Department - Local Union Rosters 1954-2010
IBT0057 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Buttons and Memorabilia Collection 1940-1990
IBT0026 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Canadian Conference records 1955-1989
IBT0007 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Central Conference Records 1958-1994
LAC0004 International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America Records: Digital Edition Produced from Microfilm 1904-1952
IBT0005 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Communications Department Records 1958-1983
IBT0019 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention records 1908-2011
IBT0033 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Arden D'Amico collection  
IBT0023 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Eastern Conference records 1954-2001
IBT0021 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Economics and Contracts Department records 1955-2012
IBT0006 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Graphic Communications Department records 1902-2006
IBT0032 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Human Services Department records 1963-1996
IBT0049 IBT Member Dues Ledgers and Local Minute Books collection 1891-1982
IBT0022 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Leo Deaner collection 1902-2007
IBT0036 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 82 Records 1937-2003
IBT0034 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 99 Records 1947-2002
IBT0041 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 237 Records 1968-2012
IBT0081 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 279, Decatur records Records 1960-1978
IBT0051 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 544 Records 1930-2013
IBT0039 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 568 Records 1947-2011
IBT0038 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 688 Records 1916-1993
IBT0029 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 814 Records 1943-1995
IBT0062 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 848 - Harold Gimby's Files 1957-1996
IBT0037 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1064 Records 1937-1997
IBT0076 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Locals and Joint Councils - General 1911-2010
IBT0015 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Member Groups Records 1991-2008
IBT0031 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Newspaper and Journals collection 1956-2002
IBT0008 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General Executive Board records 1958-1959
IBT0017 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General President Records 1883-2001
IBT0018 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer Records 1957-2009
IBT0010 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the Research Department records 1907-2003
IBT0030 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Public Relations Department records 1962-1967
IBT0069 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Rail Conference Records 1904-2016
IBT0024 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Southern Conference records 1946-2001
IBT0013 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Trade Divisions and Conference Records 1942-2003
IBT0011 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Training and Development Department Records 1986-2009
IBT0025 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Western Conference records 1948-2008
LAC0019 International Labor Rights Forum records 1986-2016
MS2273 International Platform Association records 1904-2001
IBT0002 Iron Molders - Sylvis Society records 1847-1987


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0079 Jensen (Annie Whelen) scrapbook 1938-1954
MS2012 Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington Records 1937-1988
MS2054 Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington Records 1975-1991
MS2272 Johnston (Francis Edgar) Papers circa 1926
MS2226 Jordan Is Palestine, Inc. Records 1983-1995
MS2242 Joselow (Beth) Papers 1968-2001
MS2045 Justement (Louis) Papers 1946-1968


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MVC0061 Karns (Margaret McBride) Mount Vernon Seminary Papers 1888-2000
MS0516 Katz (Samuel I.) Papers 1937-1993
MS0245 Kayser (Elmer Louis) Papers 1824-1985
MS2015 Kelly (Charles Suddarth) Photographic Collection on the History of Washington, D.C. 1856-1983
MS2280 Kennedy (Robert Emmet, Jr.) Papers 1960-2012
K0004 Kiev Foundation Pamphlet Collection 1898-1979
K0005 Kiev Foundation Graphic Arts Collection 1493-1969
K0006 Kiev (Ari) Papers 1965-2005
K0001 Kiev (I. Edward) Papers 1860 ca.-1980 ca.
MS0748 King (James C.) Papers 1837-1968
MS2243 King (Dr. Robert and Deena Barlev) Holy Land stereoscope cards collection 1896-1904
MS2375 Knight Kiplinger American statesmen portraiture collection 1804-2001
MS2305 Knox, (Ann Brewer) Papers 1935-2011
MS0983 Kramer (Milton R.) Papers 1916-1946
MS2171 Krinsley (Daniel B.) Geology of Iran and the Arctic Collection 1932-1999
MS2373 Kuning (Charles R.) Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority collection 1965-1985
MS2109 Kuh (Frederick) Papers 1924-1967


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0001 Labor Publications and Printed Material collection 1861-2011
MS2225 Larew (Hiram) Papers 1967-2016
MS0370 Latimer (John) Papers 1944-1988
MS2082 Latimer (Murray Webb) Papers 1930-1980
MS2353 Louise P. Latimer’s Washington Yours and Mine materials collection circa 1921
MS2325 Laurent (Lawrence) Papers 1948-2010
MS2198 League for Progress in Architecture Records 1937-1939
MS2011 Lee (Harrison) Papers 1928-1992
MS2292 Lehman (Donald R.) Papers 1964-2000
MS2307 LeSueur (Larry) Papers 1935-2003
MS2367 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: James G. Stockard papers 1947-2002
MS2368 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: Joann Malone papers Circa 1963 - Circa 1990
MS2096 Liberal/Left Archival Studies Papers 1965-1988
RG0029 Library Science Alumni Association Records 1894-1974
MS2233 Lightfoot, (Toni Asante) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1991-2004
MS2062 Lipton (Barnett) Papers 1970-1993
RG0055 Lisner Auditorium Records 1946-2005
MS2119 Litchfield (Henry Percy) Papers 1865-1984
MVC0010 Lloyd (George and Olwen) Papers 1940-1985
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
MS2099 Long (Marta) Presidential Memorabilia Collection 1960-1981
MS2177 Lornell (Kip) and Stephenson (Charles) Washington Go-Go Collection 1978-2002
MS2189 Lusk (Rufus S. ) & Son, Inc. records 1930-1994


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2342 Marion Barry 1978 Campaign Oral History Project 1975-2017
RG0052 Marvin Center Administrative Office Records 1948-2204
MS0242 Mason (John Russell) Papers 1931-1981
RG0074 Mathematics Department Records 1990-2004
MS2051 McAleavey (David W.) Papers 1977-1993
MS2313 McClure (Phyllis) Civil Rights in Education Collection 1957-2010
MS2265 McCombs (Judith) Papers 1989-2008
MS0567 McGrath (Dorn Charles) Papers 1973-1987
MS2154 McKinney (Stewart B.) District of Columbia Papers 1966-1974
RG0007 Medical Center Records 1825-2005
RG0045 Medical Center Public Relations Records 1913-1999
MS2086 Merriam (Ida) Papers 1926-1979
MS2076 Meseck (Walter L.) Papers 1967-1995
MS2214 Metro Oral History Project Collection 1975-2002

Metropolitan Dance Association Records

MS2369 Metzger (Walter) American Association of University Professors Records of Academic Freedom and Tenure 1888-2009
MS0440 Michael (Franz H.) Papers 1966-1986
MS2260 Middle East Institute Scrapbook and Manuscript Collection 1878-2005
MS2005 Miller (Adriana) Papers 1964-2000
MS2215 Miller (E. Ethelbert) Papers 1936-2019
MS2359 Miller (Patricia) Metro collection 1950-2000
MS2115 Moone (Nathaniel) Photograph Collection 1889-1910
IBT0063 Moore (William A.) Collection - Papers, Local 696 1970-1997
MS2044 Morton (Jack) Papers 1938-1993
MS2234 Moskowitz (Faye) Papers 1962-2007
MVC0031 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Academic Affairs Records 1939-1997
MVC0020 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Agnes DeLano and Special Collections Room papers 1958-1988
MVC0049 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Alumnae Association Records 1839-1995
MVC0043 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Alumnae Office Records 1944-2003
MVC0019 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Catalogue Collection 1877-1998
MVC0048 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Chapel and Religious Life Collection 1931-1980
MVC0023 Mount Vernon Seminary and College class photographs collection 1877-1992
MVC0037 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Commencement Collection 1877-1999
MVC0041 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Dean of Students Records 1925-1998
MVC0039 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Faculty Records 1950-1999
MVC0006 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Foxhall Road Campus Collection 1940-1999
MVC0035 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Graphics, Publications, and Administrative Materials Collection 1890-2000
MVC0002 Mount Vernon Seminary and College M Street Campus Collection 1875-1939
MVC0044 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Media Collection 1923-1999
MVC0029 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Memorabilia Collection 1896-1961
MVC0003 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Nebraska Avenue Campus Collection 1917-1942
MVC0028 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Office of Development Records 1953-2005
MVC0027 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Office of Student Activities Records 1988-1998
MVC0042 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Records from Administrator Nina Mikhalevsky 1905-2000
MVC0004 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Spring Valley Campus and Florence Foerderer Scrapbook Collection 1925-1957
MVC0038 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Student Government Association Records 1982-1997
MVC0054 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Student Publications Collection 1890-1899
MVC0062 Mount Vernon Seminary Syllabi and Class Rolls 1902-1942
RG0056 Multicultural Student Services Center Records 1969-1992
MS0253 Munroe (Charles) Papers 1882-1936
MS2003 Murray (Albert F.) Papers 1858-1987
MS2179 Murray (Gordon) Papers 1811-1971
RG0092 Museum Studies Department Records 1976-2002
RG0075 Music Department Records 1898-2004
MS2136 Music Department Sheet Music Collection 1827-1900
MS2083 Mutual Broadcasting System, Inc. 1958-2000


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2049 Nathanson (James E.) Papers 1981-1994
MS2364 National Association of Elementary School Principals Papers 1927-2015
MS2046 National Cherry Blossom Festival Records 1909-2000
Various National Education Association (NEA) Records - All Finding Aids 1847-2005
NEA1001.RG National Education Association - Governance Records 1857-2010
NEA1002.RG National Education Association - Commissions Records 1918-1979
NEA1003.RG National Education Association - Committees Records 1857-1996
NEA1004.RG National Education Association - Counsels Records 1849-1983
NEA1005.RG National Education Association - Departments Records 1869-1996
NEA1006.RG National Education Association - Divisions Records 1847-2004
NEA1007.RG National Education Association - Special Collections Records 1857-2000
NEA1008.RG National Education Association - Conferences and Conventions Records 1857-1998
NEA1009.RG National Education Association - Photographs Records 1857-2011
NEA1010.RG National Education Association - Film, Audio, and Video Records 1938-2011
MS2128 National Intelligencer Newspaper Collection 1804-1844
RG0014 National Law Center Records 1865-2005
MS2204 National Organization for Women Washington D.C. Chapter and Capitol Hill Chapter Records 1971-1999
RG0123 National University Records 1875-1988
RG0042 Naval Science Department Records 1944-1991
LAC0018 Neff (James) Labor Archives 1953-1989
MS2184 Nelson (Robert A.) papers 1962-1975
MS0257 Newberry (John Strong) Papers 1898
MS0256 Nicholson (Margaret Mary) Papers 1901-1981
MS2192 Nimrod (Dan) Papers 1938-2002
MS2193 Nolen (John) Papers 1906-2000
MS2328 Nordhaus (Jean)Literary Papers 1975-2013
MS2187 North American Conference on British Studies 1949-2009


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2294 Oehrlein and Associates Architects Records 1981-2007
MS2138 Oertel (Johannes Adam Simon) Papers 1856-1909
RG0053 Office of Admissions Records 1904-2000
RG0026 Office of Alumni Relations Records 1848-2005
RG0051 Office of Housing and Residence Life Records 1937-2003
RG0064 Office of the Comptroller Records 1874-2002
RG0060 Office of Graduate Medical Education Records 1940-2001
RG0098 Office of Fellowships and Scholarships, School of Business and Public Management Records 1951-1989
RG0002 Office of the President Records 1828-2007
RG0099 Office of Professional Development Records 1980-2002
RG0037 Office of the Provost Records 1944-1985
RG0066 Office of Records and Benefits Records 1954-1992
RG0041 Office of the Registrar Records 1822-2005
RG0111 Office of University Special Events Records 1981-2005
RG0038 Office of Sponsored Research Records 1942-1996
RG0115 Office of Student Life Records 1915-2007
RG0067 Office of Telecommunications Records 1896-2003
RG0065 Office of Training Records 1865-2002
RG0044 Office of University Relations Records 1888-2005
MS2276 OKNA-TASS poster collection 1941-1942
MS2301 Oliver (Andrew and Diana) Research Materials Collection 1968-2000
MS2114 Oliver (Eli L.) Papers 1927-1968
RG0097 Operations Research Department Records 1967-1990
MS2278 Osborn (Ruth) Papers 1957-2005
MS2229 The Other Pages : directories 1994-2007
MS2032 Overbeck (Ruth Ann) Papers & Washington Perspectives, Inc Records 1663-2007


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2306 Parents United for the D.C. Public Schools 1980-2008
MS2038 Paull (Joan G.) Papers 1972-1992
MS2040 Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection 1976 ca.-2009
MS2248 Peiperl (Adam) Collection 2000-2003
MS2377 Pepper (Charles Melville) Papers 1800-1945
MS2026 Perl (William R.) Papers 1925-1998
MVC0011 Pelham (Peter) Papers 1962-1977
MS2016 Pfanstiehl (Cody) Papers 1967-1982
RG0076 Philosophy Department Records 1904-1996
RG0077 Physics Department Records 1935-2000
MS2370 Plotkin (Mark) Papers 1983-2017
MS2213 PNC-Riggs Bank Records 1809-2004
MS2303 Poetry Committee of the Greater Washington, DC Area Records 1987-1997
MS2238 Political magazine collection, Puck, Judge, Jingo 1881-1885
MVC0017 Post (Marjorie Merriweather) Papers 1901-1999
MS2196 Potomac Area Council American Youth Hostels Records 1943-2011
RG0134 Progressive Student Union Records 1966-2008
MS2090 Property agreements, Washington, D.C. 1809-1835
MS2315 Protest march in Washington film footage Circa 1969 November 15
MS2275 Proto (Neil Thomas) Papers 1968-2006
RG0059 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Records 1967-1995
RG0078 Psychology Department Records 1925-2000
RG0118 Public Policy Program Records 1973-1987
MS2121 Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection. See: Halperin (Samuel) Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection 1879-1903


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
LAC0011 Radical Left-Wing Publications collection 1910-2017
MS0887 Ragatz (Lowell Joseph) Papers 1821-1872
MS2297 Raskin (Marcus) Papers 1979-2012
MS0155 Ray (Donald) Papers 1938-1992
MS2382 Reb (Gretchen Richard) papers 1931-2018
MS2064 Rechel (Ralph E.) Papers 1947-1980
MS2140 Reinhart (William) Papers 1920-1993
MS0601 Reesing (John) Papers 1964-1982
RG0079 Religion Department Records 1951-1987
MS2323 Rhodes (Dr. Eric F.) Papers 1934-2004
MS0260 Rice (Luther) Papers 1812-1832
MS2239 Riggs Family Papers 1672-1987
MS2336 Riggs Family Records (Page R. Bradley donation) 1800-1950
MS2333 Ritchie (Elisavietta) literary papers 1947-2014
MS0849 Robb (James W.) Papers 1938-2000
MS2222 Roberts (Kim) Biographical Files of D.C. Poets 1995-2015
MS2338 Rocket Press publications and ephemera collection 1981-1994
RG0080 Romance Languages and Literature Department Records 1898-2004
MS2085 Ross (Robert) Papers 1813-1873
MS2037 Rottier (Jack) Papers 1952-1974
MS2141 Ryan (Bill) Papers 1932-1966


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2386 Nancy Sahli gay rights, Capitol Hill N.O.W, and related Washingtoniana papers 1974-1978
MS2365 Samson, Smallwood, and Kenrick families Papers 1805-1896
MS2308 Sargent (Robert) Literary Papers 1923-2006
MS2259 Schrage (Mitchell) Political Button Collection circa 1970
MS2199 Schmidt (Albert F.W.) Manuscripts 1644-1997
RG0013 School of Business and Public Management Records 1925-2004
RG0012 School of Engineering and Applied Science Records 1917-2002
MVC0012 Schuck (Victoria) Papers 1974-1980
MS2006 Schwartz (Carol) Papers 1983-1988
MS2183 Sera (Peter H.) Papers 1964-1986
MS2031 Shackleton (Polly) Papers 1894-1997
MS2091 Shaffer (Samuel) Papers 1948-1982
MS2136 Sheet music 1827-1900
MS0248 Shephard (Ernest) Papers 1939-1950
MS2210 Sherlin (Grover C.) Washington Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C.) Records 1898-2002
MS0217 Shirley (Dallas) Papers 1950-1982
RG0120 Short Run Publications 1884-2005
RG0028 Sigur Center for Asian Studies Records 1992-1998
MS2122 Smeallie (Peter) and Smith (Peter) Photographs 1980-1990
MS2182 Smith (Frank, Jr.) Papers 1987-1998
MS2258 Smith (William L.) Papers 1946-2008
MS2018 Snyder (Mitch) Papers 1970-1991
RG0032 Society of the Emeriti Records 1988-1997
MS2092 Solomon (Samuel) Papers 1932-1964
MVC0007 Somers (Elizabeth J.) Papers 1862-1998
MS2039 Spanish Dance Society USA Chapter Records 1982-1993
RG0110 Special Collections Department, Gelman Library Records 1819-2005
RG0081 Speech and Hearing Department Records 1950-1989
MS2004 St. Mark's Dance Company and Studio Records 1950-1994
RG0083 Statistics Department Records 1965-1996
RG0002 Staughton (William) Papers is Series 1 Subseries 1 of the Office of the President Records 1819-1827
MS1007 Stearns (Clifford) Congressional Papers 1988-2013
MS0656 Stein (Murray) Artifact Collection on Computer History 1940 ca.-1990 ca.
MS2279 Steiner (George) Papers 1955-1994
MVC0064 Stevenson (Mary Louise) miniature collection 1800-1875 ca.
MS2378 Stockstill (Louis R.) and Mary Allen Cook Fairfax family papers 1825-2004
MS2028 Stolzenbach (C. Darwin) Papers 1930-1988
MS2299 Stowell (Kerry)/Watergate East, Inc. Papers 1998-2011
MS2093 Student Protest Collection 1965-1980
RG0023 Student Association Records 1935-2005
MS2174 Swayze (Frank B.) Phonograph Collection 1962 ca.-1967 ca.


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2289 Taylor (Harriett) Papers 1952-1997
MS2287 Taylor (William L.) Papers 1954-2009
RG0127 The George Washington University Bulletin Records 1821-2006
RG0084 Theatre and Dance Department Records 1937-2007
MS0207 Tidball (Charles S.) Papers 1949-1999
MS2209 Tittmann (Kate) Diaries and Travel Journals 1895-1924
MS2014 Tobriner (Walter) Papers 1949-1968
MS0704 Travell (Janet G.) Papers 1910-1997
RG0008 Treasurers Office Records 1903-1990


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0003 United Brewery Workers Records 1888-1977
MS2231 United House of Prayer for All People Collection 1944-1955
LAC0016 United States Labor Education in the Americas Project (L.E.A.P) records 1983-2013
MS0371 University Archives Oral History Collection 1904-2006
RG0049 University Counseling Center Records 1963-1989
RG0031 University Historical Materials 1821-2012
RG0061 University Hospital Records 1898-2004
RG0043 University Marshal Records 1825-2005
RG0101 Urban and Regional Planning Department Records 1961-1993


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2340 Valentine (Geneva) Papers 1922-2008
MS2111 Van Dyke (Jan) Papers 1964-2005
MVC0063 Vareen (Mary) Scrapbook 1928-1930
MS2201 Vedder (Timothy) Letters 1861
RG0004 Vice President for Academic Affairs Records 1894-2003
RG0005 Vice President for Development and University Relations Records 1820-2003
RG0021 Vice President for Information and Administration Services Records 1945-1998
RG0006 Vice President for Student and Academic Support Services Records 1821 ca.-2005
MS2041 Video Free Earth Production Company Records 1971-1991


circa 1960s - circa 1990s

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2347 Walthall (Hugh) Literary Papers Circa 1960 - Circa 2015
MS0247 Ward (Lester Frank) Papers 1883-1919
MS2210 Washington Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C.) Records (Grover C. Sherlin) 1898-2002
MS2331 Washington Area Music Association 1984-2016
MS2344 Washington Area Women's Center Records 1966-1989
MS2168 Washington Baltimore Regional 2012 Coalition records [Olympic Bid] 1997-2007
MS2245 Washington Blade Lou Chibbaro senior reporter files 1980-2000
MS2205 Washington, D.C. Election Data Collection 1914-2001
MS2206 Washington, D.C. Published Material about Education and Community Life 1965-2003
MS2094 Washington, D.C. Statehood Constitutional Convention Records 1982
MS2216 The Washington Metropolitan Area Ephemeral Publications Collection 2006-2007
MS2034 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Metro History Project Collection 1930-1984
MS2021 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Metrorail Specifications 1962-1980
MS2134 Washington Society for the Blind Records 1938-1980
MS2284 Washington (T. Patrick) Spoken Word Poetry Flyers and Photograph Collection 1996-2005
MS2262 Washington Theater Club Playbill Collection 1965-1971
MS2061 Washington Theater Club Records 1952-1983
MS2321 Washington Writers' Archive and Splendid Wake Records 1968-2019
MAP0001 Washingtoniana Map Collection 1630-2003
MS2317 Weiss (Armand) Washington Academy of Sciences and George Washington University related materials collection 1968-1992
MS2116 Wentworth Family Papers 1902-1926, Undated
MS2293 Werner (Fred Henry) Art History and Archaeology Slide and Photograph Collection 1971-1992
MS2261 White (Emilie Margaret) Papers 1917-1972
IBT0027 Williams (Roy Lee) Papers 1974-1983
MS2190 Wilson (John A.) Papers 1974-1993
MS2033 Wilson (William) Papers 1978-1997
MS2249 Windwood an Arts Paper 1972-1973
MS2188 Winter (Nadine P.) DC City Council Papers 1976-1990
K0002 Wise (Stephen S.) Papers 1907-1952
MS2345 Witness to a Possibility (WTAP): Black Theater Movement in Washington, DC circa 1960s - circa 1990s
MS0156 Women's Progress Club of Washington Prayer Books 1961-1991
RG0093 Women's Studies Department Records 1965-1998
MS2127 Wood (Jennings) Collection of Confederate Imprints 1862-1865
MS2334 Wooden Teeth literary magazine 1978-2015
MS2354 Woodland Normanstone Neighborhood Association records 1988-1996
MS2372 Woodworth (Anne) Papers 1997-2016
MS2047 Word Works, Inc. Records 1971-2017
MS2254 World War II posters Undated
MS2274 World's Columbian Exposition Ticket Collection 1864 ca.-1875 ca., 1893
MS2075 Wright (W. Lloyd) Papers 1786-1949
MS2232 Writer's Center Records 1978-2006


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2164 Zach (Leon) Scrapbook 1953-1955
MS2167 Zeifman (Jerome) Papers 1960-1977
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