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Building access is available to GW students, faculty, and staff who have completed all of the steps in GW's"Gaining Access to Campus" procedures. No one will be allowed to sign in without a physical GWorld card or enter the library if their GWorld card tap is denied. Library access is not available for alumni or visitors. As of Saturday, July 31, masks are required inside all library buildings.

Collection Inventories by Title


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2346 7th & T documentary film Collection Circa 1984-1987
MS2356 11th Street bridges reconstruction project opposition lawsuit Records 2003-2009
MS2360 1925 F Street Club Collection 1933-1939
RG0034 Academic Publications Office Records 1943-2004
MS2358 Adelman (Roger M.) Files of the John W. Hinckley, Jr. Trial records 1981-1989
MS2212 AIDS Action Foundation Records 1984-2006
MS2223 Alenier (Karren) Papers 1962-2013
MS2244 Alexander (Kwame) Papers 1990-2007
MS2327 Allen (Dr. Edwin Beck) Ledgers 1875-1891
MS2008 Alpert (Seymour) Papers 1946-1993
MS2130 Alumni Class Materials 1823-1998
MS2100 American Association of Political Consultants Interview Collection 1997-1999
MS2079 American Association of University Professors (AAUP) records 1915-2013
MS2117 American Political Science Association 1912-1990
RG0082 American Studies Department Records 1953-1998
MS2144 American Veterans Committee 1940s-1990s
MS2361 Americans for UNESCO 1929-2014
MS2001 Anderson (Jack) Papers 1934-2004
RG0062 Anesthesiology Department Records 1950-1983
RG0086 Anthropology Department Records 1973-1992
MS2162 Arnheim (Willy) Papers 1962-1985
RG0091 Art Therapy Department Records 1950-1990
RG0047 Assistant Dean for Judicial Affairs and Educational Services Records 1954-1988
RG0039 Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs for Faculty Personnel Records 1945-2002
RG0040 Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research Records 1968-1995
RG0054 Athletics and Recreation Department Records 1907-2006


Collection No. Dates
MS2113 Baker (Courtland) Papers 1920 ca.-1940 ca.
MS2077 Baltimore and Ohio Employees Relief Association Records 1880-1918
MS2288 Baltimore and Washington Transit Company Correspondence and Expenses Ledger 1897-1899
MS2088 Barnard-Talcott Hollerith Family Papers 1790-1858
MS2355 Barney Circle interstate bridge fight records 1979-1996
LAC0007 Barrett (Jerome T.) Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service History Archive 1942-2010
MS0250 Bartsch (Paul) Papers 1894-1945
MS2224 Bass (Holly) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1990 ca.-2007 ca.
MS0218 Bates (David) Papers 1940-1998
MS2247 Belin (Mel) Papers 1988-2008
MS2246 Bendit (Devy) Papers 1970-1985
RG0116 Benjamin Franklin University Records 1925-1994
MS2285 Ben's Chili Bowl Records 1943-2018
MS2269 Bernier (Clifford) Papers 1998-2008
MS2024 Berryman (Clifford K.) Cartoon Collection 1899-1949
MS2286 Berryman (Clifford) Political Drawings Collection 1924
MS2282 Beverly (Sylvia D.) Literary Papers 1962-2018
MS2056 Birch (Joseph F.) & Sons Records 1824-1904
MS2019 Biren (Joan E.) Photograph Collection 1971-1991
RG0088 Biological Sciences Department 1937-1979
MS2172 Black Box Recorded Poetry Magazine, DC Poets Collection 1973-1986
MS2161 Blackburn (G. Fred) Papers 1850-1993
K0007 Blondheim (David Simon) Papers 1924-1981
RG0001 Board of Trustees Records 1821-2003
MS2147 Brady (Luther) Papers 1965-2004
MS2304 Brenner (Marcella) Papers 1958-2005
MS2058 Brookland Neighborhood Collection 1979
MS2312 Brown (Cynthia) Office for Civil Rights Collection 1975-1986
MS0001 Brown (David) Papers 1915-1989
MS2253 Brown (Obadiah Bruen) Family papers 1807-1941
IBT0071 Brown, Willis "Tiny" papers 1966-1989
MS2252 Browning (Sarah) Literary Papers 1985-2018
MS2300 Burda (Michael) Biographical and Ronald Reagan Inaugural Materials Collection 1969-2003
MS2022 Burleith Citizens Association Records 1926-2018
MS2023 Burleith Garden Club Records 1949-2000
RG0129 Burns (Jacob) Law Library Records 1904-1999
MS2150 Burtner (Elizabeth) Papers 1903-2003


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2027 C & O Canal Association Records 1800 ca.-2018
MS2237 Campbell (Josephine) Papers 1905-2006
MS2009 Capitol Hill Restoration Society Records 1904-2012
RG0048 Career and Cooperative Education Center Records 1951-1988
MS2110 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Pamphlet and Microfilm Collection 1817-1950
MS2007 Cavalieri (Grace) Papers 1969-2019
RG0121 Center for Career Education and Workshops Records 1962-1990
RG0033 Center for Washington Area Studies 1975-1992
MS2181 Chapman (Grosvenor) Papers 1931-1995
MS2385 Charles Blaschke Education TURNKEY Systems Papers 1964-2018
MS2137 Charyk (Joseph V.) Papers 1957-1989
RG0089 Chemistry Department Records 1893-1983
RG0113 Cherry Tree Yearbook Records 1908-2005
MS2277 Cipriano (Ralph) Italian American Collection 1937-1975
MS2084 Citizens Committee to Save Historic Rhodes Tavern Papers 1970 ca.-1986 ca.
MS2383 Citizens for New Columbia collection Circa 1993-1994
MS2078 Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia Records 1951-1994
MS2010 Clarke (David A.) Papers 1976-1995
RG0130 Classics Department Records 1963-1996
MS2048 Coffin (George) Papers 1858-1896
MVC0009 Cole (Jean Dean) Collection 1900-1951
RG0069 Columbian College Alumni Association Records 1965-1993
RG0068 Columbian College Office of the Dean Records 1873-1990
RG0027 Columbian Women Records 1894-2005
MS2017 Committee of 100 on the Federal City Records [Part I] 1932-1991
MS2131 Committee of 100 on the Federal City Records [Part II] 1909-1996
RG0090 Communication Department Records 1917-2002
RG0057 Computer Medicine Department Records 1969-1997
MS2221 Corcoran and Riggs Partnership Documents 1840-1848
RG0131 Continuing Engineering Education Records 1968-1995
MS2066 Craig (Peter S.) Papers 1904-1983
MS2035 Crain (Darrell C., Jr.) Presidential Inaugural Collection 1817-1989
MS2295 Crandall (Norris Ingersoll) Papers 1935-1954
MS2219 Cropp (Linda) Papers 1983-2006
MS2152 Crowder (Orville W.) Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Collection 1927-1997
MS0125 Cunliffe (Marcus) Papers 1960-1990


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2030 Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Co. and Moving Forward: Contemporary Asian American Dance Company records 1988-2006
MS2160 Dance Archives of the Greater Washington Region Collection 1973-1992
MS2059 Danzansky (Joseph B.) Papers 1968-1989
MS2165 Dardano (Robert) Papers 1986-2000
MS2366 Darragh (Tina) literary papers collection 1974-2016
MS2318 D.C. Front Runners Records 1981-2003
MS2251 D. C. Poets Against the War Records 2003-2008
RG0046 Dean of Students Records 1968-1992
MS2156 Dejanikus (Tacie) Papers 1967-1992
MS2220 DeLano (Agnes) Special Collections Room Mount Vernon Seminary and College papers 1958-1988
MVC0020 Delano (Agnes) Correspondence 1925-1935
MS2095 Depew (Chauncey M.) Papers 1856-1934
RG0087 Dimock Gallery 1963-2000
MS2376 District of Columbia Cable Television collection 1972-1984
MS2080 District of Columbia City Council Records 1968-1975
RG0016 Division of Continuing Education Records 1937-1999
MS1008.UA Doherty (Emmett Edward) scrapbook and loose photograph collection 1919-1921
MS2057 Donnelly (Ralph) Papers 1838-1994
MS2270 Downs (Buck) Literary Papers 1984-2009
MS2329 Duke Ellington School of the Arts collection 1966-2014
MS2217 Dulles (Eleanor Lansing) Papers 1867-1993
MS2055 Duncan (John B.) Papers 1932-1989
MS2176 Dunlop (Richard) Collection on Vietnam War-era Protests 1959-1986
MS2053 Durham (Jack) Papers 1850-1985


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2087 Edson (Arthur L.) Papers 1950-1968
RG0050 Educational Opportunities Program Records 1969-1990
MS2170 Eichenlaub (Dawn) Historic Preservation Research Collection 1965-1983
RG0015 Elliott School of International Affairs Records 1907-2005
COR-0003.MS Ellis (Arthur J.) papers circa 1940s-2005
MS2314 Elsberg (John) Literary Magazine Collection 1966-2007
RG0096 Engineering Administration Department Records 1965-1989
RG0070 English Department Records 1895-2006
RG0071 English for International Students Records 1975-1990
MS2380 Ephemera collection 1835-2002
RG0035 Equal Employment Office Records 1974-2006
MS2339 Eric Hampton Dance records 1981-2012
MS0657 Etzioni (Amitai) Papers 1941-1965
MVC0013 Evans (Jane Coutant) collection 1980-1990
MS0254 Evans (Jesse Fant) Papers 1912-1962


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
RG0063 Facilities Department Records 1904-1998
RG0003 Faculty Senate Records 1937-2004
MS2132 Faculty Papers and Memorabilia 1823-2001
RG0085 Faculty Women's Club Records 1930-1992
MS2378 Fairfax (Mary Allen (nee Cook)), The Mary Fairfax family papers and Louis R. Stockstill papers 1823-2004
MS2070 Fauntroy (Walter E.) Papers, Part One 1941-1990
MS2310 Fauntroy (Walter E.) Papers, Part two 1940-1990
MS2322 The Federal Poets Records 1944-2010
MS2195 Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)records 1950-2003
MS2343 Feldman (Trude B.) Papers circa 1959 - circa 2013
MS2153 Fennelly (Carol) Papers 1971-1997
IBT0004 Flynn (Thomas E.) Papers circa 1938 - circa 1972
MVC0016 Foerderer (Elsie) Correspondence Collection 1935-1969
MS2311 Foggy Bottom Association Collection 1969-2006
MS0868 Foggy Bottom Collection 1907-1998
MS2159 Foggy Bottom Restoration Association Records 1954-1985
MS2073 Frank (Murray) Papers 1919-1971
MS0803 Freeman (Walter) and Watts (James) Papers 1918-1988
MS2296 French (Roderick S.) Papers 1969-2011
RG0104 Friends of the Libraries Records 1970-2002 
MS2142 Friendship House Association Records 1904-1992
MS2149 Furness (Brian) Papers 1966-2005


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2191 Gale (Dennis) Papers 1903-1989
MS0252 Gamow (George) Papers 1934-1955
MS2316 Garfinkel (Patricia) Science Policy Speeches Collection 1975-2007
MS2040 Gargoyle Magazine. See: Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection 1970 ca.-1993
MS2052 Gay and Lesbian Education Fund Records 1977-1994
MS2230 Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC Records 1980-2013
MVC0014 Geiselman (Lucy Ann) Collection 1992-1996
RG0109 Gelman Library Acquisitions Department Records  1905-1992
RG0119 Gelman Library Administration Records 1825 ca.-2005
RG0108 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Collections Records 1951-1995
RG0105 Gelman Library Assistant University Librarian for Services Records 1980-1990
RG0106 Gelman Library Media Resources Department Records 1968-1987
RG0107 Gelman Library Periodicals Department Records 1968-1985
RG0132 Gelman Library, Slavic, East European, and Asian Reading Room Records 1962-1995
RG0139 Gelman Library University Librarian Records 1991-1996
RG0127 George Washington University Bulletin Records 1821-2006
RG0138 George Washington University Club Records 1986-2000
  George Washington University Historical Photographs [electronic resource]  
RG0009 Germanic Studies Department Records 1970-1995
MS2302 Gibson (Richard T.) Papers 1948-2004
MS2072 Gillette (Howard) Collection on the Italian American Community of Washington, D.C. 1980-1986
MS2060 Gillette (Howard) Metropolitan Washington Region Urban History Subject Files 1873-1995
MS0644 Gillette (Howard) Papers 1987-2018
MS2257 Gilmore (Brian) Papers 1977-2014
MS2256 Glaser (Michael) Papers 1969-2007
MS2155 Glasgow (Myles) Papers 1967-1998
MS2133 Glen Echo Chautauqua and Glen Echo Park Company Records 1889-1953
MS0776 Gnehm (Edward W. "Skip", Jr.) Papers 1965-1966
MS2063 Goldblatt (Joe Jeff) Papers 1984-1997
MS2235 Golden (Marita) Papers 1971-2017
MS0670 Goode (James) Papers circa 1860-2018
MS2097 Gordon (Martin K.) Papers 1955-1976
RG0126 Graduate Council Records 1925-1967
RG0010 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Records 1907-2004
RG0011 Graduate School of Education and Human Development Records 1930-1996
MS2241 Graduate School of Political Management political advertisement videocassette collection 1970-2005
RG0136 Graduate Student Enrollment Management Office Records 1978-2009
MS2013 Graham (Jim) Papers 1973-2006
MS2263 Graham Jr. (Otis) Papers 1978-2008
MS2157 Grant (Ulysses S.) Family Papers 1860-1937
MS2379 Graphics collection 1740-1995
MS0246 Gray (Wood) Papers 1918-1973
MS2029 Greater Washington Board of Trade Records 1889-1986
MS2118 Green (Constance M.) Papers Undated
MS2081 Gude (Gilbert) Papers 1967-1976
MS0244 Gutheim (Frederick) Papers 1952-1980
MVC0060 Gutheim (Marjorie Frye) Papers 1909-1971
RG0114 GW Hatchet Records 1904-2005
RG0122 GW Pride Records 1971-2005


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2020 The Thomas Hahn Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Collection 1939-1993
MS2227 Halal (William) Papers 1980 ca.-2000 ca.
MS2042 Hallidy (Adam M.) Papers 1862-1865
MS2283 Hallman (Howard W.) Papers 1945-2003
MS2326 Halbig (Helen) Papers 1937-2010
MS2218 Halpern (Anne L.) Washington Metropolitan Area Dance Collection 1963-1985
MS2121 Halperin (Samuel) Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection 1879-1903
MAP0002 Halperin (Samuel) and Epstein (Henry) maps of the Holy Land collection 1590-1850
MS2236 Halperin (Samuel) collection 1486-2007
MS2268 Halsey (William) and Mary Pirce Correspondence Collection 1916-1918
MS0515 Hanback (Hazel) Papers 1931-1937
MS1005 Harrison (Cynthia) feminist document collection 1921-2008
MS0709 Hawkins (Allen) Medical School Course Notes 1985-1986
RG0100 Health Services Management and Policy Department Records 1968-2000 
MVC0059 Heflin (Julia Dorn) Papers 1919-1990
MS2337 Heller (Joshua) prospectuses and ephemera collection 1911-2015
MS2173 Henderson (David G.) Papers 1926-1988
MVC0008 Hensley (Adelia Gates) Collection 1871 ca.-1951
MS2203 Hershberg (James) Poster Collection 1980-1990
MS2264 Highway Bridge Drawings 1901
MS0352 Hill (Peter P.) Papers 1965-1994
RG0058 Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library Records 1925-1989
RG0073 History Department Records 1905-1998
MS2341 History of Education Society collection 1960-2013
LAC0005 Hoffa (James R.) Documentation Collection 1954-1976
MS0126 Hoffman (George) Papers 1965-1990
MS2025 Hombs (Mary Ellen) Papers 1971-1986
MS2371 Horizons Theater Company Records 1972-2007
MS2228 Hottelet (Richard C.) Papers 1948-1990
MS0766 Howard (Ron) Papers 1958-1999
MS2074 Hubbard (Harriet B.) Papers 1958-1978
K0003 Hubsch (Adolph) Papers 1862-1897
MS2240 Hughes (Neil) Sandinista Poster Collection 1979-1985
RG0125 Human Kinetics and Leisure Studies Department Records 1930-2003
RG0094 Human Services Department Records 1960-1985
MS2143 Hunt (Dianne) Papers 1976-1995
MS0356 Hunt (Thelma) Papers 1941-1989


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS0002 Ickow (Marvin) Papers 1975-1988
MS2135 Individual Manuscripts 150 A.D.-1998
RG0128 Institute for Educational Leadership Records 1972-1984 
RG0102 Institute for European, Russian & Eurasian Studies Records 1964-1995
RG0095 Institute for Management Science and Engineering Records 1948-1987
MS2349 Institute for Policy Studies Marcus Raskin files 1959-2009
RG0036 Institutional Research Office Records 1971-1990
IBT0089 International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Local #160 (Capitol Division) records 1873-1989
IBT0082 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Affiliate Records Department - Local Union Rosters 1954-2010
IBT0057 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Buttons and Memorabilia Collection 1940-1990
IBT0026 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Canadian Conference records 1955-1989
IBT0007 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Central Conference Records 1958-1994
LAC0004 International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America Records: Digital Edition Produced from Microfilm 1904-1952
IBT0005 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Communications Department Records 1958-1983
IBT0019 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention records 1908-2011
IBT0033 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Arden D'Amico collection  
IBT0023 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Eastern Conference records 1954-2001
IBT0021 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Economics and Contracts Department records 1955-2012
IBT0006 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Graphic Communications Department records 1902-2006
IBT0032 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Human Services Department records 1963-1996
IBT0049 IBT Member Dues Ledgers and Local Minute Books collection 1891-1982
IBT0022 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Leo Deaner collection 1902-2007
IBT0036 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 82 Records 1937-2003
IBT0034 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 99 Records 1947-2002
IBT0041 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 237 Records 1968-2012
IBT0081 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 279, Decatur records Records 1960-1978
IBT0051 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 544 Records 1930-2013
IBT0039 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 568 Records 1947-2011
IBT0038 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 688 Records 1916-1993
IBT0029 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 814 Records 1943-1995
IBT0062 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 848 - Harold Gimby's Files 1957-1996
IBT0037 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1064 Records 1937-1997
IBT0076 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Locals and Joint Councils - General 1911-2010
IBT0015 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Member Groups Records 1991-2008
IBT0031 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Newspaper and Journals collection 1956-2002
IBT0008 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General Executive Board records 1958-1959
IBT0017 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General President Records 1883-2001
IBT0018 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer Records 1957-2009
IBT0010 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Office of the Research Department records 1907-2003
IBT0030 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Public Relations Department records 1962-1967
IBT0069 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Rail Conference Records 1904-2016
IBT0024 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Southern Conference records 1946-2001
IBT0013 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Trade Divisions and Conference Records 1942-2003
IBT0011 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Training and Development Department Records 1986-2009
IBT0025 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Western Conference records 1948-2008
LAC0019 International Labor Rights Forum records 1986-2016
MS2273 International Platform Association records 1904-2001
IBT0002 Iron Molders - Sylvis Society records 1847-1987


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0079 Jensen (Annie Whelen) scrapbook 1938-1954
MS2012 Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington Records 1937-1988
MS2054 Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington Records 1975-1991
MS2272 Johnston (Francis Edgar) Papers circa 1926
MS2226 Jordan Is Palestine, Inc. Records 1983-1995
MS2242 Joselow (Beth) Papers 1968-2001
MS2045 Justement (Louis) Papers 1946-1968


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MVC0061 Karns (Margaret McBride) Mount Vernon Seminary Papers 1888-2000
MS0516 Katz (Samuel I.) Papers 1937-1993
MS0245 Kayser (Elmer Louis) Papers 1824-1985
MS2015 Kelly (Charles Suddarth) Photographic Collection on the History of Washington, D.C. 1856-1983
MS2280 Kennedy (Robert Emmet, Jr.) Papers 1960-2012
K0004 Kiev Foundation Pamphlet Collection 1898-1979
K0005 Kiev Foundation Graphic Arts Collection 1493-1969
K0006 Kiev (Ari) Papers 1965-2005
K0001 Kiev (I. Edward) Papers 1860 ca.-1980 ca.
MS0748 King (James C.) Papers 1837-1968
MS2243 King (Dr. Robert and Deena Barlev) Holy Land stereoscope cards collection 1896-1904
MS2375 Knight Kiplinger American statesmen portraiture collection 1804-2001
MS2305 Knox, (Ann Brewer) Papers 1935-2011
MS0983 Kramer (Milton R.) Papers 1916-1946
MS2171 Krinsley (Daniel B.) Geology of Iran and the Arctic Collection 1932-1999
MS2373 Kuning (Charles R.) Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority collection 1965-1985
MS2109 Kuh (Frederick) Papers 1924-1967


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0001 Labor Publications and Printed Material collection 1861-2011
MS2225 Larew (Hiram) Papers 1967-2016
MS0370 Latimer (John) Papers 1944-1988
MS2082 Latimer (Murray Webb) Papers 1930-1980
MS2353 Louise P. Latimer’s Washington Yours and Mine materials collection circa 1921
MS2325 Laurent (Lawrence) Papers 1948-2010
MS2198 League for Progress in Architecture Records 1937-1939
MS2011 Lee (Harrison) Papers 1928-1992
MS2292 Lehman (Donald R.) Papers 1964-2000
MS2307 LeSueur (Larry) Papers 1935-2003
MS2392 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: Personal papers 1937-2016, bulk 1967-1981
MS2388 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: Oral history interviews 2010-2019
MS2367 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: James G. Stockard papers 1947-2002
MS2368 Lessons of the Sixties: A history of local Washington, DC activism for peace and justice from 1960-1975: Joann Malone papers Circa 1963 - Circa 1990
MS2096 Liberal/Left Archival Studies Papers 1965-1988
RG0029 Library Science Alumni Association Records 1894-1974
MS2233 Lightfoot, (Toni Asante) Poetry Ephemera Collection 1991-2004
MS2062 Lipton (Barnett) Papers 1970-1993
RG0055 Lisner Auditorium Records 1946-2005
MS2119 Litchfield (Henry Percy) Papers 1865-1984
MVC0010 Lloyd (George and Olwen) Papers 1940-1985
MS2271 Lodge (John) Papers 1935-2008
MS2099 Long (Marta) Presidential Memorabilia Collection 1960-1981
MS2177 Lornell (Kip) and Stephenson (Charles) Washington Go-Go Collection 1978-2002
MS2189 Lusk (Rufus S. ) & Son, Inc. records 1930-1994


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2342 Marion Barry 1978 Campaign Oral History Project 1975-2017
RG0052 Marvin Center Administrative Office Records 1948-2204
MS0242 Mason (John Russell) Papers 1931-1981
RG0074 Mathematics Department Records 1990-2004
MS2051 McAleavey (David W.) Papers 1977-1993
MS2313 McClure (Phyllis) Civil Rights in Education Collection 1957-2010
MS2265 McCombs (Judith) Papers 1989-2008
MS0567 McGrath (Dorn Charles) Papers 1973-1987
MS2154 McKinney (Stewart B.) District of Columbia Papers 1966-1974
RG0007 Medical Center Records 1825-2005
RG0045 Medical Center Public Relations Records 1913-1999
MS2086 Merriam (Ida) Papers 1926-1979
MS2076 Meseck (Walter L.) Papers 1967-1995
MS2214 Metro Oral History Project Collection 1975-2002

Metropolitan Dance Association Records

MS2369 Metzger (Walter) American Association of University Professors Records of Academic Freedom and Tenure 1888-2009
MS0440 Michael (Franz H.) Papers 1966-1986
MS2260 Middle East Institute Scrapbook and Manuscript Collection 1878-2005
MS2005 Miller (Adriana) Papers 1964-2000
MS2215 Miller (E. Ethelbert) Papers 1936-2019
MS2359 Miller (Patricia) Metro collection 1950-2000
MS2115 Moone (Nathaniel) Photograph Collection 1889-1910
IBT0063 Moore (William A.) Collection - Papers, Local 696 1970-1997
MS2044 Morton (Jack) Papers 1938-1993
MS2234 Moskowitz (Faye) Papers 1962-2007
MVC0031 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Academic Affairs Records 1939-1997
MVC0020 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Agnes DeLano and Special Collections Room papers 1958-1988
MVC0049 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Alumnae Association Records 1839-1995
MVC0043 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Alumnae Office Records 1944-2003
MVC0019 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Catalogue Collection 1877-1998
MVC0048 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Chapel and Religious Life Collection 1931-1980
MVC0023 Mount Vernon Seminary and College class photographs collection 1877-1992
MVC0037 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Commencement Collection 1877-1999
MVC0041 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Dean of Students Records 1925-1998
MVC0039 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Faculty Records 1950-1999
MVC0006 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Foxhall Road Campus Collection 1940-1999
MVC0035 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Graphics, Publications, and Administrative Materials Collection 1890-2000
MVC0002 Mount Vernon Seminary and College M Street Campus Collection 1875-1939
MVC0044 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Media Collection 1923-1999
MVC0029 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Memorabilia Collection 1896-1961
MVC0003 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Nebraska Avenue Campus Collection 1917-1942
MVC0028 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Office of Development Records 1953-2005
MVC0027 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Office of Student Activities Records 1988-1998
MVC0042 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Records from Administrator Nina Mikhalevsky 1905-2000
MVC0004 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Spring Valley Campus and Florence Foerderer Scrapbook Collection 1925-1957
MVC0038 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Student Government Association Records 1982-1997
MVC0054 Mount Vernon Seminary and College Student Publications Collection 1890-1899
MVC0062 Mount Vernon Seminary Syllabi and Class Rolls 1902-1942
RG0056 Multicultural Student Services Center Records 1969-1992
MS0253 Munroe (Charles) Papers 1882-1936
MS2003 Murray (Albert F.) Papers 1858-1987
MS2179 Murray (Gordon) Papers 1811-1971
RG0092 Museum Studies Department Records 1976-2002
RG0075 Music Department Records 1898-2004
MS2136 Music Department Sheet Music Collection 1827-1900
MS2083 Mutual Broadcasting System, Inc. 1958-2000


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2049 Nathanson (James E.) Papers 1981-1994
MS2364 National Association of Elementary School Principals Papers 1927-2015
MS2046 National Cherry Blossom Festival Records 1909-2000
Various National Education Association (NEA) Records - All Finding Aids 1847-2005
NEA1001.RG National Education Association - Governance Records 1857-2010
NEA1002.RG National Education Association - Commissions Records 1918-1979
NEA1003.RG National Education Association - Committees Records 1857-1996
NEA1004.RG National Education Association - Counsels Records 1849-1983
NEA1005.RG National Education Association - Departments Records 1869-1996
NEA1006.RG National Education Association - Divisions Records 1847-2004
NEA1007.RG National Education Association - Special Collections Records 1857-2000
NEA1008.RG National Education Association - Conferences and Conventions Records 1857-1998
NEA1009.RG National Education Association - Photographs Records 1857-2011
NEA1010.RG National Education Association - Film, Audio, and Video Records 1938-2011
MS2128 National Intelligencer Newspaper Collection 1804-1844
RG0014 National Law Center Records 1865-2005
MS2204 National Organization for Women Washington D.C. Chapter and Capitol Hill Chapter Records 1971-1999
RG0123 National University Records 1875-1988
RG0042 Naval Science Department Records 1944-1991
LAC0018 Neff (James) Labor Archives 1953-1989
MS2184 Nelson (Robert A.) papers 1962-1975
MS0257 Newberry (John Strong) Papers 1898
MS0256 Nicholson (Margaret Mary) Papers 1901-1981
MS2192 Nimrod (Dan) Papers 1938-2002
MS2193 Nolen (John) Papers 1906-2000
MS2328 Nordhaus (Jean)Literary Papers 1975-2013
MS2187 North American Conference on British Studies 1949-2009


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2294 Oehrlein and Associates Architects Records 1981-2007
MS2138 Oertel (Johannes Adam Simon) Papers 1856-1909
RG0053 Office of Admissions Records 1904-2000
RG0026 Office of Alumni Relations Records 1848-2005
RG0051 Office of Housing and Residence Life Records 1937-2003
RG0064 Office of the Comptroller Records 1874-2002
RG0060 Office of Graduate Medical Education Records 1940-2001
RG0098 Office of Fellowships and Scholarships, School of Business and Public Management Records 1951-1989
RG0002 Office of the President Records 1828-2007
RG0099 Office of Professional Development Records 1980-2002
RG0037 Office of the Provost Records 1944-1985
RG0066 Office of Records and Benefits Records 1954-1992
RG0041 Office of the Registrar Records 1822-2005
RG0111 Office of University Special Events Records 1981-2005
RG0038 Office of Sponsored Research Records 1942-1996
RG0115 Office of Student Life Records 1915-2007
RG0067 Office of Telecommunications Records 1896-2003
RG0065 Office of Training Records 1865-2002
RG0044 Office of University Relations Records 1888-2005
MS2276 OKNA-TASS poster collection 1941-1942
MS2301 Oliver (Andrew and Diana) Research Materials Collection 1968-2000
MS2114 Oliver (Eli L.) Papers 1927-1968
RG0097 Operations Research Department Records 1967-1990
MS2278 Osborn (Ruth) Papers 1957-2005
MS2229 The Other Pages : directories 1994-2007
MS2032 Overbeck (Ruth Ann) Papers & Washington Perspectives, Inc Records 1663-2007


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2306 Parents United for the D.C. Public Schools 1980-2008
MS2038 Paull (Joan G.) Papers 1972-1992
MS2040 Peabody (Richard M.) Gargoyle Magazine Collection 1976 ca.-2009
MS2248 Peiperl (Adam) Collection 2000-2003
MS2377 Pepper (Charles Melville) Papers 1800-1945
MS2026 Perl (William R.) Papers 1925-1998
MVC0011 Pelham (Peter) Papers 1962-1977
MS2016 Pfanstiehl (Cody) Papers 1967-1982
RG0076 Philosophy Department Records 1904-1996
RG0077 Physics Department Records 1935-2000
MS2370 Plotkin (Mark) Papers 1983-2017
MS2213 PNC-Riggs Bank Records 1809-2004
MS2303 Poetry Committee of the Greater Washington, DC Area Records 1987-1997
MS2238 Political magazine collection, Puck, Judge, Jingo 1881-1885
MVC0017 Post (Marjorie Merriweather) Papers 1901-1999
MS2196 Potomac Area Council American Youth Hostels Records 1943-2011
MS2393 Primary Writing small press records and Phyllis Rosenzweig personal correspondence collection 1973-2019, bulk 1994-2009
RG0134 Progressive Student Union Records 1966-2008
MS2090 Property agreements, Washington, D.C. 1809-1835
MS2315 Protest march in Washington film footage Circa 1969 November 15
MS2275 Proto (Neil Thomas) Papers 1968-2006
RG0059 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department Records 1967-1995
RG0078 Psychology Department Records 1925-2000
RG0118 Public Policy Program Records 1973-1987
MS2121 Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection. See: Halperin (Samuel) Puck and Judge Cartoon Collection 1879-1903


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
LAC0011 Radical Left-Wing Publications collection 1910-2017
MS0887 Ragatz (Lowell Joseph) Papers 1821-1872
MS2297 Raskin (Marcus) Papers 1979-2012
MS0155 Ray (Donald) Papers 1938-1992
MS2382 Reb (Gretchen Richard) papers 1931-2018
MS2064 Rechel (Ralph E.) Papers 1947-1980
MS2140 Reinhart (William) Papers 1920-1993
MS0601 Reesing (John) Papers 1964-1982
RG0079 Religion Department Records 1951-1987
MS2323 Rhodes (Dr. Eric F.) Papers 1934-2004
MS0260 Rice (Luther) Papers 1812-1832
MS2239 Riggs Family Papers 1672-1987
MS2336 Riggs Family Records (Page R. Bradley donation) 1800-1950
MS2333 Ritchie (Elisavietta) literary papers 1947-2014
MS0849 Robb (James W.) Papers 1938-2000
MS2222 Roberts (Kim) Biographical Files of D.C. Poets 1995-2015
MS2338 Rocket Press publications and ephemera collection 1981-1994
RG0080 Romance Languages and Literature Department Records 1898-2004
MS2085 Ross (Robert) Papers 1813-1873
MS2037 Rottier (Jack) Papers 1952-1974
MS2141 Ryan (Bill) Papers 1932-1966


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2386 Nancy Sahli gay rights, Capitol Hill N.O.W, and related Washingtoniana papers 1974-1978
MS2365 Samson, Smallwood, and Kenrick families Papers 1805-1896
MS2308 Sargent (Robert) Literary Papers 1923-2006
MS2259 Schrage (Mitchell) Political Button Collection circa 1970
MS2199 Schmidt (Albert F.W.) Manuscripts 1644-1997
RG0013 School of Business and Public Management Records 1925-2004
RG0012 School of Engineering and Applied Science Records 1917-2002
MVC0012 Schuck (Victoria) Papers 1974-1980
MS2006 Schwartz (Carol) Papers 1983-1988
MS2183 Sera (Peter H.) Papers 1964-1986
MS2031 Shackleton (Polly) Papers 1894-1997
MS2091 Shaffer (Samuel) Papers 1948-1982
MS2136 Sheet music 1827-1900
MS0248 Shephard (Ernest) Papers 1939-1950
MS2210 Sherlin (Grover C.) Washington Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C.) Records 1898-2002
MS0217 Shirley (Dallas) Papers 1950-1982
RG0120 Short Run Publications 1884-2005
RG0028 Sigur Center for Asian Studies Records 1992-1998
MS2122 Smeallie (Peter) and Smith (Peter) Photographs 1980-1990
MS2182 Smith (Frank, Jr.) Papers 1987-1998
MS2258 Smith (William L.) Papers 1946-2008
MS2018 Snyder (Mitch) Papers 1970-1991
RG0032 Society of the Emeriti Records 1988-1997
MS2092 Solomon (Samuel) Papers 1932-1964
MVC0007 Somers (Elizabeth J.) Papers 1862-1998
MS2039 Spanish Dance Society USA Chapter Records 1982-1993
RG0110 Special Collections Department, Gelman Library Records 1819-2005
RG0081 Speech and Hearing Department Records 1950-1989
MS2004 St. Mark's Dance Company and Studio Records 1950-1994
RG0083 Statistics Department Records 1965-1996
RG0002 Staughton (William) Papers is Series 1 Subseries 1 of the Office of the President Records 1819-1827
MS1007 Stearns (Clifford) Congressional Papers 1988-2013
MS0656 Stein (Murray) Artifact Collection on Computer History 1940 ca.-1990 ca.
MS2279 Steiner (George) Papers 1955-1994
MVC0064 Stevenson (Mary Louise) miniature collection 1800-1875 ca.
MS2378 Stockstill (Louis R.), The Mary Fairfax family papers and Louis R. Stockstill papers 1823-2004
MS2028 Stolzenbach (C. Darwin) Papers 1930-1988
MS2299 Stowell (Kerry)/Watergate East, Inc. Papers 1998-2011
MS2093 Student Protest Collection 1965-1980
RG0023 Student Association Records 1935-2005
MS2174 Swayze (Frank B.) Phonograph Collection 1962 ca.-1967 ca.


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2289 Taylor (Harriett) Papers 1952-1997
MS2287 Taylor (William L.) Papers 1954-2009
RG0127 The George Washington University Bulletin Records 1821-2006
RG0084 Theatre and Dance Department Records 1937-2007
MS0207 Tidball (Charles S.) Papers 1949-1999
MS2209 Tittmann (Kate) Diaries and Travel Journals 1895-1924
MS2014 Tobriner (Walter) Papers 1949-1968
MS0704 Travell (Janet G.) Papers 1910-1997
RG0008 Treasurers Office Records 1903-1990


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
IBT0003 United Brewery Workers Records 1888-1977
MS2231 United House of Prayer for All People Collection 1944-1955
LAC0016 United States Labor Education in the Americas Project (L.E.A.P) records 1983-2013
MS0371 University Archives Oral History Collection 1904-2006
RG0049 University Counseling Center Records 1963-1989
RG0031 University Historical Materials 1821-2012
RG0061 University Hospital Records 1898-2004
RG0043 University Marshal Records 1825-2005
RG0101 Urban and Regional Planning Department Records 1961-1993


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2340 Valentine (Geneva) Papers 1922-2008
MS2111 Van Dyke (Jan) Papers 1964-2005
MVC0063 Vareen (Mary) Scrapbook 1928-1930
MS2201 Vedder (Timothy) Letters 1861
RG0004 Vice President for Academic Affairs Records 1894-2003
RG0005 Vice President for Development and University Relations Records 1820-2003
RG0021 Vice President for Information and Administration Services Records 1945-1998
RG0006 Vice President for Student and Academic Support Services Records 1821 ca.-2005
MS2041 Video Free Earth Production Company Records 1971-1991


circa 1960s - circa 1990s

Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2347 Walthall (Hugh) Literary Papers Circa 1960 - Circa 2015
MS0247 Ward (Lester Frank) Papers 1883-1919
MS2210 Washington Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C.) Records (Grover C. Sherlin) 1898-2002
MS2331 Washington Area Music Association 1984-2016
MS2344 Washington Area Women's Center Records 1966-1989
MS2168 Washington Baltimore Regional 2012 Coalition records [Olympic Bid] 1997-2007
MS2245 Washington Blade Lou Chibbaro senior reporter files 1980-2000
MS2205 Washington, D.C. Election Data Collection 1914-2001
MS2206 Washington, D.C. Published Material about Education and Community Life 1965-2003
MS2094 Washington, D.C. Statehood Constitutional Convention Records 1982
MS2216 The Washington Metropolitan Area Ephemeral Publications Collection 2006-2007
MS2374 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) records 1944-2014
MS2034 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: Metro History Project Collection 1930-1984
MS2021 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Metrorail Specifications 1962-1980
MS2134 Washington Society for the Blind Records 1938-1980
MS2284 Washington (T. Patrick) Spoken Word Poetry Flyers and Photograph Collection 1996-2005
MS2262 Washington Theater Club Playbill Collection 1965-1971
MS2061 Washington Theater Club Records 1952-1983
MS2321 Washington Writers' Archive and Splendid Wake Records 1968-2019
MAP0001 Washingtoniana Map Collection 1630-2003
MS2317 Weiss (Armand) Washington Academy of Sciences and George Washington University related materials collection 1968-1992
MS2116 Wentworth Family Papers 1902-1926, Undated
MS2293 Werner (Fred Henry) Art History and Archaeology Slide and Photograph Collection 1971-1992
MS2261 White (Emilie Margaret) Papers 1917-1972
IBT0027 Williams (Roy Lee) Papers 1974-1983
MS2190 Wilson (John A.) Papers 1974-1993
MS2033 Wilson (William) Papers 1978-1997
MS2249 Windwood an Arts Paper 1972-1973
MS2188 Winter (Nadine P.) DC City Council Papers 1976-1990
K0002 Wise (Stephen S.) Papers 1907-1952
MS2345 Witness to a Possibility (WTAP): Black Theater Movement in Washington, DC circa 1960s - circa 1990s
MS0156 Women's Progress Club of Washington Prayer Books 1961-1991
RG0093 Women's Studies Department Records 1965-1998
MS2127 Wood (Jennings) Collection of Confederate Imprints 1862-1865
MS2334 Wooden Teeth literary magazine 1978-2015
MS2354 Woodland Normanstone Neighborhood Association records 1988-1996
MS2372 Woodworth (Anne) Papers 1997-2016
MS2047 Word Works, Inc. Records 1971-2017
MS2254 World War II posters Undated
MS2274 World's Columbian Exposition Ticket Collection 1864 ca.-1875 ca., 1893
MS2075 Wright (W. Lloyd) Papers 1786-1949
MS2232 Writer's Center Records 1978-2006


Collection No. Collection Title Dates
MS2164 Zach (Leon) Scrapbook 1953-1955
MS2167 Zeifman (Jerome) Papers 1960-1977
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