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Using Software Center

What is Software Center?

“Software Center” is GW's successor to Novell ZenWorks. The Software Center is part of a comprehensive workstation management system GW uses, called Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, or “SCCM.” SCCM also secures your computer with antivirus and firewall (System Center Endpoint Protection), updates it, and provides LIT a method for re-imaging.

Novell ZenWorks allowed you to both install new software and launch it. While the SCCM Software Center is the new place to install software, it is not an application launcher.

Where can I find Software Center?

The Software Center is located in the Start Menu, under “Microsoft System Center 2012 R2.” You can create a shortcut to it by right clicking the icon and choosing “Send to”, “Desktop.”

Start Menu

When should I use Software Center?

In most cases, you should rarely need to use Software Center. It automatically keeps your workstation up to date! However, if you need to use software that LIT does not install by default, you can find and install it via the Software Center. Common examples of this software would be the virtual browsers for Banner and Kronos, and applications like MarcEdit. If you install one of these applications, Software Center will keep them up to date automatically.

How do I install an application using Software Center?

For this example, we will install vKronos, a virtual browser for the Kronos time keeping system.

1. Launch the Software Center. (If you receive an error, allow the Software Center to refresh for 5 minutes. If the error remains, please contact LIT.)

2. Scroll through the list to find the application you wish to install. (If you do not see the application you are looking for, check to make sure it is not already installed. If you still do not see it, please contact LIT for support.)

software center vKronos

3. When you have selected the application you wish to install, click the “Install” button in the lower right corner of the Software Center.

4. Your software will install and you will be able to see the progress of this install. When the application has completed installing, you may launch it from the Start Menu. It will not launch automatically.

Can I request software to be added to Software Center?

Yes! Please feel free to open a support ticket with us. We try our best to accommodate all software requests, but some applications may not be able to be distributed via the Software Center.

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