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Popular Searches

Michael Cummings, Library Systems Coordinator

We created a graphic representing the words or phrases used most frequently when searching the library catalog in the past two years. The graphic includes the top 150 searches. The relative size of each word or phrase is an indication of how frequently the terms occur in the search log. The picture below is a detail of the complete graphic.

graphic thumbnail

Credits: The graphic was generated with the free "wordle" tool from wordle.net

Note: Some of the frequently used search terms are simply good for demonstrating or testing the way the system works. It's possible many of the terms were used in library instruction classes, staff testing, and the like. For example, 'harry potter' might be used as an example search that would provide a search result with many recognizable titles.  No attempt has been made to edit the list to eliminate terms that might have been  used in testing. The mid-range of the group is probably a better representation of research oriented searches. The graphic is simply offered as an interesting artifact from our search log.

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