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The Resilient Networks to Support Inclusive Digital Humanities initiative invites applications to participate from two groups of people: 

In the second phase of the project, slated to begin in 2019, we will also invite applications from institutions to become part of the network. Institutions will agree to trade the time and expertise of members of their own community in exchange for the time and expertise of the members of other communities. In this way, no one institution will need to hire experts in all fields and skills.

Why apply? 

  • Faculty will receive $5000 in funds that can be used for training and professional development for themselves, for participating librarians and archivists, and for students who will further the goals of their digital humanities research project. 
  • Librarians and archivists will receive training and professional development in digital skills and tools and will be able to apply these new skills as they learn them to a particular project, thus ensuring that their learning is "sticky" and that it can be used for other projects later on.
  • Students, both undergraduate and graduate, will receive up to $3000 in wages for a part-time position that will give them valuable experience; students will also receive both theoretical and practical training in digital skills and will acquire deep knowledge of humanities topics and research practices. 
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