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Political Violence and the Russian Sphere of Influence: Researching World Affairs with the GRC

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Puzzled by political violence in Russia or the Caucasus? Looking for causes for the Ukrainian crisis? When working on a project dealing with Russia, Eurasia, Eastern and Central Europe you might find yourself in a strange world of resources where an experienced guide could be of great help. What databases to use? What terminology and subject headings to apply when searching library catalog? Are there good monographs on your subjects or you will rely mostly on articles? How to find reliable sources of refereed articles? What about primary materials in translation? Do they even exist? Should I search the databases in Cyrillic or in transliteration? In short, let your friendly REECE research librarian give you advice, suggestions, and hints regarding how to structure your research. Vpered druz'ia!

This workshop is part of the Researching with Specialized Collections Workshop Series for anyone looking to research using primary, rare, or archival source material. Other workshops in this Fall 2017 series are Know Before You Go: Working with Archives for Graduate Students, Intervention and Occupation in the Middle East and North Africa: Researching World Affairs with the GRC, and National Security - China, Japan & Korea: Researching World Affiars with the GRC.

Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Event Location: 
Gelman Library, Room 219
Event Type: 
GWorld Cardholders
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RSVP Required: 
No RSVP required for this event
Event Series: 
Researching with Specialized Collections Workshops Series

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