National Education Association Archives

In 1922, the Research Division of the National Education association was founded to serve as a clearinghouse for research activities, and was responsible for gathering information and formulating reports about current and future problems in education.  Over time, this division developed a diverse collection of reports, publications and scholarly literature.  Eventually, the collection was so large that an Archivist was hired in the late 1960s.  However, by 1991, the once-vibrant collection had become dormant.  At that time, the physical space for the Archive at the NEA had been eliminated due to extensive building renovation and the records were transferred to an off-site storage facility.  However, Dr. Ronald D. Henderson, NEA’s Research Director, campaigned vigorously to not only make the Archives a priority, but also restore the Archives to an accessible location.

As the home of the IBT Labor History Research Center since 2009, the Special Collections Research Center at the GW Libraries is the natural home for the Archive of the nation’s largest labor union.  If you are interested in doing research with the material, you can start by looking over the collection inventory below. A timeline covering significant events in NEA history can provide context for anyone interested in using the collection. Once you know which boxes you would like to see, you can contact Special Collections staff by phone at 202-994-7549 or by email at  Please read our Collections Use page before planning your visit.

Collection No. and Collection Title (Dates)

NEA1001.RG  National Education Association - Governance Records (1857-2005)

NEA1002.RG  National Education Association - Commissions Records (1918-1979)

NEA1003.RG  National Education Association - Committees Records (1857-1996)

NEA1004.RG  National Education Association - Councils Records (1849-1983)

NEA1005.RG  National Education Association - Departments Records (1869-1996)

NEA1006.RG  National Education Association - Divisions Records (1847-2004)

NEA1007.RG  National Education Association - Special Collections (1857-2000)

NEA1008.RG  National Education Association - Conferences and Conventions (1857-1998)

NEA1009.RG  National Education Association - Photograph Collection (1950-1994)

NEA1010.RG National Education Association - Film, Audio, and Video Collection (1938-2011)