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Remote library services and resources and virtual tutoring services are available while library buildings are closed. Assistance with all services, including locating print materials or requesting materials be digitized, is available

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How to search GW material in Internet Archive

How to search across all of GW Libraries materials in Internet Archive

1. Go to https://archive.org/details/gwulibraries. This is the Internet Archive collection for GWU Libraries.

2. Locate the search box on the left. Enter your search term here. Also, see the two radio buttons?

screen shot of internet archive search box

3. If you select "Metadata (default)", Internet Archive will look for your search term only within the metadata of each item. What's included in the metadata? On each item page, the metadata is listed below the item. It includes things like Title, Creator, Description, and Date.

internet archive metadata

4. If you click the other radio button, "Full text of books", Internet Archive will look for your search term within the full text of written material that the computer can read (including typed materials but not handwritten materials, audio, video, or photographs). Note: If you run a full text search, the web page will change its design a little bit, but that's ok. 

screen shot of full text search radio button

5. You can further refine the results by filtering specific metadata fields:

screenshot of facets

Example searches

Find all issues of Hatchet newspaper, sorted by date from oldest to newest:

screenshot of search for hatchet, sorted by date oldest first

Find all text materials from the RG0044 University Relations Collection that mention the word "Marvin":

(Remember that if you run a full text search, the web page will change its design a little bit, but that's ok.)

screenshot of search for marvin in rg0044

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