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  How Do I > ArticlesPlus

What is in ArticlesPlus? ArticlesPlus connects to a large number of journals, library catalog holdings, and books, all of which can be searched simultaneously.

ArticlesPlus supports numerous search strategies for more advanced searching:

Keyword Search
Narrow results by adding additional keywords to your search, using the filters/facets, and/or the Advanced Search

ArticlesPlus search screen

Phrase Searching

  • Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.
  • For example, the query “higher education” will find results with that phrase

Boolean Operators

  • ArticlesPlus supports Boolean operations OR, NOT, and AND.  The operators must be written in ALL CAPS.
  • By default, all terms in a keyword search are combined with the AND operator.


  • ArticlesPlus supports the wildcards “?” and “*”.
  • The question mark (?) will match any one character and can be used to find “Olsen” or “Olson” by searching for “Ols?n”.
  • The asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word.  A search for “Cha*ter” would match “Charter”, “Character”, and “Chapter”.

Searching Specific Fields

  • You can explicitly search a field using the syntax: “field:(query)”
  • For example, the search ISSN:(1234-5678) will find records that contain that value in the ISSN field.

         Searchable fields include:

  • Title
  • SubjectTerms
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • PublicationTitle
  • Volume
  • Issue
  • Language
  • Notes
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • DOI

Please Give Us Feedback!: We encourage you to tell us what you think by submitting feedback on this help page or within ArticlesPlus. 

Need help? Ask Us.

Can't find what you need in ArticlesPlus?
Use a Research Guide
to find the best subject-specific database for your topic. The Research Guides list the databases not alphabetically but by usefulness. The best ones will be listed first. Look for the light blue Find Articles tab.

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