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Gelman Hours for GWorld Holders Complete Hours Info
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 6pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
12pm – 8pm
Gelman 12pm – 8pm

Access to the Gelman and VSTC Library buildings is available only to residential students and to GW students, faculty, and staff who have special permission to be on campus (the on-campus cohort) and a quarantine status of "cleared." Those who are not part of the on-campus cohort will not have physical access to campus buildings. Seat reservations are required. 

Finding Journals by Title

How Do I > Finding Journals by Title


Use the Journal Search to search the title of the journal. Be sure you are signed in to see all available journal holdings.

View of Journal Search with Shakespeare Quarterly results

Click on the appropriate record to see journal availability in print or online.

If you have difficulty finding your journal, especially if it has a one word title such as Economist or Nature, try using Advanced Search:

Step 1: Choose Advanced Search

Step 2: Select Title in the first drop down on the left 

Step 3: Type the journal title in the search box

Step 4: Choose Journals in the drop down marked Resource Type; click Search

Step 5: Select the journal from the results

Advanced search for Journals




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