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About ArticlesPlus

What is ArticlesPlus?

From a single search, ArticlesPlus connects you to a large selection of library resources, including journal and newspaper articles, ebooks, and special collections material.

ArticlesPlus can help you:

  • launch your search for articles on a topic
  • conduct interdisciplinary research that draws on a range of specialized subjects
  • find resources outside your field of expertise

What is in ArticlesPlus?

ArticlesPlus connects to a large number of journals and ebook content, all of which can be searched simultaneously. However, ArticlesPlus does not include all of our databases. See a list of all GW databases.

ArticlesPlus also includes books, media, and other items the libraries owns. 

Searching ArticlesPlus

Learn more about how to search ArticlesPlus.

Give Us Feedback!

We encourage you to tell us what you think by submitting feedback on this help page or within ArticlesPlus. 

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