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Manuscript Style Guide for the front pages for a master's thesis is provided below. This guide is not intended to be used as a template, but only to show the correct formatting for the front pages.

The body of the manuscript (chapters, bibliography and appendices) should be written in a style appropriate for your field of study or your school-specific guidelines, with the exception of page margins, page numbering and page order as shown in the guide. Direct questions about school-specific guidelines to your School ETD Administrator.

Styles for formatting bibliographies, footnotes, and/or endnotes should be consistent with the chosen style used to format the body of your document. For more information on citation styles and citation tools, please see our Writing Styles webpage.




Instructions: Open the template and save it under a new name. The text highlighted in yellow on the new document may be edited with your specific information. Please delete the optional pages you do not wish to use. (The shading or highlight will not display when printed or converted to PDF.)

To remove the square parenthesis from the template:

Under the Review tab, click on Restrict Editing. 

A dialogue window will open on the right side of the screen. 

Uncheck "Highlight the regions I can edit." 

The square parenthesis will be removed.



DO NOT USE AS A TEMPLATE; it is for illustrative purposes only.