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Throughout July 2018 users will experience some minor, temporary disruptions to library services as we transition to an improved library management and search system. Click here for more information or contact us for questions. 

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About the GRC

The Global Resources Center (GRC) is a specialized library service point tailored to the needs of George Washington University’s globally-focused academic programs. The GWU community is our first priority, and we encourage you to contact us with your questions or to let us help you with your research needs.

The GRC offers a unique combination of print, electronic, and digital resources, including many English- and foreign-language newspapers, journals, magazines, statistical publications, maps, atlases, U.S. and foreign government documents, and other primary source material.

Specialists in regional and country-level studies have tailored the GRC collections to parallel the emphasis of GWU programs and to highlight the broad themes cutting across international, regional, and country studies, including policy studies, economic and social conditions, national security, politics, conflict resolution, political psychology, international development, migration, education, cultural studies, and law.  

Our interdisciplinary collections include five specialized collections: the China Documentation Center (CDC); Okinawa CollectionJapan Resource Center (JRC); Taiwan Resource Center (TRC); Resource Center for Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern and Central Europe (REECE); and Middle East and North Africa Resource Center (MENA).

GRC specialists have earned an excellent reputation across campus for their work with students, faculty and the broader DC community of researchers and analysts. We encourage you to contact us so that we can help you find the research materials you need.


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